Corey Moore 
                                            Death Row, Illinois
                                    Information Provided By Corey Moore
APRIL 7, 2000


Dear Sir/Madam:

My name is Corey Moore and I'm presently incarcerated at Pontiac Correctional Center (Condemned Unit). I was sentenced to death on 4/1/99 so I haven't been here very long.

My purpose for writing this letter is to hopefully acquire your assistance in proving my innocence of these crimes that I've been wrongly convicted. I really need some expert legal and investigative know how but I can't afford to pay for it. If it's at all possible, please consider taking my cases Pro bono.

There's a lot of serious issues with my cases and I know that if I had the proper representation, I will be free soon after the evidence is heard. I did not have the luxury of adequate assistance of council during the pretrial and trial which is the main reason why I ended up here.

I haven't received any of my transcripts yet, nor have I been appointed an attorney. This is why it so important to me that you take my cases before the Public Defender gets a chance to jeopardize my chances of proving my innocence. I've been represented by them in trial and I'm very afraid of their office because they don't seem to care if their clients are innocent. I say this because they handled my cases as if they had presumed I was guilty.

If you find it in your heart to consider taking my cases, it would be very much appreciated.
I have listed the Cook County case numbers at the bottom of the page. Thanks in advance!

Sincerely and Respectfully,

Corey Moore

                                                PENPAL REQUEST

To: Potential Penpal

Dear Reader:

My name is Corey Moore & I'm an inmate at Pontiac Correctional Center (condemned unit).
I was sentenced to death on April 1,1999. I'm a 28 year old, African American.

Presently, I'm appealing my cases but I have alot of work to do. Being in this place is very stressful & working on my cases can stress me out in the worst way. Still I do the best that I can to help myself. I have to prove my innocence but that's hard to do without the proper assistance of counsel, which is something that I've never had.

Therefore, I'm seeking someone to correspond with, so that I can think better thoughts & not worry so much about these things. It can be anyone that's friendly & honest, anyone! I'm hoping to build a great friendship that will last a long time.

My interest include almost all sports, listening to good jokes, listening to music & watching movies. Before my incarceration, I was a bricklaying apprentice with hopes of becoming a journeyman. If the lords willing, I'll get my chance to complete my apprentice-ship one day.

If you are interested in making a good friend that will always be there for you, with honesty & an open mind, please contact me. I hope to hear from you soon!



I'm a resident of Chicago, Il., incase that may be important to you.

Original Penpal Request sent December 1999 :   I'm writing this letter because I'm interested in being a penpal.  I'm seeking someone that I can communicate with who's sincere and knows the value of friendship.  I've only been here five months  so this is all new to me.  I don't have much experience in depending on writing as my means of communication, so please excuse me if my words seem blunt…I'm in the direct appeal stage of my appeal.  The public never knew how I was railroaded and wrongly convicted.  The media was barred from the court room.  The internet will give me a chance to make the public aware of the injustice
that I've suffered.

                                              Corey Moore before his incarceration.
                            COREY MOORE
                                PO Box 99
                                Pontiac, IL
                                61764  USA

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