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                     Darlie Routiers' Official Homepage !      
          Denied Justice - On Texas Death Row
                          Innocent Mother Tried By The Media
Welcome to the Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty's support page for Darlie Routier.
 Thanks to Darlie's friends, supporters, and official webpage for information, photos, and links.
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          Darlie's Official Webpage
                                           Routier family photos
                    REAL AUDIO - Listen to Darlie's 911 Call

        REAL VIDEO - Texas Fox News Report Nov/99  Pt. 1   Part 2
                             Transcript of Darlie's 911 Call
      Darlie - The Story In Her Own Words, Includes her diagrams
                         Letter From Darlie On Capital Punishment
                        Excerpts From Darlie's Trial Transcripts
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                                                      Darlie with her sons
" The police found a bloody thumbprint on a doorway and  fingerprints on the window with the slashed window screen.  
The prints do not match those of Darlie, Darin or anyone who was 
in the home following the murders; foreign pubic hairs found in the
kitchen also remain unidentified, according to media accounts .... "
   Darlie was hospitalized after the attack that left
   her wounded and her two young sons dead . . .

 Stab wound in Darlie's right arm - went into the bone marrow.       Darlie's throat was cut to within 2 mm of the carotid artery.

    She was later charged with the murders  !   ?

Listen to the actual 911 call right after the attack  ! Click here to Listen to the actual 911 call right after the attack Listen to the actual 911 call right after the attack  !
 Click here to see more graphic photos from Darlie's Official Page. 

                  Email Texas Governor Perry

            Darlie requests that her supporters write to the new Dallas County
                    District Attorney and ask him to investigate her case:

                         Mr. Bill Hill
                         District Attorney
                         133 North Industrial, LB 19
                         Dallas, Texas 75207 

                     Darlie Lynn Routier 999220
              2305 Ransom Road
          Gatesville, TX 76528 USA

Darlie sincerely appreciates your letters, reads every one of them, and tries to answer each one
as soon as possible. However, due to the fact that she receives about 200 letters each week (sometimes many more),she asks for your patience in receiving her answers. There may be
occasions when form letters will be sent out as an interim message while she attempts to catch up on her personal answers. Those letters are usually sent by friends to let you know Darlie has received your letter and will personally answer it as soon as she can, but the information in
them is generally given to them by Darlie.

                             Darlie Routier Appeal Fund

Anyone wishing to make monetary donations may do so by sending them to:

                                   Routier Appeal Fund
                                     Bank One Texas
                                780 E. Campbell Road
                                 Richardson, TX 75081

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                              Bank Code: 111000614
                          Account Number: 1826056754


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                Other books that have been written on the case . . .
                                     These books tell the story as the prosecutor did.

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