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        America's Death Row Prisoner Pages
                              " IT'S LIKE A WHOLE OTHER COUNTRY "
                 Texas Governor: 
               Li'l Tex Perry 
        TDCJ staff abusing prisoners: 
    Abuses on Texas Death Row
           The NEW Address for the Polunsky Unit is:
                              Polunsky Unit
                           3872 FM 350 South
                            Livingston, Texas
                                 77351  USA
       "...close your eyes and imagine some-one telling you
        ' Your daughter or mother will die at 6pm on this date,
          and there's not a damn thing you can do about it.'
    Whether guilty or innocent, how does that make you feel ?"
     - Brittany Holberg,  from 'Stepping Stones to Justice'

John Alba - Texas Death Row
"My pen-friend Amy Greene has created this legal defence fund to raise money to pay for a competent lawyer to represent me at trial. In this we hope to avoid getting the death penalty again."  Visit John's webpage for more information, photos. links to his 'Official' page and info. on what you can do to help. John is hoping to meet new friends as a result of his page, so please consider becoming his penpal.

Franklin Alix - Texas Death Row
" I love reading Black history books (when fortunate), Auto & Biographies, and NF books of enlightenment that will help me deal with everydays' mind challenges as I dwell in an oppressive place." Visit Franklin's webpage for more information on his case, his photos and pen pal request

Mauro Barraza - Juvenile Sentenced To Death In Texas
Mauro was sentenced to death as a juvenile.  " I was a juvenile certified as an adult to stand trial for a charge of murder and burglary of a home back in 1989".   He had an execution date set for 2004, but we are glad to report that it has been stayed while the court considers the juvenile issue.  Mauro's page includes links to his writings, a European support page for him, and his penpal request.  

Allen Bridgers - Texas Death Row
 Allen Bridgers has been on death row since May of 1998.  His page includes artwork, as well as penpal requests from Allen.  

Carl Brooks - Death Row, Texas
"My name is Mr. Carl Brooks, I'm a 28 year old Black man.  I have been on Texas' Death Row since July 1st, 1997.  I am fighting my case and getting ready to enter the Federal Courts, I have some VERY STRONG APPEAL ISSUES, but I lack the support I need to get things done, that I'm sure will help FREE ME."   Visit Carl's webpage for more case info and Carl's letter to the CCADP.

Eugene Broxton - On Texas Death Row
Eugene Broxton is on death row for over 7 years now and is currently held at the Terrell unit in Livingston Texas.  His page includes his pen-pal request as well as his poem "Be A Friend Today" and his current letter to the public which touches on recent actions in his case. 

Carl Buntion - Texas Death Row
"Every voter who votes for an elected official who supports the death penalty, abortion, NATO bombings, sanctions against third world countries that kill innocent children, should be expelled from the church and sent to death row for killing those people."  Visit his page for his pen pal request and more info.

     His Lawyer slept through parts of his trial !  TO BE RE-SENTENCED
Calvin Burdine -  Death Row, Texas
Visit Calvin's page for more information about his case and his wrongful conviction, Calvin's pen-pal request, and an article from the Village Voice about Calvin's case "The Death Penalty and Homophobia".  Calvin's case is also well known as the "Sleeping lawyer" case, because his lawyer slept through parts of his trial, and on appeal later courts said that was fine!  The courts have finally decided to address the issue; and as a result he may be resentenced to something other than death.

Anibal Canales - Texas Death Row
"...condemned to die on Nov. 2, 2000, for the death of a fellow inmate here in the Texas prison system ! ...falsely accused by inmates.  And it was only inmate testimony that placed me here !  No DNA - No fingerprints - NOT ONE (1) guard saw / or testified against me !!!  I wasn't even in the area !!  I had guards testify for me, to no avail !!!  I NEED HELP!!!  I need help.  I have no family, so this is my cry for help !! "

Rogelio Reyes Cannady - Art and Writing From Death Row, Texas
Rogelio is a young man on death row in Texas.  His page includes his artwork, and writings, including "An American Chronicle," which he wrote about the last few days and the execution of fellow death row prisoner Jorge Cordova.

