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Executed April 29, 2009
William Mark Mize
 Death Row, Georgia   
William Mark Mize - Death Row, Georgia
Information provided by William Mize and his supporters.

Wrongfully Convicted With Proof Of Actual Innocence !

90% of all prisoners claim to be innocent.
How many can actually prove it ?

I  CAN  !

I have sworn affidavits. 

The usual Death Penalty assistance groups won't help. 

My case would start the ball rolling for a moratorium
here in Georgia as was done in Illinois.

The Resource Center has attempted to delay and lose issues for me.
They have withheld crucial documents from me and attempted to
default so I could only have sentencing phase relief.

My case is ONLY attacking the conviction.

I need an Attorney. 

I need an Attorney who will step in and fight and not delay.

My entire case can be won in less than a year.
I am already in State Habeas proceedings.

Is anyone out there willing to fight a winning case that will win
on the conviction phase and thereby void the sentence ?

HELP !      Fast.
Time is running out. 

Please call me today !

Lets win and when I walk out we'll get a moratorium here in Georgia.

Contact me today !


White male, 44 years old, born July 30, 1956, 5'11" brown eyes, brown hair, 200 lbs. 
Divorced.  1 son.  Locked up since October '94.  Country boy at heart, love outdoors, NASCAR, history. 
Seeking friendship, moral support, legal help, romance, or just exchanging experiences.  Prison has open mail policy. 
We can write anyone, even other prisons.  All letters will be answered.  Let me hear from y'all soon.

William Mark Mize
EF204979   G House
PO Box 3877
Jackson, Georgia
30233  USA

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