Death Row, California
                         Refuse To Lose

Given my set of circumstances that may seem excessively optimistic.
But, just because I am condemned to death doesn't mean I have to stop living.
As simplistic an ideal as that may seem it took seven years of loneliness, isolation and an ever decreasing resolve to realize.  Now, that I am aware that living is more than just being alive its time to do something about it.  Its time to take the "bull by the horns" and ... live  !  I can't do anything about the isolation.
But, I can use what resolve I have left to ease my loneliness.  At least I can with your help !  If you'd be so kind as to write you would expand my horizons beyond these prison gates, and could make this life worth living.  Granted,
I am asking a lot of you.  But I truly have nowhere else to turn.  Please !
I would greatly appreciate it if you'd consider extending your friendship,
and with it considerable happiness to someone who has none.  Please don't
think I'm some pathetic loser (though I do sound pathetic, and there are those
who would call me a loser) Just think of me as the most unlucky person you
have ever met.  Who  believes he is better than his situation suggests.
And aspires to be more than he is.


                                                                        by Richard Gamache

                             Living a life not worth living,
                                      Worse than death.
                                      Cognitive thoughts,
                                 What could have been ?
                                     Irrational emotions.
                                          Abysmal void.
                              Lonely heart, broken dreams.
                                          No one to hear
                                  the Soundless screams.


                                    For correspondence please write to:

                        Richard Gamache
                           PO Box Kc4000
                   San Quentin State Prison
                     San Quentin, CA 94974

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