Edward Capetillo - Juvenile on Texas Death Row
" I would like to express my sadness over the death of Matthew Vickers and Kimberly Williamson.  Murder is always senseless, but especially tragic when it involves those so young.  My heart and prayers go out to their loved ones. However, I am extremely opposed to the execution of Edward Capetillo.  Teenagers under the age of 18 cannot drink, cannot vote, cannot serve in the military; it makes no sense that they can instead be executed. There were four other men involved in this crime.  There was also another shooter: he was 24, had a criminal history, and fired his weapon first.  However prosecutors only sight the death penalty against Edward Capetillo, a 17-year old high-school student and the only non-white defendant in the case."  Visit his webpage for more information on his case.

David Carpenter - Sentenced To Die In Texas
David is a recent death row inmate in Texas.  He and his supporters insist that he is innocent, and that there are many witnesses who were ready to testify that the real killer confessed to them. David's court appointed attorney never bothered to call many of these witnesses, as well as not investigating important points.  Page includes photos, penpal request, case information, and letters from David and his mother.

Karl Chamberlain- Poetry from Huntsville Texas' Death Row
Karl is a talented poet and artist on Texas death row. His page includes a vast collection of his poetry - which he has been writing since he was 13, his art, a letter, and more.  Page designed by Karl who is a former Microsoft employee.

Troy Clark - Texas Death Row
Troy Clark is a Texas death row prisoner. His page includes photos, his penpal request and a letter from Troy "Innocent on Death Row", discussing his case; "My mom has a small group of supporters trying to raise money for a lawyer but its not going so good being a small church in a small town."

Christopher Coleman - Texas Death Row
"Most individuals think of Ones who have been sentenced to death by a state or government as the lowest of society. But, a lot of the times, probably a majority, that is not the case. "I" am HUMAN !!!!,,,and so is EVERYBODY else on Death Row. As a brother in this Struggle for LIFE and FREEDOM, I feel it is my  "duty"  to help Educate the masses on the wrought justice system that promotes the death penalty as a majority for the poor and minorities !"  Visit his webpage for more information.

Johnny Ray Conner - Texas Death Row
Webpage includes Johnny's most recent pen pal request, and the original request sent to the CCADP. Also includes Johnny's essay detailing the case against him and seeking legal assistance. " I truly hope that someone or people who read this letter or webpage will answer my calling for help."

Brian Davis - Texas Death Row
Texas had set an execution date for Brian in early 2002, which was stayed.   Brian maintains that he is innocent of the charges against him, and has a support team in Europe.  Brian is the proud father of a young son.  His page includes links to his European support pages, info on his innocence claims from the CUADP,  a petition in support of Brian, Brian's photo album, a news article with extensive information on his son and how he deals with having a father on death row, and Brian's penpal request.
Irving Davis - Poetry and Lyrics from Texas Death Row
  Irving Davis is 22 years old and has been on death row since the age of 19.  His page includes a photo; a collection of his poetry and lyrics, and his penpal request.

Larry Donell Davis - Texas Death Row
Larry Davis is a Texas Death Row prisoner whose father was murdered when he was 8 years old.  His page includes  poetry by Larry, and an amazing ink drawing of Martin Luther King, and his penpal request. Larry is also looking for someone who will assist him in creating a book of artwork reflecting death row.

Leon Dorsey "Soulja" - Texas Death Row
" ' Proceed with caution.' Your entering the miasma, the chaos, the place prudence - has shown me it’s best to keep us a secret ..." Visit Soulja's webpage for his writing 'Enter Madness' about the abuses experienced daily by Texas death row prisoners.

Martin Draughon - Texas Death Row
"You see my friends, since the Martin Gurule escape from death row back in November '98, any and every item even vaguely related to any type of craftwork has been stripped from us, as has most other personal property. There's little more to our life now but books and paper goods." Visit Martin's Page for information on his case, how to get a copy of his poetry book and links to his official homepage.

Charles Flores - Art From Texas Death Row
Charles Flores is 29 years old and a Texas Death Row prisoner, convicted and sent to death row in 1999.   His page includes a synopsis of Charles' case provided by Charles and his supporters, photos, Charles' penpal request, and some examples of his artwork.

 Tony Egbuna Ford - Art And Poetry From Texas Death Row
Tony Egbuna's page has information about his case - "I am innocent, and there are many others here who are too. This injustice against me… against US here must be ended, and it can only be ended with the help of you, the people. So, please carefully view the information that I have presented, and please, after viewing it, join those who have already decided that they would try and help me gain my freedom. Without your help, the state of Texas, in it’s blood lust to murder me, will add to the many others that it have ground up in its murder machine!"  Page includes art and poetry by Tony, and links to his official homepage in both English and Italian.

