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Robert Butts
       Death Row, Georgia


"My Silent Cry"

So much hurt on the inside, agony, and pain
holes in my soul, stress on my brain,
Acheived many goals in life, just to let them go to waste,
now I'm scared to look in the morror, ashamed to show my face,
This is my silent cry.  Can you feel me ?

The world can be so cruel, intimidating, and mean,
one second out of a hour can destroy all of your dreams;
Doing the best you can to make it a better place,
then all of a sudden the world blows it up in your face,
This is my silent cry.  Can you feel me ?

Endless tragedies, misfortunes, and crimes
homeless people in the city, scraping up nickels and dimes,
Never having the chance to have fancy cars and nice mansions,
outlawed by society, family members have abandoned,
This is my silent cry. Can you feel me ?

After hearing my silent cry, can you feel the pain I feel,
I believe you can, because the problems of the world are real,
but with the love of all the people, every city, every side,
we can bring an end to my silent cry.


Robert Butts updated
pen-pal request:

When you want something that you have never had,you have to do something you have never done. 
What I want is true friendship, which lives in the heart, and I'm willing to open my heart on the chance that I may find that. 

My name is Robert Butts, and I'm a 26 year old death row inmate.  I'm 6'1" tall and weigh 205 lbs, with an athletic build.
  I was arrested when I was 18 years old and I've learned a lot since my teenage years. 

Living without focus is only existing, and I wish not only to exist because I realize that life is short.
I enjoy traveling, driving, camping, nature, writing poems, reading, exercising, sports, and music....
Most of all I enjoy bonding and hopefully you will give friendship with me a chance.
Success seems to be a matter of hard work and endurance, and I'm doing my best to apply this to my life. 
Hope keeps me hanging on, without it I'd be lost. 

If you'll take the time to reach out to me with a letter,
I'll try my best to show you that a prisoner is not always a criminal.  

Robert Butts
405158 / 870071
GDCP Box 3877
Jackson Georgia
30233 USA

 Robert Butts original pen-pal request:

I am a 23 year old African-American presently on death row here in Georgia.
I'm interested in corresponding with individuals of any race, education,
profession who's interest is solely based on curiousity. 
Honestly is very important as well as respect.

I have interests in reading magazines, writing poems, sports,
chess, card games, handcrafting, and intelligent discussions.

I'm not some exhibit yet I feel curiousity is an honest enough character trait to start off with. 
For those of you wishing to correspond without the usual risks of
 normal relationships then your letters I look forward to getting.

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