James Marlow
                             On Death Row at California's San Quentin Prison
                    Writings by James Marlow
                  A Story Of Peter
                                          More to come  . . .

I'm Jim Marlow.  A 43 year old w/m on Death Row in CA.  6 ft.  220 lbs with brown eyes and brown hair.  I like to read books and pump iron - I love native art and music.  Write to me and I'll correspond with you for a better communication.  Until then, "Walk tall like the trees-be strong like the mountains, gentle as the spring winds, and keep the warmth of the summer sun in your heart, and the Great Spirit will always be with you !  The branches embrace - the flowers tempt - the grass sways
gracefully - the birds sing to each other as God preaches his gospel in many different voices."  Sincerely yours,
                               James G Marlow
                                      E 32700
                      San Quentin State Prison
                               San Quentin, CA
                                  94974  USA

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