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        The CCADP has maintained Glen Rogers personal webpage since October 3, 1999
           Glen Rogers  
     Sentenced to Death in Florida, and California
                                                      Information and photos below provided by Glen Rogers

  "...I would like to thank Tracy and Dave, for making it possible, that
   us death
row inmates have a chance to reach out to the free world. 
In many cases,
that alone can mean the difference between life and death."
                                           - Glen Rogers 1999

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 Click here for Supreme Court of Florida Doc. - On Extradition to California

Glen originally wrote to the CCADP for help in trying to track down his 2 sons who he lost contact with years ago when their mother died.  Glen still had a letter from their mother to his two sons that she wrote before her death, and for years Glen and his family had been trying to track down their whereabouts.

Glen was able to finally contact his 2 sons as a result of the generosity of those who came across his request for assistance on his CCADP webpage.
The CCADP would like to thank all the individuals responsible for helping
Glen and his whole family finally reunite with both his long lost sons.

                         Contact Glen Directly:

Place of Birth  (HAMILTON, OHIO)
D.O.B July -15-1962  (37)
H - 6 ft          HAIR - BROWN
W - 200         EYES BLUE
SENTENCED TO DEATH    July 11 - 1997   Tampa, FLORIDA
SENTENCED TO DEATH    July 16 - 1999    Los Angeles, California,
Returned to Florida death Row  8-24-99
pending murder cases, Ohio, Mississippi, Kentucky, Louisiana

                                                                          Photo of Glen 2001

                  Glen Edward Rogers # 124400
                                     P 5123 5
                Union Correctional Institution
                            7819 N.W. 228th St.
                             Raiford, FL 32026

   Photo from newspaper - sent by Glen       Close Up of Johnathon, Glen's mother, and Clinton, 1983

       Family photo sent by Glen's sister Sue - (Sue added brother Claude - far right - to photo)
             Left to right :  Craig, Glen, Sue, Clint, Gary, Claude,  (brother Clay not in photo)

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