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Jessie Lee Wise

May 26, 1999


"The government says..."We are going to kill this man because he killed
another and we want people to know it is wrong to kill"
My question would be if killing is wrong why are they doing it ?
  How are they going to show the people it is wrong to kill by killing someone ?
       Does it stop people from killing ?  We then next rape people who rape ? "
Carman Deck - Death Row, Missouri

Mark Gill - Death Row, Missouri
" My name is Mark Gill and I am a death row inmate in MO.  I've been a C.P since March of '04, and to be honest, 
I've put off writing your org for over a year, thinking I could handle or go through this alone. Having no one to
write to makes it hard to deal with things going on."
Visit Mark's webpage for his pen pal request.

Walter Storey - Death Row, Missouri
" This is why I am writing to you at this time.  I would like your help in finding someone that is willing to write to a death row prisoner,
 in helping get through the sometimes rough and lonely times of being isolated from the outside world,
and in a daily struggle with fighting for his life. "  Visit Walter's webpage for his pen pal request.

Johnny Winfield - Death Row, Missouri
"Innocent." Recently incarcerated capital punishment inmate on appeal. Wishes to correspond with females on the outside...
Also seeking attorneys and paralegals with extensive experience in criminal law and investigation that could help in
my legal appeals and possibly legal representation." Visit Johnny's webpage for his pen pal request and photo.

William 'Ted' Boliek - Death Row, Missouri
Poetry From William "Ted" Boliek titled "Parrot's Dawn", and "Dream Dancer".
Visit his webpage for his poetry, pen pal request and contact information.

Cecil Clayton - Death Row, Missouri
Cecil Clayton was born in 1940, in Missouri.  " I have recently found out that I have access to this webpage. 
In which I can appeal to those in society who care about the truth.  I am to the point where I may have only two or
three years before I am executed.  I hope there are some out there who will take notice to what I have written
on this webpage and lend me support in helping to show my innocence.  If anyone would like to contact me,
I would appreciate your correspondence.  My time is short, I look forward to hearing from you."

Carman Deck - Death Row, Missouri
A new member to Missouri's death row.  His page includes an essay on the death penalty, as well as some of his poetry and how you can contact Carman.
Ernest Johnson-Resentenced To Death in Missouri
 On March 13, a jury once more recommended the death sentence for Ernest Johnson, convicted of murdering three people,
Mary Bratcher, Fred Jones and Mable Scruggs during a 1994 robbery of a Columbia Casey's General Store. Judge Gene Hamilton
formally sentenced him to death again on Monday, April 19, 1999.  Missouri activists were arrested for protesting his resentencing.

Joseph Whitfield, Death Row, Missouri

Joseph Whitfield is a Death Row inmate in Missouri.  He is desperately seeking help in obtaining investigators,
and financial assistance to pay for a Forensic and Ballistics Expert, which he says will prove his complete innocence.

Executed by the State of Missouri


"I want to write my books so bad; and when they come to get me
I just want to tell them that I'm not through with this life;
that I have so much to say, and ask them if they can wait awhile.

Crazy; isn't it? it's ridiculous to even consider compassion from such
  an obnoxious system, and they care less if they're killing a possible
creative entity."
- Jessie Lee Wise Executed May 26, 1999

Dennis Skillicorn - A Letter To Christians On The Death Penalty, Executed May 20, 2009

Dennis is a Missouri Death Row inmate.  His page includes his views on Christianity, the Bible, and the Death Penalty.
Also includes an essay written by his wife on the death penalty and the Missouri legal system.

Brian Kinder - Died of Natural Causes on Death Row August 8, 2007
Brian Kinder Bey is 40 years old and a death row prisoner in Missouri.  The judge in his case, who was running for office at the time
of his trial, is known for racism.  Brian's page includes photos, his contact information, and the Dissenting Opinion of a judge on appeal.

James W. Chambers - Executed November 15, 2000
James is the only prisoner on death row in America for a death resulting from a bar fight.
He was on death row for shooting Jerry Oestriker in a tavern brawl in Arnold, Missouri in 1982. There was

considerable evidence, much of it unheard by the jury, that he acted in self defense after being struck and stabbed by the victim.
Even viewing the case in the light most favorable to the prosecution, the facts established that this was
not a premeditated capital murder.  Visit his page for photos, news articles, and info on the case,
protests from Missouri anti death penalty activists, and news articles regarding his execution.

Ralph Davis - Executed April 28, 1999

Executed by Missouri - The Missouri Supreme Court, set his execution for late the evening of April 27,

officially just past midnight, April 28.  Incompetent counsel,  Circumstantial evidence: according to

his current attorney, although the blood in his car was Susan Davis', no murder weapon or body was

ever found. Page has information on upcoming protests in Missori against his execution., and also

includes the text of his recent appeal.

William Robert Jones - Executed November 20, 2002

He never received a fair trial, and he would not have been sentenced to death if he had received

appropriate counsel from an experienced lawyer who would have introduced extenuating circumstances

during his trail.  Visit his webpage for information on his case in both English and French. 

Bruce Kilgore - Executed June 16, 1999

Bruce Kilgore was an  African-American whose death penalty case fell through the cracks.

