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Upcoming U.S. Executions
    Thanks to Rick Halperin of Amnesty International In Texas For This Information at:

   These are the executions currently scheduled to take place in American prisons

Please note that these dates are only tentative.

Execution dates known or thought to be considered SERIOUS are marked
with a *.The designation indicates that an execution is considered
more likely to be carried out.

Please note that this designation should in no way be construed as
absolute. Stays can be granted or denied at the very last moment prior
to an execution.

A name with no * designation may simply mean that not enough information
is currently available to know whether the execution date is serious.
In other words, please DO NOT automatically equate the fact that a name
with no * designation means that his / her assigned execution date is not
serious.  It might, in fact, be (very) serious.

Here is a list of impending executions in the USA: Updated - July 12, 2006

14* 	William Downs 		South Carolina----volunter
19* Mauriceo Brown Texas
20* Robert Anderson Texas
20* Brandon Hedrick Virginia
25* Allen Bridgers Texas
25 Mark Spotz Pennsylvania
27* Michael Lenz Virginia


3* William Wyatt Jr. Texas
8* Darrell Ferguson Ohio----volunteer
11* David Dawson Montana----volunteer
15* Stephen Hugueley Tennessee----volunteer
17* Richard Hinojosa Texas
18* Samuel Flippen North Carolina
22* James Malicoat Oklahoma
24* Justin Chaz Fuller Texas
28* Elijah Page South Dakota----volunteer
29* Eric Patton Oklahoma


12* Farley Matchett Texas
19* Daryl Holton Tennessee----volunteer
25* Pedro Sosa Texas


11 Jonathan Stephenson Tennessee
19* Michael Johnson Texas
25* Gregory Summers Texas
25* Donnie Johnson Tennessee


29* John Spirko Ohio


               Meet The Texecutioner President George W. Bush
                     152 People Killed as Governor...More than any elected official in US History!
    President Select George W. Bush - 155 People Killed so far...   More than any other elected official in US History!
  President George W Bush is responsible for 155 Homicides !

                 Texas Governor:
    Li'l Tex Perry
                 Oklahoma Ex-Governor:
      Killer Keating

  Big Brother's Little Brother - The Darkness Behind the Sunshine State

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