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       James Anderson
                  Death Row - San Quentin
                                Acclaimed Artist Needs Urgent Medical Care
                A collection of documents, letters, and articles relating to James Anderson's
            art, case, inadequete legal representation, and his urgent medical condition.

      Information provided by the supporters of James Anderson
               Death Row Artist James P. Anderson, 
                  A Case Of Reasonable Doubt
              The following document concerns the suspension of one of Mr. Andersons'
              Attorneys, Keith Hudson Long, who,  James says, "Mr Keith Long was one
              of the attorneys' (alcoholics) representing me in court while he was suspended
              from practicing law"  Anderson did not   become aware of Keith Long's
              suspension - alcoholism- until 1992 (after being transferred to San Quentin's
              Death Row.)


                                                                        Stamped: Supreme Court FILED  FEB 14 1991


                                                            IN BANK



It is ordered that Keith Hudson Long be suspended from the practice of law for five years, that execution of suspension be stayed, and that he be placed on probation for five years on condition that he make restitution as described in the Stipulation as to Facts, Culpability and Discipline filed August 14, 1990, and comply with the other conditions of probation recommended in said Stipulation.   It is further ordered that he take and pass the Professional Responsibility Examination within one year after the effective date of this order.   (See Segretti V. State Bar (1976) 15 Cal.3d 878, 891, fn. 8.)  Costs are awarded to the State Bar.   This order is effective upon finality of this decision in this Court. (See Cal   Rules of Court, rule 953 (a).)
Signed by a Chief Justice
          Click here for Declaration of Keith Long

The following is from a letter, dated December 15, 1990, from a friend of James', regarding his artwork and the case against him.

"I am enclosing nine photos of James' paintings, also his bio and copies of a few of his eighteen copyrighted poems.  Since 1979 James has been on Death Row in San Quentin.  He was convicted then of the murders of two white women.  James is afro american. He was 26 then and now is 37.  (45 years of age in 1999) James appealed his death sentence and got a new trial.  The 1979 jury was improperly instructed that they should vote for the death penalty cause the governor could commute his sentence to life and they would not necessarily have the killing of James on their concience.  The real murderer is now in Indio, CA, re testifying against James.  His name is Fred Anders.  He is 44 years old, he is the brother of Sheila, Sheila was 19 then and had left home to be with James.  Her family was outraged.  Sheila is white.  Fred so hated James that he accused him of murders that he himself committed.  The women were murdered in an Indio Citrus grove, the weapon was a rope which the police found part of in Fred Anders coat.  When asked how it got there, he said, "I don't know".
James has a very difficult attorney who does not want any publicity done on the case.  His attorney is also returning to the court after having lost one death penalty case, the only one he tried.  Today began the second week of the trial.
James has done over 30 acrylic abstracts and also has 18 copyrighted poems.  His poems and paintings maifest many concepts, all woven around the dream of equality and freedom.  They are part of the beginning wave of revolutionary art, such as the art that you are pursuing and have developed.  If you can be of help, of course all will be appreciated."


       The following is from "Report of Meeting" Feb 15, 1991  at the Royal Fox Inn

                        P  .O.  BOX  1343 DESERT HOT SPRINGS CA   92240
                                PHONE:  619  /  329-3775 FEBRUARY  1991

 THE EVENING PASSED too quickly with introductions of each attendee and their special focus covers a spectrum from dysiexia to disabled  --  all worthwhile endeavors to improve the standard of life for today's peoples.
UAOOP may serve as an umbrella group  70  coordinate everyone's specialized interests.
WED FEB 20   6:30  PM   is  a  rally  at  Palm  Springs Council Chambers at Taquir across from The  Airport, regarding the antidiscrimination ordinance which is considered  not  important  for those who require easier access ramps and facilities.
JAMES ANDERSON  has  contributd  one  of his many excellent artworks in  a  two-fold  effort to gain funds for his own defense, and  and to help fund OAOOP for printing, postage
RAFFLE TICKETS will serve a good purpose and will be available le SAT FEB 23,  1991 at the Palm Springs  Main Library  6:15 PM - so please attend  the gala.
BLACK HISTORY MONTH FINALE BUFFET 6:15-7:00 PM  with  program and entertainment  from  7:00  to 8:30 P.M.
BESSY LOU PARKER is on the program on behalf of Up-And-Out Of Poverty- so be sure to be there!
JAMES ANDERSON SENTENCE FEB 28 Indio, Court  "D"  Judge Van Frank.    Then  transfer to San  Quentin.

