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                    HELP SAVE AN INNOCENT MAN ON
                                                                                  BY CATHY KING

Dear Reader, My name is Cathy King, I am a researcher of wrongful convictions of men
and women on death row. Edward Moore's case joins a number of cases of men and women convicted of high profile crimes in which the authorities felt pressured to hastily solve at a high expense for both the taxpayers and the integrity of the justice system. I see a recurring problem with juries as well as the reporters, who don't bother to question evidence presented, as in this case.

Edward Moore came to me in 1993 in his plea for help and in confessing his innocence. After repeatedly interviewing him and reviewing the trial records and now the newly discovered evidence, I can say I do believe he was wrongly accused and falsely convicted. Mr.Moore was not adequately represented at trial.

Edward Moore was convicted in June 1992, of the July 7th 1991 murder and rape of Judy Zeman of Morris, Illinois. At the time of the murder, there was a $40,000.00 dollar reward out for Mr.Moore and the case had received extensive media coverage because of the bizarreness of the crime.

Edward Moore is no killer! of Course, most prisoners do proclaim their innocence, but I believe by the evidence that this Death Row prisoner is innocent. He and I believe he can prove his innocence with your help. This is why I, on behalf of Edward Moore am appealing to you for your help and support.

                                                        THE CASE

Edward Moore was a self employed house painter employed by the Zeman's during the months of May, June and July of 1991, to paint their newly built dream home. At the time of the crime, Judy Zeman's husband was of a fishing trip in Alaska. The case against Edward Moore was based on circumstantial evidence, as much as lies coming from some of the states witnesses in them being coached what to say in order to fit the states case and theory as to the crime.

This case is a little different then others on death row. Judy Zeman had lived to tell her story to the first police officer who arrived at her home and some medical personnel before she had passed away. She had never stated to anyone that Edward Moore was her attacker.


                                     JUDY ZEMAN'S STATEMENTS

Judy Zeman gave a statement to the first officer who found her laying outside her home in the driveway. The officer asked her what had happened and she stated; "he raped me", the officer then asked her, "do you know who did this to you?" Judy replied, "no". Judy told the officer that she had been awaken by the sound of her dog barking at around 2:30 in the morning and she waited awhile before opening her bedroom door to let the dog out, she walked to the bathroom, where a man jumped out with a knife. She said that the man had a knife, had on dark cloths and black tennis shoes and had on gloves. She told the officer she was raped in her bedroom and the man stole money and jewelry from the house. She said when the man was finished, that he had took her outside to a woodpile, and told her he had to burn some evidence as he poured gasoline on her and lit her on fire. Judy then told the officer that she had crawled from the woodpile to the driveway.

Medical personnel, a nurse asked Judy, "who did this to you?" Judy had replied "I never saw the person before", then stated, the guy had attacked her and raped her, took her into the garage made her start the car and made her kneel down behind the car in front of the exhaust. Judy said she had fought with the man in the garage. The nurse repeatedly said that Judy had stated that she "never saw the person before".

Judy Zeman's statements were allowed into evidence at the trial after the state had fought to keep them out. Judy Zeman never stated to anyone that she could not see her attacker or that she was blindfolded or that her attacker was masked or that he jumped her from behind and blindfolded her with duct tape and therefore she could not see her attacker. The state had twisted her words in telling the jury, she was jumped from behind and was blindfolded with duct tape they found in her "hair  and therefore she was not able to see her attacker. The state then told the jury that it was reasonable to believe that the man was masked and changed his voice. The state made up evidence as they went along and Mr.Moore's trial attorney never objected to it.

When Judy Zeman was found laying in her driveway, she had a piece of duct tape stuck in her hair on her head. An officer, other than the one who found her and talked to her, took the witness stand and stated, it was his opinion the tape was once across her eyes and it had melted and shrunk from the heat of the fire and moved itself up over her forehead winding up in her hair. This officers testimony seem to fit right in with the states case and theory, because she never stated Mr.Moore was her attacker, so why not blindfold her. This same officer testified that Mr.Moore had told an inmate worker he was going to kill a jail guard for turning of f the phone on him. Now seven years later the inmate was found and interviewed and stated in an affidavit, Mr.Moore never told him this or anything like this what this officer stated. Mr.Moore told his lawyer this was not true and he ignored the matter and allowed this officer to give false testimony without talking to this inmate.

