The information on this webpage was received by the CCADP before Arizona prisoners were banned from the internet on July 18, 2000.  The CCADP is refusing to remove any Arizona prisoner materials from the internet until this law has been challenged and defeated, to ensure ALL Arizona death row prisoners are allowed to have their voices heard... Prisoners contacting the CCADP for removal under threats from the DOC receive a copy of the following: CLICK HERE
              Pete Rogovich
                       Arizona Death Row
                      PETE ROGOVICH'S PEN PAL REQUEST:

My name is Pete Carl Rogovich 114642, I am on Arizona's death row I have
been for 5 years, I spent 3 1/2 years in the county jail going through trial proceedings.  I have grew up most of my life in Southern California.
I enjoy the outdoors such as fishing hunting and shooting sports.
I was employed as an automobile painter up till the time I was arrested.
I have done that kind of work since I was 13 years old.   I am 33 years of age,
I was born February 21st, 1966.  I was arrested March 15th 1992.
I have never been in prison before.  I am single, I have never been married.
I am looking for correspondence to the outside world it can be anyone with
an open mind.   I hardly hear from my family, i don't get very many visits.
I have 5-7 years left of appeals to go and if something doesn't happen like
the Courts reduce my sentencing or overthrow my convictions and so forth,
I will be executed.   I am spiritual, I believe in God and his son Jesus Christ.
If you are interested in writing me please do so, my address is:

                    Pete Rogovich  114642
                            SMU II  B3G58
                      Arizona State Prison
                          Complex Eyman
                             PO Box 3400
                             Florence, AZ
                              85232   USA
Here are some of the other postings from the internet about Pete Rogovich that existed
before the DOC demanded prisoners removal from the internet - This information has been
re-posted by the CCADP without the prior knowledge or consent of Pete Rogovich
           Other postings from the internet about Pete Rogovich

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