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  Ernesto Martinez 
         Death Row Arizona
                        Ernesto Martinez Pen Pal Request:

Hello! My name is Ernesto Martinez, "Neto" for short. I am a 22 year old death row inmate. I'm
hoping to acquire a few pen pals as prison can be a lonely and monotonous place. I'm looking for women 18 years and older who would be willing to look past my current situation and become a friend.

I am a strong minded, open, and very forward man. I enjoy drawing and music -- especially R&B "oldies". I believe in exercising both body and mind. I'm very appreciative of those who are close to me and I never take friends or friendship for granted.

 I'd like to exchange letters and smiles with an attractive woman who has self-respect and confidence in herself. She must be open-minded, forward, and honest. Should you be interested in making a new friend, you will have to write directly to me as I have no access to a computer.

                                                          My address is:
                     Ernesto S. Martinez #96032
             Arizona State Prison - Eyman SMU II
                               PO Box 3400
                               Florence, AZ
                                85232   USA

Your correspondence and time will be greatly appreciated. If possible, enclose a photo of yourself.  Also, tell me all about yourself. I'm interested in how you see yourself as a person, any hobbies or special interests you may have, likes, dislikes, etc. If you are interested, and would like to know more about me, I'll be awaiting your letter. Serious responses only.

Thank you.


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