Kenneth Foster - Death Row Texas
Kenneth was born in Texas in October of 1976.  On August 15, 1996, Kenneth was arrested with three others for an alleged participation in a robbery/slaying of a young man. On May 5, 1997, Kenneth was convicted of capital murder and sentenced to die by lethal injection. EVIDENCE SHOWS that Kenneth's guilt mainly came down to just being at the scene of the crime, for he was not the shooter. The actual shooter plead a case of self-defense.

Robert Fratta - Death Row, Texas
Robert Fratta is  a former New Yorker on death row in Texas.  His page includes links to his official homepage, case information, photos, writings by Robert, a list of "41 Civil Rights Violations and Injustices in My Case" by Robert, and letters in support of Robert that you can print, sign, and mail to officials. 

Derrick Frazier, Hymns and Poetry From Texas Death Row
Derrick Frazier is a young African American man who is fairly new to death row.  Derrick's page includes his penpal request, some of his hymns and poetry, as well as a letter from Derrick.  Many more of his compositions to come.

Gabriel Gonzalez - Texas Death Row
Live From Death Row!  I am alive in this place of the soul-dead and forgotten. This is my seventh year  (2004) on Death Row and my tenth year of incarceration .
However, I am no  lesser a man for having shouldered such a hard life for so long. I came to prison as a volatile youth. Since than Ive grown into the man my mother tried but could not raise. I am a man reared on lifes hard experiences, on books and prison knowledge ; on pepper gas and protest. On Solitude. On Tears.

Michael Gonzales - Death Row, Texas
Michael Gonzales is on Texas Death Row. His webpage includes his photos, writings, pen-pal request and a request for assistance to stop the abuse and inhumane conditions inmates are forced to endure.

Anthony Graves - Justice from Death Row, Texas
Anthony is 33 years old and has been on Death Row in Texas since October of 1994.  His page includes his penpal request as well as a detailed excerpt from his appeal, Findings of Fact & Conclusions of Law.

Dominique Green - Death Row, Texas
Dominique Jerome Green is 25 years old, and he has been on Texas death row for 7 years.   His page includes his essay on the fate awaiting death row prisoners -  "The only thing that will matter is, what is done to them, and sadly, that certainty will be each and every one of them ultimately being slaughtered.  As a room full of people, bloodthirsty people, that know nothing about them watch as each man, woman, and child brought before them is put to death and killed."

Edward Green III - Death Row, Texas
Edward Green III is a Texas Death Row prisoner.  His page includes case information, photos, poetry, Edward's penpal request, and a link to another page with info on Edward Green and his case.

Randolph Greer - Message To North American Society from Texas Death Row
Randolph Mansoor Greer is a young African American who has been on death row in Texas since the age of 18.  He is the father of a young daughter born the year of his incarceration.  Randolph's page includes a letter, contact and legal fund information.

Cathy Henderson - Texas Death Row
"Even amongst all the horrible changes that have been imposed, knocking me down each time I try to get up.  I still have many friends that continue to support and uplift me.  There is no way I could continue without them.  I know in my heart that I would of given up long ago."  Visit Cathy's webpage for more information and how to contact her.
Hope For Hughes - Preston Hughes Legal Defense Fund
Preston Hughes III has been on death row in Huntsville, Texas, for nearly a decade. Hughes and his supporters maintain his innocence.  His webpage includes a little information on his case provided by his supporters, Preston's penpal request, andinformation on how you can contribute.

Derrick Leon Jackson - Texas Death Row
Read Derricks writings: 'Actions and Reactions' parts 1 and 2 about the continued abuses against
death row prisoners at the Polunsky Unit.  Also information on his case and defense fund, his pen pal request and links to his official homepage, The International 'Justice For Jackson' Campaign .

Jimmy Jackson - Texas Death Row, Trust Fund
Jimmy Jackson is on Texas Death Row. He was born in 1967 and has been on death row for a crime committed when he was seventeen years old. His page includes case information, a penpal request, a poem, and information on how you can help.

