William Jones
                      Death Row, Illinois
              Art by William Jones
           Writings by William Jones

William Thomas Jones, the person you are reading about on this webpage is a person, a man, a loving son to a wonderful mother. Just because I'm in prison on death row for a crime I didn't commit don't make me any different than most of you my dear readers. Yes, I'm in a confined area, locked in a cell and watched 24 hours a day, but my life hasn't always been spent like this. I was raised by a single parent, a mother, named Rosie Lee Jones, in the steel mill city of Pittsburg, Pa. The paintings and poems you will read and see on this page are inspired by my life experience in and out of prison.

I was born in 1955 in the city of Memphis, Tenn, the tenth child out of eleven. I grew up learning from the streets. I was a high school drop out, I did drugs, I drank alcohol and I also sold drugs. As a teenager, I went to jail a few times for drinking and joy riding in cars that didn't belong to me. I was also arrested for other things in that nature, but I managed to stay out of serious trouble.

I was mostly into music back then and I am still into it today. I would hang out with a few of my buddies  but I wasn't a criminal  by todays' standards. I also kept a small time job. I wasn't a gang banger and I'm still not one. I'm not a violent person I treat all people with the respect I want to be treated with. I think I have a big heart and a deeply sensitive soul. Aithought I'm not well educated, I have a lot of common sense. As I sit here on death row writing this message for the webpage, I realize common sense can't help the hurt that's in my heart when I wake up all alone in this little cell. This type of life is very different from all the experiences I've gone through thIs is hell. The only bright spot is when I get a letter from my friends and love ones.

Pontiac death row is where you can locate the live body of William Thomas Jones, but my heart is out there with all of you.

Thank You,

Box 99
Pontiac Illinois
              Art by William Jones
           Writings by William Jones

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