He was killed by lethal injection at the Potosi Correctional Center in Missouri, after Governor Mel Carnahan and the courts failed to intervene.
Bruce and his co-defendant Willie Luckett were convicted in separate trials of the murder of a St. Louis woman.
Only Bruce received the death penalty.  Although there is a credible claim that it's the co-defendant who actually stabbed the victim,
only Bruce received the death sentence. Page includes his clemency application to the governor. 

David Leisure - Executed August 31, 1999

David was murdered by the state of Missouri in the early morning hours between Aug 31 and Sept 1,

1999.  The family of the victim had asked the governor to spare Mr. Leisure.  His trial attorney recently

testified that he had a severe personal drug problem at the time that he was representing Mr Leisure,

which seriously hurt the case.  Our condolences to the family and friends of David Leisure as well as to

the Michaels' family, who lost their loved one so many years ago.  We would like to thank the family of

the victim for standing against the death penalty in this case.

Michael Owsley -  Executed February 6, 2002

"My name is Michael Owsley, I am a 39 year old Moorish-American on Death Row in the State of Missouri.
I have been here at the Potosi Correctional Center since 1995 awaiting my demise at the hands of the State.
I don't have any outside support except for my Mother, who is elderly,"

Visit Michael Owsley's webpage for his pen pal request, and more information on his case.

Roy Ramsey - Executed April 13, 1999

Executed by Missouri APRIL 13, 1999 - State of Missouri murdered Roy Ramsey April 13.  Roy

Ramsey, Jr. was one of ten brothers, born in southeastern Missouri.  While Roy received the death

sentence, Billy Ramsey got a 25-year prison sentence in exchange for testifying against his brother. He

will be eligible for release on parole sometime next year.  Possible Innocence of Murder. Roy and some

of his relatives contend it was Billy, not he who was the gunman.

Roy Roberts - Executed March 10, 1999

Executed By Missouri March 10 - Did Missouri execute an innocent man ?

The friends of family of Roy Roberts will not forget him, and how the governor refused to listen.

The story was covered in Newsweek magazine.

Jessie Lee Wise - Executed May 26, 1999

Executed by Missouri - Jessie Lee Wise, an African-American man convicted and sentenced to death

never had his constitutionally -guaranteed "day in court". Jessie's case was afflicted with over

a hundred instances of police and prosecutorial misconduct which were never addressed.

Dave Parkinson at the CCADP spoke to Jessie by telephone just hours before his execution
and we were devestated
by the death of this exceptionally talented man.

Listen to Music recorded at Potosi by Jessie before he was executed
Jessie Lee Wise - Lament for Tony M.

We encourage you to listen to Jessie's Music (in real audio) to help keep his spirit alive.
Jessie Lee Wise was responsible for running the music program amongst the other inmates involved with
Potosi C.I.'s music program and was an inspiration to all.  He will be sorely missed !

Hopefully, his music will live on - apparently the master tapes were to be released on CD
by Jessie's supporters who've kept his name alive, to help raise some money for the music
program at Potosi as well as for all the world to hear this talented musician.

Mose Young, Missouri - Executed April 25, 2001

The Missouri Supreme Court has set an April 25, 2001 execution date for Mose Young.  Young,

45, was sentenced to death for the slayings at a St. Louis pawnshop in February 1983. Prosecutors

said he killed three men after an argument with the pawnshop's owner. Young, who is at Potosi

Correctional Center, has been on death row since July 1984. Visit his page for more info on his

case and what you can do to help.

Death Sentence Overturned

Charles Armentrout - Death Sentence Overturned
"I was given the death penalty on March 31, 1998 in St.Louis city, Circut Court St.Louis Missouri.
I represented myself throughout the 21 days of trial and my direct appeal is presently
before the Missouri Supreme Court." Visit Charles' webpage for his pen apl request.

Lemoine Carter - Death Sentence Overturned
"...I've been on death row for four years and I'm presently in the Federal court in my appeals.
Would welcome anyone who would enjoy writing." Visit Lemoine's webpage for his pen pal request.

Lloyd Schlup - Overcoming A Death Sentence in Missouri
That he can't now be executed "is a victory," asserts Sean O'Brien, the appellate attorney who was responsible for uncovering the new
evidence which compelled Gov. Mel Carnahan to stay his execution in 1993 and federal courts to order an evidentiary hearing and retrial.
Lloyd was featured on A&E's special Investigative Reports during his time on Death Row at Potosi.

Robert Andrew Shafer - Death Sentence Overturned

Robert was a 29 years old Missouri death row prisoner when he first wrote the CCADP.  He had been on death row
in Missouri since he was 19 years old. His page includes details on the case, his penpal request and photo.

Christopher Simmons - Overturning The Death Penalty for Juveniles

Christopher was one of a number
of American death row prisoners who were featured in Benetton's Controversial ad campaign.
His appeal to the U.S. Supreme Court ruled the execution of juveniles unconstitutional. Visit his page for more information.

Currently there are 49 people sentenced to death in the state of Missouri:
Source: The Missourinet -

Contact The Governor

Governor Jay Nixon
P.O. Box 720
Jefferson City, MO 65102
Phone: (573) 751-3222

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