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Anthony Apanovitch - Innocence on Ohio's Death Row
Tony Apanovitch has been sentenced to death for a crime he did not commit.  Anthony Apanovitch was convicted in Cleveland 1984, murder and rape of Mary Ann Flynn.  After a two month investigation,police targeted Apanovitch, even though the hair, blood and saliva samples he voluntarily provided, excluded him as a suspect.  The state's case at trial was built solely on circumstantial evidence.  Visit his page for more case info, his penpal request - and legal information.  M*A*S*H's Mike Farrell narrated a videotape on the case.  Contact Anthony's attorney by email from his page.

Tyrone Ballew - Death Row Ohio
"...played college basketball, Likes: sports, travel, reading. Have been on
death row since 7/17/92. Visit Tyrone's webpage for his pen pal request.

Jessie Cowans - Death Row Ohio
Jessie was kind enough to mail us a letter that included the penpal requests of several of the other prisoners (see above/below).
He'd also appreciate receiving mail, so please drop him a line at the address below. Jessie wrote: ...A lot of the guys will really appreciate your caring
and trying to help, so I'd like to thank you on their behalf and my own say thank you for caring!" Visit Jessie's page for his pen pal request.

Roderick Davie - Death Row Ohio
Would appreciate correspondence, Visit Roderick's webpage for his pen pal request and photo
Da'rryl Durr - Death Row Ohio
"Are you a religious or legal minded person interested in fighting for a good cause? I am a death row prisoner looking for help
 in fighting a battle. The first is my death sentence to prove my innocence. Students, lawyers and investigators looking to
help someone in a circumstantial evidence case please contact me."  Visit Da'rryl's webpage for his pen pal request.

William Garner - Death Row Ohio
Would appreciate any correspondence with pen-pals, Please visit William's webpage for his pen pal request.

Shawn Hawkins - Death Row Ohio
"I would like to request that my name be added to the website for anyone who would like to correspond. 
I would appreciate it greatly. "  Visit Shawn's webpage for his pen pal request.

Keith Henness - Death Row, Ohio
"As you can guess from the death row sentence, I was accused and found guilty of murder. The sad part is that I was convicted soley on the word of the actual killer -- no evidence, no I.D., nothing, except for her saying that she "knew" that I had to do it. "  Visit Keith's webpage for more info on the case,
links to his 'Official' Homepage, photo's and how you can contact him through his supporters.

Kareem Jackson - Death Row, Ohio
" I'm looking for interesting, outgoing, openminded people to correspond with, to share views and thoughts with."  
Visit Kareem's webpage for his photo's and pen pal requests.

Gary Johnson - Death Row Ohio
 "I love music, jazz, rap and
soul. I write songs and poems. I play the sax. I enjoy reading good books. I also enjoy sports, working out,
collecting stamps, and rare coins, movies and dancing. "  Visit Gary's webpage for his pen apl request.

Clarence Mack - Death Row Ohio
"I'm a young man in search of someone to talk to as well as share my thoughts with.  I enjoy collecting postcards from around the world.
I love pictures of animals, nature, and beautiful sunsets.  If you would just like to send me postcards from
time to time as you travel I'd like that as well. "  Visit Clarence's webpage for his pen apl request.

William Montgomery - Death Row, Ohio
William Montgomery is an Ohio death row prisoner.  His page includes his "Case (Appeal) Outline for Montgomery"  with information provided by William, a penpal request, photo, and a request for stamps for his stamp collection.

Lee Moore - Death Row Ohio
 "I like music, movies & reading, I'm looking for a female pen pal who enjoys those same things. Age is
Be prepared for thought provoking, stimulating conversation. " Visit Lee's webpage for his pen pal request.

Donald Duke Palmer - Death Row, Ohio

Donald Duke Palmer has been on death row for 14 years.   He was born in 1965.  His page includes his writing, personal information, a penpal request, and a request for an investigator willing to do a simple job to assist Mr Palmer in his appeals.  He writes " It'd be easy to be what people think I am; the worst Ohio has to offer, scum of the earth, unfit to live, murderer, etc etc. I could be bitter. I could hate the majority of society. But, I am not anything I've ever done, anything people say I am, anything I've been taught, anything I've been judged and convicted of being! I am who I choose to be!.... Only I know the thoughts in my mind, and I know I'm not anything people say I am. I am only who I think I am, and I have the power to be whoever I want to be, simply by putting the thoughts in my mind, and by the actions those thoughts create."