                                 Letter From Investigator to James Anderson

Michael A. Coconis,  Ph.D., MSW, CSW
Mitigation Investigations and Consultation
3558 Creekwood Drive #3, Lexington, KY. 40502
(606) 266 3253                                                                                         July 1,1995.

Mr.  James Anderson
PO Box C11400
San Quentin Prison
San Quentin, CA  94974

Dear Mr.  Anderson:
I am writing to let you know that as of today I am officially no longer the mitigation investigator in your case.  I am sorry it took so long to be in contact by phone; however, I needed Mr. McAlister to have any necessary information so that he and CAP may continue their legal work on your behalf.  I have referred Mr.  McAlister to other investigators from Ohio and he will be pursuing those options.  I encourage you to provide him with any relevant information about your life that you think might have been helpful for a jury to hear in your case.  I beleive this may be helpful in lieu of an investogators trip to San Quentin.  Anything you will be able to do to help the next investigator will be well worth the effort I'm sure, Mr. McAlister can use any assistance he can get at this juncture.
I am glad we had a chance to speak to you.  While this was an unusual turn of events (from my point of view) I believe we have made some progress.  There is much that could have and should have been done in your case.  I wish you much success in forthcoming court dates.  I have also notified your brother and sister of the transfer of your case.  Best wishes for a successful outcome.  Sincerely,
Dr. Michael Coconis, MSW
Mitigation Investigator


          From the Minutes of the California Supreme Court - August 16, 1994:

S040405 - In re Philip Deitch on Discipline
                - It is ordered that Phillip Deitch be suspended from the practice of law for 90 days, that execution of suspension be stayed, and that he be placed on probation for two years subject to the conditions of probation, including restitution, recommended by the Hearing Department of the State Bar Court in its Order Regarding Stipulation filed April 11, 1994, as modified by its Order filed May 2, 1994.  It is further ordered that he take and pass the California Professional Responsibiluity Examination within one year after the effective date of this order.  (See Segretti v. State Bar (1976) 15 Cal. 3d 878, 891, fn. 8)  Costs are awarded to the State Bar and shall be added to and become part of the membership fee for the next calendar year.  (Bus. & Prof. Code 6140.7 )

Notes added to the bottom :

"Phillip Deitch is the second attorney appointed by the state to represent James Phillip Anderson that has been suspended from the practice of law in California. "

"No additional information was provided as to why Mr. Phillip Deitch was suspended"

"Current appointed attorney Alister McAlister does not have original police reports of 1979."
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                Click Here for Legal Letters

                                  PLEASE WRITE JAMES AT:

                               James Anderson
                        PO Box C 11400  2E66
                    San Quentin State Prison
                        San Quentin, California
                                94974  USA

                URGENT ! ! ! ! Please Help James Get Urgent Surgery !

James is hoping that those who care about human rights will support him by writing letters demanding that he receive the necessary surgery to remove the piece of glass from his forehead and therefore save his vision.  (see articles at link below).

                         Send letters to:

State Controller
Attn:  Kathleen Connell,
300 Capital Mall, # 1850,
Sacramento, CA
 PHONE:  (916) 445-2636

Acting Warden, Jeannie Woodford.
San Quentin State Prison
San Quentin, CA 94964

Governor Gray Davis
State Capital - Sacramento CA
95814 USA

Anderson was visited at his cell on November 24, 1999 by Senior MTA H. Ruffin and MTA
Ms. C. Machado and informed that the "acting" Chief Medical Officer, Dr. Singh, is
responsible for neurologist Dr. R. Mendins' 7-30-99 MRI recommendation being deferred
and that the Utilization Review Committee (URC) consists of Dr. Singh, Dr. L. Lewis
and a nurse named Nancy (no last name given).

                                  James and friends in San Quentin's visiting room
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     Information provided by the supporters of James Anderson
               Death Row Artist James P. Anderson, 
                  A Case Of Reasonable Doubt

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