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James Douglas Andrews - Death Row, Georgia
"...I was arrested in 1990. I am bi-polar (manic-depressive), or given to drastic mood swings which temporarily impair my judgment at times...
My ambition is to be a minister of Christianity. I choose to dedicate my remaining days to my creator because he is worthy to be served
...I do not believe I deserve to be on death row." Visit James' webpage for his penpal request and more information.

Robert Butts - Death Row, Georgia
"...I was arrested when I was 18 years old and I've learned a lot since my teenage years.  Living without focus is only existing,
and I wish not only to exist because I realize that life is short... Hope keeps me hanging on, without it I'd be lost...."
Visit Robert's webpage for his writing "A Silent Cry", pen pal requests and photos.

Ray Cromartie - Death Row, Georgia
" My whole name is Ray Jefferson Cromartie.  I'm 33 years old, born Feb 6, 1967.  I've been on Death Row since Oct of 1997...I'm not into
politics, but if something is under scrutiny then my attention is drawn..."  Visit
Ray's webpage for his pen pal request and photos.

Troy Davis - Innocent on Georgia's Death Row
Troy originally wrote the CCADP in 1999 with a simple pen pal request before his case received international attention.
"...My biggest downfall is that I trust too easily and chose the wrong friends.  Too many people make excuses about why they feel
uncomfortable writing people on D.R but we're human too...I'm not looking for money or love just a friend..."
Visit Troy's webpage for his original pen pal request, audio message, and links to international supporters.

Timothy Foster - Death Row, Georgia
"...The life that I am faced with is a very difficult one and to find life is to reach out into the light and search
for a better world.  I would like to communicate with all and anyone who is available and that might would like
to correspond with someone on death row in the United States..." 
Visit Tim's webpage for his pen pal request.

Kelly Gissendaner - The Only Woman On Georgia's Death Row
"On November 18, 1998 I was found guilty of a murder which I did not commit or have anything to do with, the murder of my husband. 
November 19, 1998 my youngest son turned five years old.  On the very same day I was sentenced
to die in Georgia's electric chair, making me the only woman on Georgia's death row."

Visit Kelly's webpage for more information on her case and her pen pal request.

Ashley Jones - Death Row, Georgia
" I'm looking for pen pals who are sincere in wanting to get to know a man sentenced to die.
People who can be open and honest and not afraid to speak their mind.  I want to correspond only with
those who consider themselves dependable..."
Visit Ashley's webpage for his pen pal request.

Brandon Astor Jones - Death Row Georgia
Now 57 years old, Brandon has been on death row in Georgia for over twenty years.  Visit Brandon's homepage with links to Brandon's official page,
some of his photos and several of his writings which are linked from his page, including: "This Prison Cell" and "Those Canadian Rats".

James Allyson Lee - Death Row, Georgia

"Greetings ! ! My name is James Allyson Lee and I'd like a pen pal. I'll be waiting on your reply. Thank you for your time."
Visit his webpage for James pen pal request, photos and links to his other support pages.
Richard Sealey - Death Row, Georgia
Richard Sealey has been on Death Row since 2002; a relatively new arrival.  Originally from NY,
with a Caribbean heritage,
Richard's page contains a piece of his poetry and a penpal request.

Brian Terrell - Death Row, Georgia
" ...My name is Brian and I'm on death row in Georgia. I have been here for several years now
and have experienced many lonely days..." Visit Brian's webpage for his pen pal request and photos.

Gary Thomason - Death Row, Georgia
Death row inmate seeks pen pals and friendship, would very much like to correspond with people from Canada if possible,
but will answer all letters worldwide.  I hope to find new friends as the only person I correspond with now is my mother one time per month. 
 It would be very nice to her from people in the outside world.  Visit Gary's webpage for his pen pal request.

