Wes Quick - Thoughts from the Inside
Sitbng on Death Row, the conQept takes my breath, Our legal system treats injustice with injustice.
A life for a life, a death for a death.

A legal system is supposed to teach us right from wrong. But in the end, the State shows that it too can kill,But without any repercussions; That they can play the Executioner's Song.

Where is the right in this?
How is this going to teach society that it is wrong to kill? By the State turning around and saying,
"We're the law, we can kill."

What's really going on?
What's the deal?
It is wrong to take another's life,
But how can you justify making it right by doing the same thing?

I ask these questions to myself And I ask these same questions of you.
What good is all this killing going to do?

So as I sit on Death Row, I watch the Deaths guard Take my buddy to the chair.
I ask myself if any of this is really necessary, Is it really fair?

So as the State kills my only friend,
I lookatlife and see, This is how our society will end.

With the killing of each other, there's oh so much death. This is what is all around us, this is what we'll seeWhen we take our dying breath.

Dedicated to Death Row Inmate Steve Thompson
Executed May 8th, 1998

Wes Quick
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