David Harris  
     From Police Brutality to Illinois Death Row

David Harris is a young African American man on death row in Illinois. His page included David's photo, and penpal request, and a brief description of the brutality David Harris suffered at the hands of the infamous Illinois police who essentially beat a false confession out of him, he contends.  He offers to send documentation to those who want more information, and he is asking for your assistance and advocacy.

           David Harris' webpage was deleted
            in its entirety by NBCi in April 2001
   The CCADP is currently working to re-establish David's webpage

                        DAVID HARRIS PEN PAL REQUEST:

Greetings : Hopeful Friend.  Let me first say thank you for this opportunity to
reach out, and mentally intertwine with you.  Giving me this chance to know someone who has some understanding of my position, and willing to bring a shinng moment here and there.  As I reach out to you with these words, I offer you a chance to know me, and share the contents of my mind.  My name is David Harris, and I'm a death row inmate here in the state of Illinois, USA.  I am an innocent man entrapped by those who wish to gain from my persecution.
I know many say they are innocent, but as time moves on; and you learn who
I am, and I speak the truth to you...you will see and feel I'm not just saying it.  Allow me to revert back to the true purpose of this letter.  Letting you know a little bit about me as a person.  To clear up some of the basics about myself.
I'm a 25 year old black man, who like to think of himself as somewhat intelligent,
an an exlplorer of the mind and spirits of others.  It allows me the opportunity
to intertwine with others and create treasured moments.  This is the reason
I am writing you.  In this position those moments come few and far apart.
One of my bright spots is that I've become a painter.  It allows me to express
my inner spirit.  Reflecting my inner being, and allowing my spirit to be free if
just for a moment.  I don't want to give you too much of myself just yet.  So let
me end this letter saying thank you one more time for this opportunity to make
a friend, and hopefully treasured moments.  Sincerely David Harris.

                                         PS My information for writing me is:

                          David Harris B 70088
                                      Box 99
                                Pontiac Illinois
                                   61764  USA

            The CCADP is currently working to
            re-establish David Harris' webpage

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