Robert Carlos Casillas
      Reports Of Abuses At Death Row, Illinois
    "RACISM" - A report on Death Row in Illinois
            Roberts report on his hunger strike 

To Whom It May Concern ;

    As a American born Latino, I have suffered the slings and arrows of this thing called hatred and racism, since birth.  I feel it my duty to say to this state, and hope the country and the world will also pay attention.  Be well aware of exactly where the taxpayers money of Illinois is going when it comes to the job of hiring prison gaurds, employing judges and or prosecutors.  If you think racism exists only with the KKK, skinheads, are sadly mistaken.  The penal system in the state of Illinois is replete with racists that take out their hatred and racist views on any and all inmates;  people that have falled victim to the judicial system gone out of control.  This cannot be ignored any longer.  But I need your help in bringing this matter to the attention of the people of this fine state; and hope pressure will be applied from the world body for America to mend its own fences immediately, before judging another country.

If you do, as I hope, decide to publish this article, please be advised that I would be much appreciative if you were to be so kind as to include my complete
name and address so anyone and everyone can know that it was this proud Latino that stood up for the right to be looked upon as a equal to all others.  And if as I think, people all over the world are as proud of their own heritage, maybe through this article we can end racism.

Very sincerely yours,

Robert C Casillas
N 33565
Menard Correctional Center
PO Box 711
Menard Illinois 62259  USA
    "RACISM" - A report on Death Row in Illinois
            Roberts report on his hunger strike 

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