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Elzie Ball - Innocent On Lousiana's Death Row
Elzie Ball is a 45 year old black male, a husband, father and grandfather. Elzie previously lived in Jefferson Parish, Louisiana where there are indications that this was an arrest made, or connected with grounds of racial discrimination. Indeed Elzie has been arrested, tried and sentenced to death, for a crime which he did not do.

Bobby Hampton, Death Row, Louisiana
Bobby Hampton is 30 years old, born in 1970, and he is a prisoner on Lousiana's Death Row.  His page includes an assortment of photographs, and Bobby's penpal request.
               INNOCENT - Still on death row !

Glen Seals - Racism and Conviction in Louisiana
Glen Seals, a black man, fell victim to shameful racism when the Sheriff's Department and District Attorney's Office if Jefferson Parish disregarded their obligation as representatives of society and assumed the role of zealots.  Seals was convicted of first degree murder and sentenced to death on July 23, 1993, by a Jefferson Parish, Louisiana jury.  His page includes lots of case info, as well as photos.

Emmett Taylor, Death Row, Louisiana
Emmett is a 23 year old death row inmate in Louisiana who wrote us saying that he didn't think
that anyone cared about the plight of inmates.  Emmett has sent us information on the crime -
which he says he is innocent of!  Documentation to come!  Emmett especially needs someone
who is willing to help him track down needed experts.

John Wille - Death Row Louisiana
Visit his webpage for extensive legal documentation including John Wille's complete (All 140 pages) Petition for Post-Conviction Relief requesting that the Court vacate his judgment of conviction for first degree murder and sentence of death.
       Pen Pal Requests from Louisiana's Death Row

                    The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty has received the
                   following requests for pen pals from Louisiana death row prisoners.
Please consider a small donation, or some Canadian stamps to assist us with postal expenses
   in responding to inmates' requests.    Email:  for info on how to donate.
  Death Row Prisoner Webpages     Death Row Pen Pal Requests
   Upcoming Execution Dates    In Memoriam: Pages 1 - 5     Released or Re-sentenced

                   The Governor

                Louisiana Governor Mike Foster
                              PO Box 94004
                           Baton Rouge, LA
                               70804   USA
                       Phone: (225) 342-7015
                          Fax: (225) 342-7099
           Louisiana Department of Corrections

  Innocent  on Death Row, Louisiana !

Michael Roy Graham Jr. - Freed After 13 Years On Death Row
December 28, 2000 - Michael Roy Graham Jr., walked through the Louisiana State Penitentiary gates a free man on Thursday after the murder conviction that put him on death row for 13 years was dismissed.

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                Meet The Texecutioner President George W. Bush
                152 People Killed as Governor...More than any elected official in US History!
              152 People Killed as Governor... More than any elected official in US History!

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