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     Howard Wiley's case info. detailing the sequence of events
    (From letter written November 29, 1999) - To Whom It May Concern:

My name is Howard "Sonny" Wiley. I am presently incarcerated at the Pontiac Correctional Center. I am 52 years of age, 6'2½, weight 220 lbs. I have been married twice and I have a son and daughter. I am a Shoe Repairman by trade and I also design and make shoes. I am into body building and weight lifting, but the majority of my time spent here on Death Row is spent vigorously challenging the illegal, suspicious, unbelievable, but yet irrefutable occurrences which resulted in my arrest, conviction and death sentence.

It is my hope that through the establishment of a solid line of communication we will develop an inexpressible comfort of feeling safe to communicate our thoughts and feelings, having neither to weigh thoughts nor measure words. But to speak from the heart with truth and sincerity.

I do not have much to offer other than my time, thoughts, feelings, and commitment to be authentic in capacity

I seek friendship which among other things, are about understanding and trying to balance your life harmoniously with another persons life.  It is being open to change, growth and challenges.

It is important and to the interest of both of us that we meet on the same level.  This is so because a meeting of the minds will have to precede any advancement of the establishment of a trusting and mutually awarding relationship.

The question is whether we will be able to overcome the malicious efforts and forces that divide us and be able to put group interest before personal petty prejudice and preconceived notions.

We owe one another a duty of honest conversation about all those things that unite and divide us, and a promise that we will open ourselves to the possibility that, in reasoning together we may change each other for the better.  If you wish to correspond it would be my gratitude to hear from you.

                                       Sincerely Yours,
                                                                    Howard S. Wiley   A80048
                                         Howard S. Wiley
                                Peg: No. A-80048
                                    P.O. Box 99
                                     Pontiac, IL
  News Articles On Howard Wiley's Case and Sentencing Hearing
     Howard Wiley's case info. detailing the sequence of events

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