The piece of duct tape that was found in Judy Zeman's hair, the states expert stated, he found two of Mr.Moore's fingerprints on the "adhesive side" of this tape. The same tape the officer stated had melted and shrunk from the heat of the fire. one nurse had testified, there was no signs of tape over Judy Zeman's eyes, no residue of tape on her eyebrows or on the sides of her head. This testimony seem to fall on deaf ears of the jury.

Edward Moore's car was searched eight days after the crime; one of his car floor mats were taken out of the other three he had. The officer took it home with him for two days before taking it to the crime lab. The states expert stated to this mat, he found 37 hairs and one being consistent with Mr.Moore's showing  extreme heat damage" to it. He stated this heat damage hair was consistent for example, contact with an open flame flashing up at you and stated it was forcibly removed. This testimony seem to fit right in with the states case and theory, Judy Zeman was burned and she fought with her attacker. Now seven years later this states experts crime lab note was found on this heat damage hair and it states, it was not Judy Zeman's or Edward Moore's.

Two inmates from New York, where Mr.Moore was arrested, were the state's witnesses, told the jury Mr.Moore confessed to committing the crime. Now seven years later had both recanted their trial testimony in affidavits in stating, they lied about Mr.Moore in trial and he never told them anything about the crime and that they overheard the police talking about the case and they offered them some of the reward money and that's when they made up the story they did about Mr.Moore.

                        EVIDENCE FOUND AT CRIME SCENE

Palm prints found at the point of entry, "not Mr.Moore's". Four prints found on safe in Zeman's bedroom, two her husbands, "none Mr.Moore's." Foot prints of a shoe found on garage floor where Mrs.Zeman parks her car, "not Mr.Moore's". Head hairs and pubic hairs found on Mrs.Zeman's bed sheets, some hers and some "not", none were her husbands and "none Mr.Moore's". Fingerprints found on a gas can in garage, some were her husbands and sons, "none Mr.Moore's." Mrs.Zeman's car was stolen  and abandoned a block from her home, fingerprints were found all over the car and windows, "none being Mr.Moore's".

                        EVIDENCE NOT HEARD IN COURT

Now seven years later after the crime, it was discovered by Mr.Moore's appointed investigator that over 800 pages of police reports, lab notes and police hand written investigation notes were missing from his trial lawyers trial box. This included the following:
a) The state's hair experts lab note stating the heat damage hair was not the victims or suspect Mr.Moore.
b) Photo's showing, and reports as to other duct tape found at the crime scene on the ground where Mrs.Zeman, crawled from the woodpile.
c) Lab reports stating they found on Mrs.Zeman's bed sheets, in one area similar material of staining and eight in another area.
d) Police report and hand written notes attached, stating someone else had committed the crime and they were paid for it.
e) Police hand written notes of more interviews that were done with more medical personnel stating, Mrs.Zeman told a few people who asked her, if she knew who did this to her and she stated, "no", and stated the person who did this to her told her, he had to burn some of the evidence that he "touched".


Edward Moore had no investigator nor any experts at his trial to rebut the state's findings on the flimsy evidence that was presented to the jury. Two pieces of evidence are questionable, the duct tape: how they can find any kind of prints on something as this that had melted and shrunk from being in a fire, and now a photograph of this tape was discovered and shows this piece of tape could not have been in a fire. The heat damage hair: a car Mr.Moore had almost a year and drove it almost everyday and you only find one strain of hair in it, and it just so happens to fit in with the states case and theory.

What we have in this case is a young man who was wrongfully accused and falsely convicted of a horrible crime that he did not commit. His life was put on trial, the state brought in flimsy evidence that his attorney didn't even bother to question and the state says, this is the man who committed this terrible crime, here's our evidence and here are our experts.

Mr.Moore is a poor person, with no family to speak of. All he wants is a fair chance to prove he is innocent. As a poor person without adequate legal counsel or funds to hire legal experts, he may lose his battle to prove his innocence and this is why he comes to you for your help and support. Mr.Moore is represented by the State Appellate Defenders Office, whose funds come from the state, the very state who is trying to kill him. A motion was filed to get Mr.Moore DNA testing and experts as his appellate attorney told the court, they had not the funds for this, subsequently this motion was denied by the court. Mr.Moore is hoping to raise enough funds for comprehensive and independent scientific testing and as well as legal representation. A defense fund has been set up to start working on getting him the proper legal and scientific expert representation he requires in mounting a strong defense.

Mr.Moore would appreciate any moral support you can offer. If you would like to correspond with him you can write him at the following address:
                 EDWARD MOORE, A-70777
                             P.O. BOX 99
                  PONTIAC, ILLINOlS 61764

    The above information was provided by Cathy King, and the supporters of Edward Moore.

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