Lonnie Johnson - On Texas Death Row for Fighting off his Lynching
According to Lonnie, he was sentenced to death when he fought off and killed the two teenagers who were trying to kill him in a hate motivated lynching attempt. He is a 36 year old on Death Row in Texas, the father of two children, and a member of the Anthroposphical Society in America.  He is looking for friendship, penpals, and assistance to obtain proper investigators and an attorney.   His page includes his poetry, a writing on him from Australia, and his wonderful essay, "Texas Death Row Hotel" - A must read for anyone who has fallen for media reports of prisoners living well at taxpayers expense.
Alvin Kelly - Trial By Fire
"I write this article to reflect what I as a Christian have learned in my stay back here at F-pod.  I do not begrudge or belittle any man back here his stand or actions against this unfair and unjust disciplinary system.  I myself have to answer to God first and then to man.  I try to live my life, even back here, in obedience to God’s law and submissive to man’s.  I’ve found it hard, cruel and at times almost unbearable. "  Visit Alvin's webpage for more information on abuses prisoners suffer at the Polunsky unit, as well as over a dozen hymns written by Alvin.

John William King - Texas Death Row
John William King is a Texas Death Row prisoner.  His page includes a link to his official homepage, and information provided by John King's supporters about the details involving his high profile convition.

Rickey Lynn Lewis - Texas Death Row
"My name is Rickey Lynn Lewis, #999097, and I have spent the last five years (5) on Texas'
Death Row, in Huntsville, Texas."   Rickey's page includes case information, his declaration that this information is true, contact and legal defense fund information, and Rickey's penpal request.  His words: "I pray to God, that you will see my reasons, for calling out for help to the world, now, before its too late for me to save my life from the Texas killing machines, as I sit on death Row? "

Michael Anthony Lopez Jr. - Juvenile on Texas Death Row 
Resentenced to life (all juveniles)
" Michael Anthony Lopez Jr. looked about 14 as he sat in a Houston courtroom in May 1999, on trial for his life for killing Harris County Deputy Constable Micheal Eakin.  Despite his youthful appearance and age -- he was 17 when he killed Eakin on Sept. 29, 1998 -- prosecutors sought the death penalty. Jurors gave it after six hours of deliberations."  Visit his webpage for more information on his case, photos, and how to contact him directly.

Jose Martinez - Seeking Friends
Jose Martinez is a young man who has been on Texas death row since his arrest in 1994, he was born in 1976.  His page includes his original penpal request, an updated penpal request, as well as the penpal request he had sent to Lamp of Hope.  "Now about my case I did do this crime and two people got killed that night that should have not got killed so I was found guilty but on my punishment stage of my trial my trial court appointed attorney did not do a good job and the lawyer I have now is fighting that issue so that I can get a new trial but on the punishment stage and also for me to get some help because of what I went through as a child but I am in the second stage of my appeals and have been there for four years already but this is whats going on in my case and appeals.
Miguel Angel Martinez - Texas Death Row
Miguel is in his mid twenties and has been a Texas death row prisoner for almost a decade.  In his words, " Don't ignore me or the facts like the court and politicians have; for instance: finger prints evidence recovered could not be matched to me, yet was destroyed without being compared to other suspects; the work and testimony of serologist Fred Zain, who it has been testified and documented reported false conclusions, did not perform tests, and whose report in my conclusions, did not perform tests, and whose report in my case did not match his testimony; and a secret deal between the prosecuting district attorney and a local district judge to protect the judge's son from prosecution."  Includes case information, a letter from Miguel, links to webpages about Miguel set up by supporters in Europe.

Farley Matchett, Death Row, Texas
Farley Matchett is a death row inmate condemned for a crime committed in self-defense. In July 1991, Farley was involved in a fight. It was while defending himself, pushing away his opponents knife, that Farley caused the death of the man he is accused of having killed. Immediately following the incident, Farley called the paramedics. His opponent died shortly after their arrival. Quickly arrested, Farley was beaten for thirty-six hours in a police station. A lawyer assigned to his case by the State, but did nothing to defend his rights.  His page includes a letter from  Farley which has also been translated into french, as well as info on his legal defense fund.

Frederick McWilliams - Words From Texas Death Row
Frederick is 25 years old, a father, and is on Death Row in Texas.  His page includes family photos, Fredericks penpal request, and information on his Legal Defense Fund and how you can help.  He is also looking for someone who is willing to help him by spearheading his fundraising.

Jose E. Medellin - Texas Death Row
Jose was born in 1975 and has been on death row since he was 18 years old.  In his words, "Please seek to know me, Jose, not a dead man walking.  I don't want sympathy or pity, I'd rather have your anger.  Don't feel sorry for me.  I'm where I'm at because I made an adolescent choice."  His page includes his letter, photos, penpal request, and more to come.

