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" This collection of 28 powerful essays were recorded in a small, cramped cell on Pennsylvania.s death row, at SCI-Greene, one of the toughest, super-maximum security prisons in the state, which employed Corporal Charles Graner, the central figure in the prisoner abuse scandal at Abu Ghraib prison in Iraq. I recount my own painful childhood memories, and a tapestry of stories is cut from the daily lives of over two million men and women trapped inside the dark gulags all across America. There are hard-hitting investigative pieces about unjust convictions, police corruption, dehumanizing shakedowns, black-on-black crime, and this writer.s correspondence with a group of schoolchildren that precipitated the three-day, 30-mile Children's Crusade to Death Row, a memorable civil rights march that garnered local, national, and international media attention. Where I'm Writing From is a fascinating collection of essays about the cold reality of life behind bars."
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Other Writings by Reginald S. Lewis
   Things Are Not Always As They Appear To Be
            The Shame Of Philadelphia Blue
               Angels On Eagles Wings
                       A Very Cold Place
               Poetry By Reginald Lewis
Reginald S. Lewis, who is currently being held on Death Row, has written a essay entitled "Prison McCarthyism" regarding how prison administration at SCI Greene has been tampering with incoming prisoner mail and legal materials.  If you have any questions or comments, or would like to contact Reggie, contact him directly...
Write him at: Reginald S. Lewis #AY2902, 175 Progress Drive. Waynesburg, PA. 15370-8090
      Prison McCarthyism   By Reginald S. Lewis
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Reginald Sinclair Lewis-Publications:
Essays, Articles, and Op-eds
"If I Am to Die, So Be It." The Philadelphia Daily News, January 3, 1985.
"View of Capital Punishment from Death Row." The Philadelphia Daily News, October 25, 1985.
"Cheers on Death Row Green Rendell's Defeat." the Philadelphia Daily News, November 18 1986.
"Land of the Loony Birds." The Philadelphia Daily News, September 23, 1987.
"There Goes the Neighborhood." The Philadelphia Daily News, January 17, 1989.
"Escape from Death Row." The Other Side Magagazine, September-October 1991.
"A Cascade of Love." The Other Side Magagazine, March-April 1992.
"A Hard Lesson in Morality." North Coast Xpress, December 1994/January 1995.
"Things White People Do." The Round Valley Paper, March 22, 1995.
"Million Man March." North Coast Xpress, December 1995/January 1996.
"Prison Father Sessions." North Coast Xpress, February/March 1996.
"The Rise of Black Hatred," Mahogany Revue, Vol.8, No.16, December 27, 1996, January 10 1997.
Reprinted in Passions, No.8, June 1997.
"The Shame of Philadelphia Blue," Turning the Tide, Vol.10, No. 1, Spring 1997. Reprinted in England in The Green Anarchist, No.47-48, July 1997. Also reprinted in Socialtist Action, September 1997 issue. Available on the Internet at: The far Cry',  ,   1997 &
"Success and Unity-Through the Eyes of a Black Man," V Magazine, August/September 1997.
"A Date with Death," The Red Penn, August 1997 issue.
"Say Hello to My Little Friends," The Plough Online, 1997-98.
"Sabo's Gone," Bamboo Girl; #7, 1998.
"A Very Cold Place," North Coast Xpress, Summer 1998.
"Whispers," "Brown Eyes," "One Day Soon," and "Whisper I'm Gone." The Philadelphia Tribunein  weekly issues, 1985.
"In the Big Yard." Fortune News, 1989. Reprinted in Poetry': USA, 1990. Reprinted in Wordwrights No. 11, Fall/Winter 1997.
"Let's Get Married." Talk of the World, 1989.
"Domestic Violence." Axis, No.4, 1990.
"Releasing the (Chains." Poetry: USA, 1990.
"For James Baldwin." Poetry'" USA, 1990. Reprinted in Aim: America's Intercultural Magazine, Vol. 23, No.4, Winter 1996-97.
"Who Know's" and "Releasing the Chains" (reprinted) Lifelines, No. 50, 1990.
"Autumn Dawn," Bitterroot Internatioal, Vol. XXX, No. 100, 1991.
"Dark City" and "The Palest Shade of Confusion " Oracle Poetry, Vol.4, No. 1 Spring 1992
"Wanna Go Home." The Affiliate (Canada), 1993. Reprinted in Wordwrights, No.11, Fall/Winter 1997.
 "Where Are You Now? (For Aunt Marian)." Avalon Rising, November 1993.
"Precious." Affair of the Pen, Vol.1, No.5, August 1994.
"The Nature of Sadness." Affair of the Pen, Vol.1, No.6, September 1994.
"Death Row." The Gathering, Vol.2, 1994. Reprinted in North Coast Xpress, August/September 1995.
"The Madman Sings of Better Days," Arg Cata-zine, No.5, 1994.
"Tashina." Sonoma County Free Press, Vol.10, No.2 April/May 1996.
"Good Morning. "Street Beat Quarterly, Vol.5, No.3, 1997.
"The Way I See Him." The Other Side, September-December 1997. Reprinted in Moongate, Vol. IV, #7, March 1998.
"Black Wings." Forthcoming in African American Review.
"For Ameenah," Moongate, Vol. IV, #7, March 1998.
"Leaving Death Row," North Coast Xpress Vol.6, No.2. Spring 1998.
"Just Another Day," "On the Day the Children Marched," Expressive Spirals, July 1998.
"Flight from the Ghetto." Da Ghetto Tymes Magazine, 1994.
"The Mighty Kareem," Parts 1 and 2, Da Ghetto Tymes Magazine, 1994.
Billy's Best Christmas. Performed by the 5th and 8th graders of Bruderhof's Spring Valley School, 1995, and Bruderhof's New Meadow Run School, 1996.
An Affinity For Angels, a play in four acts. Performed by the Bruderhof' Community Theater, Pennsylvania (student production), 1998.
Poetry Anthologies
"Illusions. " The Best of Rhyme Time, Hutton Publications, 1988.
"Milestones." Celebration of Life Antholgy, Sandy Shelton's Poetry Press, 1989.
The Internet
"The Corridors of Death," (essay), "Autumn Dawn," "Death Row'," "Wanna Go Home." "In the big Yard," and "Where Are You Now?" (poems reprinted), "Prayer of the Altar Boy, "The Reginald S. Lewis Page. The Plough Online,  ,1995-97.
"A Date with Death,1' and "The Shame of Philadelphia Blue," (excerpt), , 1997
Honors and Awards
P.E.N. Amencan Center's 1988 Writing Awards for Prisoners. First Prize, Poetry, for "In the Big Yard."
P.E.N. Amencan Center's 1987 Writin2 Awards for Prisoners. Third Prize, Non-fiction, for "Sweeter than Sugar."
Hutton Publications Long Poem Contest, 1988. Honorable Mention. Also, Certificates of Award for poems published in March 22, 1988 issue, June 8, 1988 issue, and August 22. 1988 issue.
Unpublished Works
Leaving Death Row, a collection of poems, 82 pp.
I Will Still Shout, a collection Of essays.
The Black Theatre Network
The Asian American Writers' Workshop
The Maine Writers & Publishers Alliance

Reginald S. Lewis #AY2902      175 Progress Drive.     Waynesburg, PA     15370-8090      USA


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