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Tim McVeigh revealed to him on death row that the Oklahoma City Bombings were an inside job

  David Paul Hammer
        Federal Death Row
Death Row Speaks was founded in 2001 by federal Death Row Prisoner David Paul Hammer.

Well it's official, yours truly is in the shit again! I was informed at 1:00 P.M.
today that I am officially under investigation for posing a threat to the security
of the institution all because of the Radio Interview I did with Alex Jones on
Friday, May 14, 2010 - SOURCE: Deadly Secrets blog by David Hammer

Anti War Radio MP3 here. (78:07)David speaks with Anti-War Radio about
        MP3 here (78:07)  McVeigh's role in the Oklahoma City Bombing.

By David Paul Hammer

"I do not believe in the death penalty,
I know it does not serve as a deterrent."

"I know it is racially discriminatory,
and not only racially
but also poor people
and what part of the country you're from."

                                                     - Dallas Morning News



Personal information about myself includes:

I am a white male, 41, born in Haldenville, Oklahoma on October 9, 1958.
I'm 6', 200 lbs, brown hair, hazel eyes, solid athletic build. 
Divorced with no children.
I've spent the past 22 years in prison. 
During my incarceration I've obtained a GED, and degrees in psychology,
criminal justice, and paralegal studies.  Each degree is a two year associates'
degree obtained through correspondence and talkback TV classes.
I have a wide variety of interests, which include reading, writing, sports,
movies. I'm actively involved in the fight to abolish the death penalty,
correcting and improving prison conditions through litigation in the courts.
I am also attempting to write a book based upon my life.
I would welcome assistance with this endeavor from anyone.
Lastly, prison is a very lonely place, being on death row with
the prospect of being executed only adds to the loneliness.

Please write today if possible !

Thank you.(Dec 28/99)

David Paul Hammer  24507-077
Federal Death Row Unit
PO Box 33
Terre Haute, Indiana
47808  USA
Death Row Speaks was founded in 2001 by federal Death Row Prisoner David Paul Hammer.


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UPDATE ON DAVID'S STATUS - December 10, 2000

UPDATE ON DAVID'S STATUS - July and November 2001

News on David's Last Scheduled Execution Date

Dallas Morning News Article
A U.S. appeals court has granted a federal inmate from
Oklahoma his wish
to be executed as soon as possible.


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