Tony Medina - Texas Death Row
Visit Tony's page for 'First impressions' by Tony Medina along with links to Tony Medina's Official Homepage In Both English and Dutch - Info on the case, poetry, news and more...

Eric Lynn Moore - Legal Defense Fund
My name is Eric Lynn Moore and I am currently living on Texas Death Row for a murder I did not commit, so therefore I am campaigning to raise funds in hopes to prove my innocence.

Kenneth Morris - Texas Death Row

"In the case I face I'm not the killer. Although I played a part in the case, I'm innocent of capital murder.  Now, on a lighter note.   Being on the Row is a very lonely life and it's also stressful.  So I look for things to do, such as writing and answering letters,
I enjoy drawing, music and reading. I am interested in meeting people, anyone who likes to write that may want to help in any way or would just like to know about the life on the Row.  All letters will be answered. Being I have no outside support and time has distanced my family, I don't get visits, so my time is yours." 
Visit his webpage for information on how to contact him directly.

Charles Nealy - Texas Death Row
Charles Nealy is a Texas Death Row Prisoner.  His page includes photos, his penpal request, as well as his letter to M.A.S.S. and information about a lawsuit he is planning to file about conditions on death row in Texas.
Abel Ochoa - Penpal Requests
Abel was arrested at the age of 29 in 2002.  It was his first ever arrest, and it resulted in his being sent to death row.  His page includes several penpal requests and a writing from Abel about life on death row. 

Kenny Parr - 19 Year Old Sentenced to Death In Texas
Kenny is nineteen years old and has only been on death row since June of 1999.  His page includes his writings, including "Gangsta Prayer", his penpal request, legal materials and more information about his case and his claims of innocence.

John Paul Penry - Texas To Execute Mentally Ill Man
John Paul Penry has been mentally ill since his birth in 1956.  In childhood, he was sexually abused many times by the adults whose care he was placed in.  At 23, John Paul was charged with  rape and murder.  Now, he has lived on death row for more than 19 years.  He is alone. He has no family, no visitors, he never had a proper home and death row has become his home.  Johnny Paul is begging that his death penalty could be commuted to LWOP (life imprisonment), so that he can remain where he is used to living.  At the setting of his last execution date, Pope John Paul II made a personal appeal to Governor Bush to save Johnny's life.  Johnny wrote to the Pope to thank him.  Page includes information from Sant'Egidio Community, as well as French translated links from Fabian Gastellier.


Anthony Pierce AKA YATOMBI IKEI- Texas Death Row  
Anthony Pierce's page includes detailed case information as well as an essay.  He writes, "You speak about justice and rights, the laws an procedures were totally disregarded and violated in this case, so I challenge you all to use your resources to collect all the files, facts, evidence etc in this case and see if I am deserving of. public redress to right the injustice I recieved since I was arrested for this case 26 years ago."

Roy Lee Pippin - On Texas Death Row
Page includes case information written by Roy.  " I was never in jail or convicted of any crime before this case occured.  I've never hurt anyone. I was a pawn in the big drug organization and was left as the fall-guy when the real responsible parties could not be found to prosecute.. I need assistance yesterday, last week, last year.  Can you help me or point me in the direction of someone who will ?"

Charles Raby - Texas Death Row
Charles Raby is on death row in Texas seeking a new trial. Charles was wrongfully convicted, and new information has come to light to prove that DNA testing eliminated him from the scene of the crime. 2 state witnesses perjured themselves under oath to assist the prosecutor to obtain a death penalty. New potential witnesses will be called if a new hearing can be arranged, to refute the perjury of those at the first trial.  Visit his page for info on the case, and what you can do to help him.

Oswaldo Soriano Regaldo  - Texas Death Row
Oswaldo Soriano Regaldo was 17 years old (a juvenile) at the time of the crime for which he was sent to death row.  His page includes case information, a letter from Oswaldo, and his penpal request.

Damon Richardson - Death Row, Texas
Damon has been on death row in Texas for over 11 years and he says he is innocent of the crime for which he has been convicted.  His page includes many photos,(including photos taken with his legal team and investigators) case information,  Damon's penpal request, and legal defense fund information.
                Foreign nationals on Texas' Death Row !
Kim Lim  /  Anibal Rousseau- Foreign Nationals on Texas Death Row
This appeal for  2 men,(Both inmates of Texas' Death Row)  was written by fellow inmate, Mr Jorge "George" Cordova, who was executed,February 10th, 1999. Despite the closeness of this date, on January 13th, we at the CCADP received the following letter from Mr Cordova, in which he did not at all mention his own situation.  He asked instead, that people support and look into these two cases. About Mr Kim Lim, Cordova said,  "Mr Lim has the mental capacity of an eight year old child."   And about Mr Rousseau, "I am convinced of Mr Rousseau's innocence."

