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William Montgomery

  Death Row, Ohio

This is a Capital Offense Death Penalty Case

        If you would like to have more information pertaining to this case
  Contact:   Mr. William  T. Montgomery
#193-871   Grid:   DR-4  #2008
PO Box #788 (Mansfield C.I.)
Mansfield, Ohio
44901-0788  USA
Telephone # 1-419-526-2000 (Mansfield Prison)


" Case (Appeal) Outline for Montgomery"

Note:  Actual  documented facts that on the record pertaining to this case !

*    00)        The original indictment was changed !!!  There is no record of the arraignment !!!   
And there is no record of the Grand Jury Hearing, or the Grand Jury proceedings that happened in this case !!!  
The State is not even close to having a complete record of all the proceedings in this case !!!

*    01)        Mr. Montgomery, was actually indicted for a homicide  that had not even occured yet !!!   
There is proof   (evidence, police reports, etc...)  That seven witnesses saw  the alleged victim alive;
days after Mr.Montgomery, had been formally arraigned (charged) with the alleged homicide !!!

*    02)        There is evidence to show that the prosecution committed blatant perjury during testimony
pertaining to key forensic evidence during the trial in the Montgomery case !!!

*    03)        There is evidence to show that the detectives committed blatant perjury about their investigation
(evidence) and during testimony at the trial !!!

*    04)       98.9% of the evidence in this case was found in the possesion of the alleged co-defendant. 
There is much evidence that the alleged co-defendant

committed blatant perjury numerous times at trial !!! The alleged co-defendant
made what would have to be considered in the top ten deals of this century with the prosecution;
in exchange for his testimony against Montgomery !!!

I did not elaborate on the co-defendants deal, because you would not believe it unless you actually see
(read) it on paper, with your own eyes !!!

*    05)        There is proof (evidence) that one of the alleged victims in this case was being stalked by a family member (her step-father) who is a police officer !!!  Believe it or not ?!!?  The same police officer was one of the first people called to the scene of the alleged crime & was permitted to tamper with, confiscate & destroy key pieces of evidence; linking him to the crime !!!

*    06)        There was a juror who had been a mental patient (early 1960's) she had received shock treatments, etc..., for her mental illness(es), she lied during Voir Dire, and was actually permitted to stay on the jury in this case after she had psychotic episodes during the deliberation and mitigation phase(s) of the trial !!!  Note: The same juror actually wrote a letter to the trial judge and told him about the fact that  she forgot to mention that she had been in and out of mental hospitals for years !!! She said that one of the expert witnesses she saw testify during the trial was 'Satan' and that she had seen him in a dream in the 1960's !!!
"No joke" It is on the record (trial transcript !!!)

*    07)        There are numerous dynamic Brady (actual innocence) issues and numerous dynamic federal (constitutional issues) that need to be properly presented to the federal appeal court(s) when this case finally reaches the Habeas Corpus level of appeal(s) !!!

Everything that I have elaboerated on (#00 thru #07)  is actually documented on the record; via  recovered police files, public rec ords, trial documents, trial transcripts, etc...Along with numerous other dynamic exculpatory  & dehors evidence, etc... That I did not even mention to you !!!   Be assured  that I am not wasting your time pertaining to this case or the case appeal !!!


  " Your Assistance is Needed ! "

To whoever it may concern:
I collect a variety of stamps; unused, mint (new), and used. Since I do not want to elaborate on any technical philately (stamp)
terms that only stamp collectors would be familiar with.  I would like to make the following requests(s) :-)

I am quite sure that just about everyone on this planet receives regular (every-day) mail and some packages, etc...
Even if it is only junk mail :-)

So I would appreciate it very much  if whoever is reading this request would take the time of your days(s)
to save your old stamp(s) off of your mail for me :-)

Just simply cut off or tear the corner end of the envelope off and leave the stamp(s) attached to the paper or envelope when you mail
(send) tham to me :-)

So if you have any stamps (foreign or U.S.A.) ?  That are unused, used, or mint (new), etc...  
Which might be in your attic, basement, garage, or just sitting around in a box located somewhere in your residence,
that you no longer need or want  ?   Instead of throwing the stamp(s) away please mail the stamp(s) to me;
"At your most earliest convenience"  :-)

If the stamp(s) are in a new or old stamp album or booklet ??  If you are afraid that you might damage the stamp(s) trying to remove them from the album or booklet ?  If you no longer need or want the album or stamp booklet to me;
"At your most earliest convenience"  :-)

For people who hunt ?   I also collect State and Federal, mint (new) and used migratory bird; hunting permit stamps. 
As well as trout stamps and other fish and game stamps.  So if you have any old hunting licences with the migratory bird stamp
 (federal or state) attached to them ?  Or deer tags that you no longer want ? ;You can leave the stamp attgached to the old licences(s)
or tags, and I would appreciate if you would mail them to me; "At your most earliest convenience"  :-)

There is no limit pertaining to the amount of stamps that can be sent to me.
So whether you are just taking the time to mail (send) two stamps or two-thousand stamps;
to me, I will be very grateful to receive any stamp(s)

that you take the time  to mail (send) to me  :-)

So please mail all of your stamps; mint (new), unused or used, etc...
to the below listed person; "At your most earliest convenience"  :-)

"God Bless you and your family"
"Respectfully  and Sincerely"
  "Thanking you in Advance"

Mail (send) stamps to:   Mr. William  T. Montgomery
Note: "Stamp Club  Member"
#193-871   Grid:   DR-4  #2008
    PO Box #788 (Man.C.I.)
  Mansfield, Ohio
44901-0788  USA


To:  " A Surefire Woman"
Mr. W.T.M - 6' 1" - 197 lbs
Athletic, compassionate, dynamic, educated, indubitable, trustworthy, and versatile :-)

Really would like to correspond with a woman (Who is not incarcerated) and does not correspond with a million other people !!!!
A Surefire Woman that will want to keep in touch on a consistent and very regular basis to establish a very eloquent perennial "Pen-friendship"  during the future :-)
Age or race is not a factor :-)

Write a letter to "Mr. W.T.M."  Today :-)

 Mr. William  T. Montgomery
#193-871   Grid:   DR-4  #2008
PO Box #788 (Man.C.I.)
  Mansfield, Ohio
44901-0788  USA

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