Reginald Chapman
                Illinois' Death Row

                        Slowly slippin down a rainbow
                        I stumble on my dreams as I go
                      My memories follow close behind
                         Stars chart my place in time
                            Velvet vows cast in vain
                       Mahogany tears riddle like rain
                        I-vory smiles disguise my pain.

                                                                        By: Reggie Bear


                                       Distant Love

                                      At a distance
                                I held you in my eyes
                                    Such a treasure
                                    What a pleasure
                             The warmth of a sunrise
                                      Take my mind
                                     Then drift away
                                     Hear my hearts
                                     Romantic Play
                                        Looking out
                                    She's hard to find
                                    Steal my thoughts
                                    My ray of sunshine

                                                                            By: Reggie Bear



I'm not sure of what to say or how to begin…I'm in my direct appeal stage…
I have an interest in writing poetry.  I would like to further that, to attract others to develop the same interest.   To collaborate with them and maybe publish some of my work in a beneficial way.  Also short stories - fictional and drama.  I'll do my best to respond to all letters as I can afford to.  If there be any visits keep in mind that we're only allowed five a month.   Also Menard is near SIUC but there are no bus or train stops.   It at all possible I would ask for help in completing my college degree.  Like assistance, tutoring, or direction.  Menard discourages any higher learning but I hear its possible.  Also I have a book on signing that I'm studying and would like to learn more.  So far I only know, the alphabets, a few numbers, and about fifty words,
I guess this is my avenue of reaching out, as of now I'm trapped on Menards death row.     With hope, by faith, knowing this will be only temporary.  I'm 29 years old, 6'3 and 202 lbs.  Amongst writing I enjoy playing chess, cards, dominos, and mostly when the weather is good basketball to stay fit.
OK !  I'll end here….hope to hear from you soon.

                             Reginald Chapman
                                    PO Box 711
                                 Menard Illinois
                                    62259  USA

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