Darlie Routier - An Innocent Mother On Texas' Death Row
Darlie Routier and her husband Darrin were a young couple living in Texas with their three young children, when Darlie and the two older boys were attacked in their home.  The boys were killed and Darlie was hospitalized for her severe injuries.  Darlie is the subject of a recent book, "Media Tried, Justice Denied"  which focuses on the media circus that led to this innocent mother being sent to death row.  Darlie's story is very high profile and has recently been featured on the "Leeza" show, amongst others.  Her page includes links to her official homepage, pages set up by supporters in Norway, Denmark, Germany and Sweden, real audio of her 911 call to the police, writings from Darlie, trial transcripts, a Darlie Routier chatroom, T-shirts you can purchase in support of Darlie, and more.

DALE SCHEANETTE- Seeking Penpals From Around The World
Dale Scheannette is 30 years old and is on death row in Texas.  He wrote to the CCADP, and also to Texas' Lamp of Hope, seeking penpals from around the world.  

Willie Shannon - Writing From Texas Death Row
Willie has been on death row in Texas since he was 19 years old.  His page includes writings on the death penalty, as well as on his case, and also Willie's penpal request.

Hank Skinner's - Texas, CCADP Support Page
 Please visit Hank's CCADP page where you can read about his case, access his legal documents, information on the living conditions on death row and how to help. Your support is urgently needed !

Paul Slater - Texas Death Row
Paul Slater is 26 years old and has been a Texas death row prisoner since 1995.  He claims that he killed two men in self defense.  Page includes a letter from Paul, case information provided by Paul, a photo, and his penpal request.

LaRoyce L. Smith - Death Row,Texas
LaRoyce Smith is a young Texas death row prisoner. "I've been incarcerated (death row) since I was 19 years old, for a robbery and murder I did not commit, but I was at the scene of the crime when it happened, but I never pulled the trigger or stabbed anyone."   His page includes a personal letter, photos, poetry, and a penpal request.

Max Soffar-18 Years On Texas Death Row
Max Alexander Soffar is a 43 year old, Jewish man on death row in Texas. He has been there for more than 18 years.   His supporters have sent some information on his case. The court records in Texas show that there was not one piece of physical evidence linking Max to this crime. No eyewitness testimony was given against him. "Hurricane" Carter's group, AIDWYC, has endorsed this case.

Pedro Sosa - Death Row, Texas
Pedro has been on death row in Texas since 1984.  He is a Mexican American, born in 1951 in Texas and he had an  execution date of October 21, 1999. He received a stay for a time, but is still in need of your help.    Pedro says he was wrongfully convicted- visit his page for his letter, case information, and photos.  Pedro is asking for contributions to assist him for legal matters and says he will be glad to send more case information to anyone interested.  Can you help Pedro ?  Photos of a car needed - see page.

Gregory Summers - Texas Death Row
The three victims were his father, mother and uncle - the people he loved the most.  Greg has always mantained his innocence. He was arrested and charged with hiring Andrew Cantu for the murder of his own family and consequently sentenced to death. Visit his page for information on the case and links to his official Italian homepage.

Michael Toney - Texas Death Row
Michael Toney is a Texas Death Row prisoner, who says he is innocent of the crime.  He was convicted in 1999 for a 1985 Fort Worth bombing, on the strength of the word of a fellow prisoner - who has since recanted.  Michael's page includes letters and petitions you can print and sign in support of the investigation being reopened, photos, letters to and from Michael Toney,his penpal request and more.  This was a high profile case - had been the BATF's longest running investigation ever and was featured on America's Most Wanted
and Unsolved Mysteries before he was a suspect.

Son Tran - Vietnamese National on Texas Death Row Resentenced to life (all juveniles)

Son Tran is a Vietnamese man who was 17 years old when he was arrested for the crime which put him on death row.  His page includes photos, writings by Son Tran, his pleas for penpals, and more.  

