Elton Williams
                    Death Row Illinois

                POEM BY ELTON WILLIAMS - "Untitled"

            To struggle and fight for love is  to struggle and
            fight for life...For love marks the beginning of all
            the things that make this life worth living;
            Love is born of an instant, all encompassing
            attraction, which grows into unbridled, unrestrained
            infatuation, and has been born in me for you;
            In time, what has been born in me will come to
            transcend its current state of existence...Growing
            and everchanging, like the caterpillar in its cocoon,
            metamorphosing into something far greater and
            more timeless than it was before...

                                                                                                - Elton Williams

                                Elton's Penpal Request :

Dearest One,  It doesn't happen often that the window of opportunity opens, allowing me to make my presence felt, so I'll take this occasion to introduce myself.  My name is Elton.  Though this is just the getting to know you
stage, I always find it to be the most difficult aspect of corresponding.  I guess this is so because I'm not too good at first letters.  Therefore, I'll try to keep this short so as not to bore you.  Please, bear with me.  I am, by
nature, a gentle man, who loves the simple thigns in life, good food, good wine, an expressive book, music, and, quite naturally, the company of a warm and sensitive, compassionate, and understanding woman.  I am going into
my sixth year here....time I strive to utilize constructively.  I exercise daily, read, write when necessary, and study.
I'm also an amateur poet and aspiring novelist.  These things fill my day out nicely.  However, I don't want to give you the impression that I am, by any means, content (because I'm not.)  That is simply to say that I am adaptable
to any environment and try to make the best out of even the worst situation.  That being said, it is a task to remain positive in the face of racial hatred and expoitation.  All of which, I am subject to.  Although I write to you
without the priviledge of knowing much about you, I have imagined you special.  I think of you as someone open, friendly, and sure of her wants.
This is the reason (you're reading) this letter.  I feel that you are a responsible person, not  hampered by what the world visualizes in their strides.  Your individuality attracted me.  Amongst a sea of flowers, I found you, most pleasing, and with that feeling is found the time to express that particular state
of mind.  If you should feel that I've misjudged you presently, then know that, given half a chance I shall eventually discover your secret sweetness.   In that light, I think, it only appropriate to grant you the benefit of knowing that I come to you with the best of intentions.  Neither to change you or direct our friendship towards impossibilities, but, to establish a solid line of communication that will enable us to exchange, at great depth, on
the extent of each others thoughts,  feelings, and ideas.  That is, to lay a foundation...one I would like to build upon.  With that, I leave you with good wishes and brighter hopes for a better tomorrow.  Take care,  Elton

                Mr Elton Williams  B13199
                            PO Box 99
                         Pontiac Illinois
                            61764  USA

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