Frederick Whatley - Death Row
" I am a native of this nations capital.  June 7th, 1999 I turned 31 years old and I have been on D/R since 1997...
I have had a very difficult time adjusting to this horrendous reality...I have a beautiful princess for a daughter,
she is 8 years old... I pray and repent daily, I ask my father to forgive me, to strengthen me so I may persevere."

Johnny Worsley - Death Row, Georgia
"...I grew up on a farm in North Carolina. I was in the US Army for 8 years. Was married no kids.
I do not have any family here so I don't get visits or that much mail..."
Visit Johnny's webpage for his pen pal request.

Executed by the State of Georgia

Governor Barnes Invited to Attend Execution

"Since you are a staunch supporter of the Death Penalty extending a formal invitation for you to see it administered first hand. will be given the chance to watch my state-sanctioned murder. 
Please consider this as a means to show the world you have the courage of your convictions and attend my execution. 
For the very first time you can witness the results of our state's decision and have the
 courage to look me in the eye in my dying moments..."
- Buck's Letter to The Governor

Buck Challenges Governor Barnes to Witness Execution
       Executed August 16, 2002

Wallace "Buck" Fugate - Executed August 16, 2002
Wallace "Buck" Marvin Fugate, III was executed Friday, August 16, 2002.  He was accused of the premeditated murder of his ex-wife. He DID NOT receive a fair trial.   Visit his webpage for more information on his case, contact information, and links to his official webpage containing extensive legal documentation from Buck's case; transcripts, photos, statements, a guestbook, exhibits, as well as the letter he sent to Governor Barnes inviting him to witness the execution.
Governor Barnes doesn't have the courage of his convictions and cowardly refuses to be a witness !

   Executed November 4, 2003
James Willie Brown - Death Row Georgia

" I have been on Death Row for more than 25 years.  I have no family to speak of, and I need to make contact with some new people.
  ...I get nearly no visits, and that makes for a hard life in prison."  Visit his webpage for his original pen pal request.

     Executed July 12, 2005
Robert Conklin - Death Row Georgia

" The US District Court for the Northern District of Georgia has had my case since the summer of 1995. 
The only issues left for it to resolve are those involving the ineffectiveness of my trial lawyer...
...Although I've never used it - or even seen it - I think the internet is fantastic. 
This is my first foray into cyberspace and though I have high hopes I really don't know what to expect..."
I am very grateful for the opportunity to participate.
Visit his webpage for his original pen pal request.
     Executed April 29, 2009
William Mark Mize,  Death Row, Georgia
"90% of all prisoners claim to be innocent. How many can actually prove it ?  I CAN ! I have sworn affidavits..."
  Visit his webpage for more information
"...I need an Attorney. I need an Attorney who will step in and fight and not delay...
HELP ! Fast. Time is running out."

Death Sentence Overturned

Kenneth Bright - Death Sentence Overturned
"I was writing to this lady for some time about a year or so ago - things seemed to be going real well -
So well that she became a friend to me in my heart - Get this!
For some reason - all the time we had been writing to each other
 she was thinking that I was white - It came up one day and when I told her I was black
- she said in her next and last letter to me that
she was thinking I was white - the reason she gave was this (now get this) because of my last name being BRIGHT" 

Visit his webpage for more information, his pen pal request, family photo, links and personal contact information.
William Gulley - Death Sentence Overturned
"For several years being on death row without family and friends. I have been working diligently on my case providing assistance
 to the attorneys involved. My case is at a critical stage and therefore I am searching for a pen pal or friends who love
and enjoys the word of God."  Visit webpage for his original pen pal request from death row.

James Ringo McDaniel - Death Sentence Overturned
Hello my name is James Ringo McDaniel and I have been on death row since June of '97.  I wasn't suppose to be on death row,
 but a judge here in Georgia lied to me and I was sent here anyway." Visit James webpage for his pen pal request and more information on his case.

Currently there are 106 people sentenced to death in the state of Georgia:
Source: Georgia Department of Corrections


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