Willie Trottie - Texas Death Row
On May 3 1993, Barbara Canada and her brother Titus were killed by gunfire. Willie Tyrone Trottie, Barbara's 23-year-old common law husband and father of their 1-1/2 year old son, was convicted of Capital murder. Having been shot five times by Titus, Willie maintains that in shock and pain, he fired in self-defense and that there is at least one witness who could have corroborated this had they been questioned at his trial. His page includes details on his case in his own words, his penpal request, and a link to his official webpage.

Manuel Vasquez- Texas Death Row     I am writing this plea for help from my cell on Texas Death Row.  It is known worldwide that Texas executes more men and women than any other state.  Texas politicians boast of their “tough on crime” stance and run their political campaigns around their Pro Death Penalty views. All Texas District Attorneys use “seeking the death penalty” as a tool in their quest to move up the political ladder.  This political pressure to achieve convictions at any cost results in an over zealous prosecution of defendants who do not have the resources to hire professional, competent attorneys to fight erroneous charges.  These prosecutors use tactics outside of lawful norms to persuade jurors to vote to convict and even sentence a person to death.  This is what happened to me.  Please read further to get a grasp of who I am and how I ended up on death row for a crime I did not commit.

Billy J. Wardlow - Death Row, Texas
" I am seeking friendships that will last, and, if at all possible, financial assistance to aid my attorney in continuing her fight to save my life."  Visit Billy's webpage for info on his case, his defense fund, photos and his pen-pal request.
Kevin Watts - Writings From Texas Death Row
"At 22 years old I was apprehended for three counts of Murder, Aggravated Sexual Assault, and Aggravated Kidnapping...These crimes are hideous, but know so much is the truth and so much is a lie.  I'm not able at the moment to go into what is what - as the importance of this presentation is my desire for Support, Help, and Trust...."  Kevin was arrested in 2003.  His page includes his writings; links; and penpal request.


Coy Wayne Wesbrook - Texas Death Row
" My name is Wayne, most here call me "Wes." I'm a death row inmate here in Texas.  I arrived in 1998. "   Visit wayne's webpage to view all 3 pen pal requests received by the CCADP since 1999.

Daryl Wheatfall - "In Caged"  in Texas Death Row
Daryl is 32 years old, and a death row inmate in Texas.  He used to write a column called "In Caged" for youth regarding life in prison.  His page includes case information, and his essay "In Caged" which includes some information on prison abuses going on at death row in Texas.

Garcia White - Texas
Garcia White is wrongfully convicted on death row in Texas.   Read the explanation from his family of how he came to be on death row and how you can help his family fight this injustice. PLEASE HELP !

Bruce Williams - Youngest Person Ever Sent To Texas Death Row Resentenced to life (all juveniles)
"My name is Bruce Williams and I am on Texas death row.  I'm 18 years old and from Dallas Texas. I was the youngest person in the history of the State of Texas to ever receive a death sentence.  At the time of the alleged offense I had just turned 17 years old.  It took the jury less than two minutes to wrongfully convict me." Visit his webpage for photos, pen-pal request and more information on his case.
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Nanon Williams - Juvenile On Death Row, Texas  - Resentenced to life (all juveniles)
Nanon was 17 years old at the time of the crime for which he was sentenced to death.  His page includes his penpal requests, an extensive list of articles and poetry written by Nanon, including one on the Excessive Use of Force in Texas' prisons, and links to other penpal requests on Nanon from supporters in Europe.
Jeff Wood - Death Row, Texas
Jeff Wood is a Texas death row prisoner. His page includes a letter from Jeff, some brief information, and his penpal request.
          Pen Pal Requests from Texas Death Row

                       The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty has received the
                           following requests for pen pals from Texas death row prisoners.
                                                       Texas prisoners pen pal requests are listed alphabetically
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          " It's Like A Whole Other Country "
  Death Row Prisoner Webpages     Death Row Pen Pal Requests
    Re-Sentenced or Released         In Memoriam: Pages 1 - 5
                  Texas Governor: 
               Li'l Tex Perry 
      TDCJ staff abusing prisoners: 
   Abuses on Texas Death Row

                    The Governor

                     Texas Governor Rick Perry
                               State Capital
                              PO Box 12428
                              Austin, Texas
                            78711-2428  USA
                         Phone:  512-463-2000
                           Fax:  512-463-1849

        Criminal Justice Division - (Same Address as above)
                       Phone: 512-463-1919
                         Fax: 512-475-2042

Gerald Garrett - Chairman of the Board of Pardons and Paroles
Executive Clemency Unit  -   Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
                                     Price Daniel Sr. Bldg
                                           PO Box 13401
                                           Austin, Texas
                                        78711-3401   USA
   Texas Department of Corrections

          Re-Sentenced or Released

Pamela Perillo - 20 Years On Texas Death Row
Pamela Perillo was one of eight women on Death Row in Texas.  She is the mother of a college aged son. For over 14 years, she was the closest friend of Karla Faye Tucker.  Her page includes many photos, writings by and about Pam, many photos, her penpal request, and more.  Please take a moment to click the button above to vote for Pam's site.
          Executed Texas Prisoners
                                         "This is a lynching. I did not kill Bobby Lambert...

