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We find it regrettable that most American media is more interested in looking at or hearing about the one or two high profile cases on our pages, in order to upset and inflame victim's families at the expense of the hundreds of other prisoners for whom we have set up websites; many of whom are wrongly convicted, have issues in their cases, were juveniles at the time of the offense, are victims of endemic racism and or corruption in the judicial system etc.  We invite journalists to look over our pages to see what horrifies human rights activists worldwide. To view some of these other cases, visit

     Richard Allen Davis - San Quentin's Death Row   Richard Allen Davis
   Death Row - San Quentin, California

            Richard Allen Davis' Art and Woodwork
                                            Richard Allen Davis' Art and Woodwork
                 For Viewing Only. Not  Available for sale
NOTE: There has been some recent media alleging that Richard Allen Davis was profiting off of the sale of things on internet auction websites.  Where he has been advised that his name or photo has been included on anything of this nature, he has advised that it was without permission and had it taken off.  He has advised the CCADP that he'll be having an attorney send a legal letter out to all such internet sites.  He would like to inform them and the public that he hasn't and "never will give anyone permission to sell anything concerning myself."
         Sept. 1, 2002 - Richard Davis' Statement On His Childhood
            In response to letters he received questioning him about his childhood and upbringing.
  Richard Davis' Personal Information (Handwritten Form Submitted)
  Sonoma County Independent's Article on Richard Davis' Webpage


Dear Viewer,

I can't help but to wonder, that after going through all the court proceedings of my trial and all The media statements about me, could there be someone out in the world who would be of open mind, not to take everything that the media has said about me and be willing to learn for themselves, just who I really am.

I don't have no complaints about my due, as you can see by my photo, I have lived a life inside these walls.  It's almost as though this is "Home sweet home", sad but true.  The most often thought that I do I have, is wondering if, for someone like myself, can one ever fall back in love with life again.  For myself,
I feel that I do not have that right or even the time that one spends considering such a selfish thought.

I am half American Indian, Paiute and Shoshone, from the State of Nevada.
I am also half white, English I am told, so you can say that I am the classic half breed.
I was born, June 2nd, 1954.  I have never been married and I have no children.
It was always my thought that if I wasn't willing to stay out of crime, then it wouldn't be right to stick a woman with a child of mine. (Smile) I have been told that this was the only decent outlook that I had.   I am not religious and since I never considered just what a high power thought of my actions, in the white man sense of religion.
I am of thought that why should I consider seeking redemption or ask for forgiveness for my actions in life.  As the saying;  You made your bed - now you must lay in it, my thoughts are; I dug my grave - now I must lay in it.   I have had guys on the yard, who are deep into the Christian beliefs, try telling me all that it is.  Though I have found that each has their own thoughts and ideas of things and how one has to go about studying, to many different views and arguments that pursue this issue.  So I guess,
I should just stay with the Indian outlook of things.

It's like when they recommended that I be given the death sentence, which I knew was going to happen.  My Indian grandmother came to visit me at the jail.  She told me; You ain't no dog, so you can't  go out like that.  You sit straight up and look them  in their eyes, show them nothing, let them see what an Indian is all about.  You know how we believe and what we believe in, just make sure that you are ready when your time comes, so that you'll be ready for the next stage.

I know that there will be some that will not agree with any or all that I have said.
Though isn't this the point, to let you out there know my thoughts and feelings,
so that if you want you can write to me and express your thoughts and feelings

                                                       Richard Allen Davis - San Quentin's Death Row
                                         Richard Allen Davis
                                   P.O. Box  D11903 - 1EB100
                                    San Quentin State Prison
                                     San Quentin, California
                                                94974   USA
WANTED : Smith Corona Display 1000 Electric Typewriter, with 7K memory
"Will Trade Art For New Or In Good Shape Used."

          Legal Notice Of Disclaimer - From Richard Allen Davis
Richard Allen Davis was made aware that items relating to him were being sold on auction sites such as Ebay by members of the public without his knowledge or permission.  This legal notice is to serve as Davis' notice to the public that he has never given permission for nor profited from these sales, nor will he ever.  It also serves as his warning to those involved in such sales to cease and desist or leave themselves open to legal action. 

                    Photos Of Richard Allen Davis

    Richard Allen Davis - July 1999 in San Quentin's visiting room     Richard Allen Davis a few years ago in the yard at San Quentin     Richard Allen Davis at San Quentin
       Richard Allen Davis  July 1999                Richard Allen Davis a few years                   Richard Allen Davis
        in San Quentin's visiting room                  ago in the yard at San Quentin                         at San Quentin

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