Vincent Cooks
     Texecuted December 12, 2001

                                Vincent's Last words:

Tell my family I love y'all.  Watch out for Momma.  Don't want to talk too much, I will cry.  I'll just cry everywhere.  I'm sorry, Teach, for not being a better son and not doing better things.  It wasn't your fault.  You raised me the way you should, at least I won't be there no more.  I miss you, too.  I see you there, you doing alright?  I sent you a letter.  Neckbone, there's a sheet, I got your name on it.  Keep on writing, now.  Write to the, hun.  Charles, keep the right, now.  You people over there.  You know what these people are doing.  By them executing me ain't doing nothing right.  I don't weigh 180 pounds and 5'7".  Take care, love y'all.  Did Roger come up here yet?  Tell Pat and them I love them.  I'm gonna go ahead and let them do what their gonna do.  Help your sister, see ya later Pat, love ya Becca.  Do what you do, Warden.


                     Vincent's CCADP Pen Pal Request:
I'm looking for someone to correspond with and express what they feel. I've  
been on death row a while and any letters will be welcomed. Some of my hobbies are reading,
making crafts and jewelry, and simply enjoying meeting new people. I look forward to receiving some letters.

            Vincent Edward Cooks #927
         July 26, 1964 - December 12, 2001

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