Larry Reynolds - Death Row Ohio
Interests - music, poetry, art, nature, women, sports (Cleveland fan) Books, puzzles, movies.  Visit Larry's webpage for his penpal request.

Steven Smith - Death Row Ohio
"Steve is a very loving and caring person. He would love to hear from people. He is very lonely and just recently sentenced.
All of this is still very new to him and is currently working on his appeals. "  Visit Steven's webpage for his pen pal request.

Executed by the State of Ohio

"I am more innocent than anyone consciously wants to believe or realize...
 What I am requesting is that you take on the leadership role to grant
a reprieve and request for a federal investigation into my conviction."
- Excerpt from John Byrd's letter to Gov. Taft,  January, 2002.
Executed February 19, 2002
Johnny William Byrd - Innocent Man Executed by Governor Taft - February 19, 2002
John Wm. Byrd had been on Ohio's death row for over 17 years now, with no physical evidence and no eyewitnesses,
all thanks to a jail house informant with an extensive criminal history. In all this time John has firmly maintained his innocence. 
Despite the overwhelming evidence proving his innocence, both the Courts and Governor Taft refused to intervene and stop the execution of an innocent man.

Visit Johnny's page for detailed information on his case,
news articles, writings by Johnny and his supporters, Memorials, letters of support and more...
AN INNOCENT MAN - by Kenny Richey  - Written February 19, 2002

      Executed February 12, 2003
 Richard Edwin Fox - Death Row Ohio
" Likes reading Bible, collecting stamps, watching sporting events, playing cards and chess.  Reading and writing about animals
(dogs, rabbits, horses, cattle) - Raised in country and worked on farms growing up. " Visit Richard's webpage for his pen pal request.

        Executed September 27, 2005
Herman Dale Ashworth - Death Row Ohio
"I'd like to say thank you to all those who will at some point be kind enough to take the time to read this and consider possibly establishing correspondence with me.
I'm very excited about the prospects of meeting someone special...I do want to say thanks again for simply allowing me a moment of your time.  Even if you choose not to respond, it does mean a lot that you were kind enough to consider me."  Visit Dale's webpage for his penpal request.

        Executed April 24, 2007 
James Filiaggi - Death Row Ohio
James would appreciate letters and cards from anywhere in the world.
Visit James' webpage for his pen pal request


      Released January 7, 2008
Ken Richey - An Innocent Scotsman on Death Row

Ken Richey was on Ohio's Death Row for 21 years proclaiming his innocence, and his case had drawn a lot of attention and support in the United Kingdom. 
Ken is a citizen of Scotland.  His CCADP page linked to his international supporters and to his official homepage at the Banniser Foundation,
as well as a lot of information about Ken's case.  Ken also provided photos and documentation of prison abuse after the Mansfield Riot.
Pope John Paul II made an appeal to Ohio's governor in the Ken Richey case.  He was finally released January 7, 2008.

Death Sentence Overturned

Tim Hancock - Death Sentence Overturned
"I am an inmate on Ohio's Death Row.  I have been on death row for just over a year and a half....It gets lonely without contact
from other people though I do have some good friends here on death row. "  Visit Tim's webpage for his pen pal request.

Jeffrey Hill - Death Sentence Overturned
" I have been on death row going on 9 years. Since I have been on death row, I have spent my time working on my appeals. 
I haven't had much time to write casual letters, so please bear with me for a moment or two,
when I take a break away from my legal work. " Visit Jeffrey's webpage for his pen pal request

Jamie Madrigal - Death Sentence Overturned
"...I started off saying 'Hello Peoples" because thats what I'm seeking. "Peoples" which I refer to as "Good, decent individuals" 
are those whom I very much need in my life, to help me grow as I offer the same, if capable) within this situation. 
I ask for nothin', except Realism - and will undoubtedly give nothin' but Realism in return." Visit Jaime's webpage for his pen pal request

Currently there are 168 people sentenced to death in the state of Ohio:
Source: Ohio Department of Rehabilitaion and Correction

Contact The Governor

Governor Ted Strickland
Governor's Office
Riffe Center, 30th Floor
77 South High Street
Columbus, OH 43215-6108

: (614) 466-3555
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