                                I was chosen for this genocide. This is part of the genocide
                                            we as black people have endured in America...''
                                                  - Shaka Sankofa (Gary Graham)
                                         Download the title track ( in MP.3 format )
                                " Let The Evidence Be Heard  "
                                         from the CD in support of Shaka Sankofa
The CCADP maintained webpages for dozens of death row prisoners

      in Texas who have since been executed by George W. Bush
                  CCADP's memorial pages of prisoners executed under Governor Bush:
                152 People Killed as Governor...More than any elected official in US History!
International Tourist Boycott Of Texas International Tourist Boycott Of Texas
     For those executed under Governor Rick Perry, visit "Li'l Tex"
     Along with reports of abuse and inhumane conditions coming from the Polunsky Unit . . .
                 Texas Governor: 
               Li'l Tex Perry 
      TDCJ staff abusing prisoners: 
   Abuses on Texas Death Row

      Other Links to Texas Death Row Resources
                                                            Real audio and video links relating to capital punishment in Texas
                                              REAL AUDIO

    HUNTSVILLE TEXAS--Courtesy All Things Considered
    HEAT RELATED TEXAS PRISON DEATHS - Pacifica Radio News Network
    EMILE DUHAMEL PT 1- Interviewed by counsel 1996.    EMILE PT 2       EMILE PT 3
    JUREK vs TEXAS 1976 Supreme Court Argument
    RICARDO GUERRA freed  after 15 years on death row in TX. (Since died) -From Pacifica
    KARLA FAYE TUCKER FACES DEATH IN TEXAS early 1998 Pacifica Radio News
    MORE DEATH ROW REAL AUDIO LINKS- CCADP Real audio, lots of other real audio

                  Other Death Row Prisoners Pages / Pen Pals

Darlie Routiers' Official Homepage !
The Case for Darlie Routier - Evidence of Innocence
This is the official webpage operated by her husband Darren.  ALL the information and links on the case proving her innoccence, including multimedia archives, evidence photo's, the original 911 call and more.

Martin Draughon's Official Homepage
Maintained by Martin Draughon's supporters

Calvin Burdine - Texas Death Row Inmate Who Had a Sleeping Lawyer
Webpage includes statements, legal documents and news articles about the case.

Michael Toney - Innocent on Texas Death Row
Michael Toney Innocent on Texas Death Row

Duhamel, Emile Pierre
Discusses the case of a mentally handicapped man who died on Texas death row

Miguel Angel Martinez - Texas Death Row
A boy becomes a man while he awaits his execution.

           Texas Anti-Death Penalty Organizations / Advocates

The Lamp of Hope Project  -
The Lamp of Hope Project is a non-profit organization founded by Texas Death Row prisoners.

Our Row of Friends in Texas
This page is about the death penalty but, more importantly, it is about the death penalty
as it affects the inmates of Texas Death Row.

                       Related News Articles / Stories

Polunsky Unit - Welcome to Hell
Read the truth about the terrible living-conditions on Texas Death Row.

Texas Death Row
Interview and photos by Ken Light.

Texas' death-row peep show - From
Shadow Figures: A Portrait of Life on Texas Death Row  From Mother Jones Magazine
Women on Death Row  From ABC
United States Violations of Basic Human Rights - Campaign for Thomas J. Miller El

      CCADP's Real Audio Archives - Information, News, Interviews, Inmates and more in Real Audio !
CCADP Real Audio News Report ! CCADP Real Audio Archives - Media Appearances, News Reports, and more ! ! ! CCADP Real Audio News Report !
International Tourist Boycott Of Texas International Tourist Boycott Of Texas

                The CCADP offers free webpages to over 500 Death Row Prisoners
                                               Contact us for more information.
            The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now
                                                       "The Eyes Of The World Are Watching Now"

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