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    Jason Massey 
    Executed In Texas April 3, 2001
            Information on this page was provided by the supporters of Jason Massey

                            News about Jason's Execution
Convicted murderer Jason Massey apologized profusely, revealed where he disposed the missing body parts of one of his victims and then prayerfully went to his death today for the murders of 2 siblings almost 8 years ago.

Massey, in a lengthy final statement, addressed relatives of his murder victims and his own relatives in seeking forgiveness for the double murders.

"I can't imagine what I've taken from you," he said looking at relatives of Christina Benjamin, 13, and her stepbrother, James King, 14.

"I want you to know I did do it. I'm sorry for what I have done," Massey said.

Massey was sent to death row for fatally shooting the teen-agers, whose bodies were found in a rural area of Ellis County 3 days after they disappeared from their home in Garrett, about 30 miles southeast of Dallas.

Besides being shot, the girl's hands and head were severed. The body parts never have been found. There also was evidence of sexual mutilation.

"I want you to know that Christina did not suffer as much as you think she did," Massey continued while strapped to the death chamber gurney. "I know you guys want to know where the rest of her remains are. I put her remains in the Trinity River."

Prosecutors speculated that the missing body parts were thrown in the river and were washed downstream but were never found.

Massey turned to his parents and a grandmother watching from another window nearby and also apologized to them, saying, "All of this pain has brought us closer together and all of this suffering that we have been through has brought us closer to the Lord and in the end that is what counts."

He expressed love and recited a Biblical verse, then gasped slightly as the lethal drugs began taking effect. He was pronounced dead at 6:20 p.m. CDT, 8 minutes after the drug flow began.

(sources:  Excerpt From Associated Press & Rick Halperin)

According to TDCJ: Convicted in the murders of James Brian King (14) and
Christine Benjamin (13).  He says: "They are even saying I was convicted of two counts  of Capital Murder. And this is not true because I was only convicted of one count of Capital Murder. They have no right to do this to me. I have a right
to due process and fair judicial review."

He says: "I am trying to get my 'attorney' to do something about it but he is incompetent and like I said, I think he is trying to get me killed by default. I told him four years ago about my trial transcripts and he has done nothing about it. He hasn't even investigated therefore like he was supposed to.
... Really if I had an attorney who was dedicated, that' s all I need!

His attorneys addresses:

Current attorney for his appeals:
Robin Norris, Attorney at Law,
2408 Fir Street,
El Paso, Tx.
79925,  USA
Voice (915) 590 - 4446, Fax (915) 590 - 9992

Trial attorney:
Michael W. Hartley,
P.O. box 2525,
Waxahachie, Tx.
75168, USA
Fax (972) 938 - 0088

Please send letters to his attorneys, the Governor of Texas and the Chairman
of the Board of Pardons and Paroles in order to avoid his execution.

The Honorable Rick Perry -  Governor of Texas
Office of the Governor
P.O. box 12428
Capitol Station Division
Austin, Texas
78711   USA

Gerald Garrett - Chairman of the Board of Pardons and Paroles
Executive Clemency Unit  -   Texas Board of Pardons and Paroles
Price Daniel Sr. Bldg
P.O. box 13401
Austin, Texas
78711-3401   USA

CASE:   In 1993 the bodies of 2 young teenagers were found in Texas.   On August 3
20 year old Jason Massey was arrested and  charged with the killings.

SUSPECTS:   Prior to Jason's arrest, 2 men both known to him were arrested for the crime.
1 of them had a car very similar to Jason's but no further investigation took place and no
forensic exam was done.  Both were released without charge.

PLEA BARGAIN:  To impose the Death Penalty at trial the State of Texas must first prove the accused is a danger to all around him and DP is the only suitable punishment.  However, prior to going to trial, Jason was offered a Plea Bargain.  The question of him being a danger did not arise.  Had he accepted the Plea Bargain  the DP would not have been imposed.  Did the State therefore REALLY think he was that dangerous?

WITNESSES:  The prosecution called as a witness 1 of the men previously arrested for the crime. Several Defense witnesses including character witnesses were not called. A witness stated that he saw the victims getting into a car similar to Jason's.  He also stated he saw
MORE THAN 1 OTHER PERSON in the car as they got in.  Only Jason has ever been tried for these murders. Questions also arise over other witnesses.

EXPERT WITNESSES:  The Prosecutions Evidence Technician was a man with a record of mental illness, alcohol and drug abuse.  He had previously been taken from hospitals where he had been receiving treatment to testify at trials.  No Expert Witnesses was on hand for the Defense to testify to Jason's state of mind at the time.

EVIDENCE:   The attorney objected to the inadequate funding for DNA testing afforded the Defense.  He was over ruled and the objection not recorded.   A search warrant was implemented in such a way as to render the use of resulting "evidence" in court highly questionable.  Nevertheless, the judge allowed it to be used in spite of the Defense Attorneys objections.
Shocking evidence was produced at sentencing to persuade the jury to
recommend the DP.  It succeeded.

JUDGE: Appeared bored and disinterested throughout the proceedings.

APPEALS:  in 1995 the case went to Appeal on 24 counts of trial error.  These should have
been grounds for a new trial, but instead was thrown out on the grounds that the trial record was inaccurate and that records were incomplete. The transcript has been independently checked by a 3rd party who says the errors do exist and should constitute reason for a new trial.  This person is unable to pursue the matter but it needs urgent investigation.
The funding is unavailable.  It would seem that the accused could be penalized due to the failure of court employees to record his trial accurately - something he has no control over.
The Appeal Court has also commented the accused was found guilty of 2 counts of Capital Murder.  This is inaccurate.  Only found guilty of 1 count of Capital Murder - a very basic fact
to make an error on.

PUBLIC ACCESS:   Trial transcripts are supposedly public documents. However when Jason's family tried to gain access to his transcript the were continually rebuffed by various delaying tactics, from weak excuses and blatant lies, to the transcripts not being ready when arranged and being kept waiting in the court house.  On Oct. 30 they were kept waiting for 4 hours.  During that time, the date of execution was phoned to the prison while they were in the courthouse building.

ON A PERSONAL NOTE: I am led to believe that Americans charged with a crime are guaranteed "Due Process" whether guilty or innocent.  This has obviously not happened in
this case, nor I suspect in many others. Even now we are fighting  for a re-trial.

   Write Jason directly and show your support
                                Name: Jason Eric Massey # 999121
                                                Date of birth: 1/7/73
                                            Date of offense: 7/27/93
                                                        Race: white
                                        Native county: Hopkins/Texas
                                             Prior occupation: roofer
                                             Education level: 8 years
                                            Prior prison record: none

Jason:   " I have been locked up since I was just 20 years old. I was just a
kid really. I am still very young and this is what makes it so difficult for me, to think that my life is over before it really ever got started.

I was never married nor do I have children. But I do have three brothers
and three sisters. They are living in four different cities so it is difficult to keep up with them. And besides that every one has kind of fallen away.
And some of my family did not even write me a 'go to hell' letter, much less came to visit me. Actually only my mother and grandmother still come to see me.

I am enclosing a picture of myself holding my cousin Arthur and sister
Johnia holding my brother Phillipp. "

                                                         Above, Jason holding his cousin Arthur and
                                                      Jason´s sister Johnia holding his brother Philip.

                      Jason Massey #999121
                            Terrell Unit D.R
                        12002 FM  350 South
                           Livingston Texas
                                77351 USA

            Information on this page was provided by the supporters of Jason Massey

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