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Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl 'An Innocent Voice From Within'- Indiana's Death Row
" The shot-gun killer... That's not who I am; It's what I've been convicted of.
The two should be distinguishable."  Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl (formerly known as Christopher Peterson)
branded the
'Shotgun Killer' maintains his innocence in the crimes he was convicted of.
Read the news articles about the case, his writings; 'An Innocent Voice From Within',
'In The Name Of Justice' , 'I in I' about
his life experiences, and more...
John Stephenson - Death Row, Indiana
"I do not seek any financial aid, I am well off in that area.  I am interested in friendship with someone fairly
close to my age, but then not necessarily."  Visit John's webpage for his penapl request.

Death Sentence Overturned

Zola Agona Azania - Death Sentenced Overturned
"On that day the police dispatcher sent out a call-about a robbery at the Gary National Bank. The first cop on the scene was shot.
Thereafter, a citywide dragnet took place and about 10 Black (New Afrikan) people were snatched off the street!
All police reports of these arrests were either withheld or destroyed. In this atmosphere of class conflict, i was stopped in a
Black neighbor-hood on the West Side of Gary by a white cop. When i demanded to know what was going on, the racist cop said,
"Nigger, you shot a cop!" i vehemently denied the accusations only to be told; "Well if you didn't do it nigger,
you sure as hell know who did." Then, he said "Well, i'm not sure if you did or not, but you'll do."  
Zola's page includes case information, much of his artwork, and a letter from Zola Agona Azania.

Keith Canaan - Indiana, Call For A Retrial
The supporters of Keith Canaan have provided detailed case information regarding Keith's conviction for a 1985 murder. 
They are asking that people support his call for a retrial, and that people write to the Governor asking for a retrial in this case.

Perry Steven Miller - Death Sentence Overturned
Perry Steven Miller has been on death row in Indiana since 1991.  His page includes a letter from Steven, as well as detailed case information
provided by Miller and his supporters. The courts recently ruled in his favor and the State now has to release Mr. Miller
or proceed with a new trial
against him. You can contact his supporters directly for more information.

  Gamba Mateen Rastafari - Death Sentence Overturned
Gamba is 31 years old and has been on Indiana's Death Row for almost 13 years. 
His page includes a brief history of his life leading up to his incarceration.

Found hung dead in his cell January 10, 2006
Chuck Roche - Death Sentence Overturned, Died 2006
"Sincere friendship wanted by serious minded, very lonely death row prisoner. Will answer all who respond.
No head games please." Visit Chuck's webpage for his original penpal request from death row.

Benny Saylor - Death Sentence Overturned
In spite of there being no DNA or fiber evidence and no eye witnesses to link Benny to the murder he was still convicted.
A jury recommended against the death penalty, but Judge Thomas Newman overrode the jury's recommendation of a life,
and sentenced Benny to death instead. Visit his webpage for more information on his case and wrongful conviction,
his pen pal request to the CCADP and links to his official webpage with all the information on his case.

DRAFTED BY AL C. PARKE - Sent to the CCADP by Zola Agona Azania

Currently there are 15 people sentenced to death in the state of Indiana:
Howard Allen - Michael Frederick Baer - Obadyah Ben-Yisrayl - Debra Brown
Joseph Corcoran - Eric D, Holmes - Wayne Kubsch - Paul McManus
Dean Michael Overstreet - Tommy R. Pruitt - Benjamin Ritchie - John Stephenson
Roy Lee Ward - Daniel Wilkes - Mark Wisehart
Source: Indiana Public Defender Council

Contact The Governor

Governor Mitch Daniels
Governor's Residence
4750 N. Meridian Street
Indianapolis, IN 46208
Phone: 317-931-3076
Fax: 317-283-1201

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