Frank Walls
       Art And Poetry From  Death Row, Florida
                               Poetry From Frank

               A True Friend

People search the world over for a true friend who
they can always count on.
Someone they can honestly confide with,
But most attempts seem to fail;
often getting hurt with nowhere to turn.
Left wondering where to find a genuine true friend ?

It's found in communication and listening to one another
with an open heart.
By being attentive to one's feelings and allowing each other
to be themselves with openness of expression without
judging or accusing.
It's  found by graciously giving of oneself and allowing
each other to be completely at ease with one another.
It's with kindness, caring, understanding, and most of all -
It's trusting in one another to share life's ups, downs,
fears, ideas, hopes and dreams.

                " True friends last forever "  ! ! !

                           Art by Frank A. Walls
                                                                                 By Frank A. Walls # 112850

                                 Frank's Penpal Request  -  Please Write !

Hello, my name is Frank. I am 31years old, born October 12, 1967. I have brown hair,
hazel eyes, 6ft tall and weigh 210bs. I am single, never married, no children. My interets include: higher education, music, art, poetry, reading, writing and much more. I am seeking a sincere genuine true friendship, to help me get through the empty loneliness and emotional, psychological stress and depression that bring on death row brings upon a person in such confines for the first time. I have genuine true friendship to offer to anyone willing to accept it. I am a great listener/confidant. My expectations of you are:, be yourself, sincere and willing to share open communication. Share your life's up's and down's, fears, hopes, dreams, ambitions, etc.  Mail is the only thing to really look forward to in a place like this, other than visits, neither of which I get much of. Mail is the highlight of one's day, the only avenue for which to have open communication with the outside world, where friendship, compassion, understanding, encouragement is sought. So, please write. I would love to hear from you. ANYONE is welcome. If possible, please enclose a photograph.  All things in life come with risks, If you take a chance on me, you are worthy to reap the rewards I bestow. Write soon. Sincerely, Frank.

                       Frank A. Walls # 112850
                  Union Correctional Institution
                      P.O. Box 221, A1- P1224-S
                    Raiford, Florida, 32083-0221


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