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                 Charles Ng
         Death Row - San Quentin, California
                Extradited From Canada to Face Death Penalty - August 26, 1991

My name is Charles Chi-tat Ng.  I am an Asian male of average build. 

I was born December 24th 1960 and raised in Hong Kong in a traditional Chinese family,
but have spent the majority of my adult life in North America.

I graduated from high school in England. I have never been married and have no children.
I have travelled to many countries and have been exposed
to many cultures.  My remaining
immediate family members reside outside
the United States and I am currently the only Chinese
prisoner on California's
Death Row at San Quentin Prison. My case, from inception to verdict,
been both a travesty and outrage of mistreatments and miscarriage of justice. 

Because of these and other reasons,  I constantly feel misplaced, sad and
lonely - like a dolphin caught inside a tuna net.

I am writing because I am interested in seeking sincere friendship through correspondence and
visiting with someone I can build an enduring and meaningful companionship with - someone with
whom I can share good
times, bad times, life, thoughts, feelings, experiences and passions from
this dark hole of humanity.

Out in the free world I enjoyed such things as reading, learning new subjects, wilderness exploring,
martial arts, movies, travelling, cooking,
outdoor adventures such as mountain hiking / climbing, scuba diving
and serving as an infantryman in the United States Marine Corps.

Throughout my life I have refrained from unhealthy habits such as smoking, drinking and recreational drug uses.

During my incarceration I enjoy such things as origami, spirituality, self-study, exercises, writing, reading
and drawing.  I am a self-taught
artist who loves animals and strive to express artistically with an improvisational
approach in whatever medium available to me.

I always feel a special kinship in my struggle for survival as those faced by the endangered animals
I depict in my artwork. To me, art is a universal
emotional expression of all cultures, and wildlife art a
spiritual reference
for all things wild and free; and a way for me to immortalize my love and intimacy to
those who are dear and special to me.

Personality wise, I am quiet, shy, open-minded, down to Earth, loyal, thoughtful, dependent and sentimental,
but can be wayward, overly
trusting and pessimistic at times.

Life is fleeting and my fate is at best uncertain.  Therefore I desire to hear from new friends and reconnect with
people who had touched my life and
heart in the past, but with whom I have lost touch due to circumstances
beyond my control.

I would be most grateful to be able to share the precious time I have left in this world with honest, open-minded
and good-hearted people who
understand and empathize with injustices, sufferings, my struggle, my visions
and yearnings, and who may be able and willing to lend
helping hands along the way.

In order to try and raise money for my day to day items and additional art materials I would be prepared to sell
a small number of prints of any of my
featured drawings.

Thank you for your attention and I look forward to hearing from you.

                                 You can reach me at the following address:
                      Charles Ng,  P- 46001,
                      San Quentin State Prison,
                      San Quentin,  CA
                      94974  USA

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                    The CCADP offers free webpages to over 500 Death Row Prisoners
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