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     Virginia Larzelere
                     Death Row, Florida
                                          Visit her official homepage for more info. . .

            Her supporters email :
               Taken from          Monday, June 19, 2000

                       THE PROBLEM

Her legal representation is Harry Brody of CCRC (Capital Collateral Representative), a state funded agency.  This is the reality of Virginia's situation.   CCRC is staffed with attorneys that
are over worked and lack experience in criminal capital law to protect and free someone
who is innocent.  CCRC who employees Harry is setup by the state of Florida to fail.
The state is merely throwing the condemned a bone, a bone to ease the conscience
of the state, a mere formality.

                      VIRGINIA'S FATE

Based on Florida's attitude, direction and the CCRC who represent Virginia, her chances are NOT hopeful.  In fact, without legal dedicated intervention she will most likely be executed.

                       WHAT WE HAVE...

1.    New evidence and an eye witness to collaborate part of Virginia's story. Yet, the court may ignore this concluding it would make little difference in a new trial.

2.    A private investigator has successfully solved the case and has information leading to the identification of the assailant.  I have verified this by reading the material subject as privileged information.

                         NOW WHAT?

1.    Law enforcement considers the case closed and will not peruse leads unless orders come from a higher authority.

2.    The private investigator is extremely concerned that Virginia's CCRC attorney will not be able to give this new information to the court in the required strategic format to gain results.


1.    We pull together to help fund a new experienced dedicated appellate attorney to bring Virginia's voice into the court and get results.

2.    A special investigation is conducted by a non-affiliated agency that would act independent of the prosecutor.  The request is not a simple one, even though all the new information would warrant such a task.

    Now That You Are Informed, What Will You Do About It?

                 WHAT CAN YOU DO?

1.    Make a pledge for legal funds HERE

2.    Ask your church or other similar organization to have a fund raiser to benefit the:


3.    Get on the list HERE for news releases regarding Virginia's status.

4.    Write in support to:

Virginia Larzelere 842556 D/R 2 Y Dorm
Broward Correctional Institution
P.O. Box 829503
South Florida, Florida  33082


                                     Visit her official homepage for more info. . .

                    Virginia Larzelere  842556
                              D/R  2 Y Dorm
              Broward Correctional Institution
                             PO Box 829503
                              South Florida
                             FL, 33082   USA

            Her supporters email :

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