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    Welcome to the homepage of Carman Deck . . .
                        A new member to Missouri's death row.

My main concern is to bring insight to people about issues we face on a daily basis and hope that you, the people will let your voice be heard in order to make a change.   Remember, united we stand divided we fall.  We the people have created what is known as a government. To bring order and justice to the land and it's people. But as it's grown, we now see that the government is no longer for the people that created it, but in fact for itself.  They have found that they can spend money in other countries for cheaper materials, cheaper labour and in turn sell it at much higher prices to its own people.  They tax everything that is taxable. What isn't taxable they illegalize.   We then wonder why we have so much homeless, hunger, jobless people and crime.  The government robs the people blind and gives nothing in return but false promises.  We complain how our politicians say one thing and do another but yet we continue to elect them in to offices that only further their power.  They tell us how they must get tougher on crime, but the real truth to this is the longer an individual is locked up, the more we pay taxes to house them.   The prison system is a multi-billion dollar business of which the people see none of the returns.  With no rehabilitation the same criminals get released back into the same environment only to continue their crime until caught.  They have no choice in some cases but to commit crime as they have been labeled as no good.   No skills, no education, or no money adds up to one thing:  crime.
But what about the lower class people who do work and get sent to prison on charges that later down the line they are found to have been innocent of ?
What of the unlawful arrest or convictions by the police, prosecutors and judges ?  Then when as honest individual is found such as the district judge Ronnie White who believes in a fair system, who believes in reviewing cases that raise suspicion, we have those politicians who want to eliminate him because he gives back to the people and that would mean less money in the governor's pocket.  How many prominent figures do you see go to prison ?
They are worth more to the government out that they are locked up.  The criminals that we have locked up inside a prison are no different than the government we have, except they are illegal and the government is legal-criminals.   Which brings me to my next point.

The government says...
"We are going to kill this man because he killed another and we want people to know it is wrong to kill"
My question would be if killing is wrong why are they doing it ?
How are they going to show the people it is wrong to kill by killing someone ?
Does it stop people from killing ?  We then next rape people who rape ?
People become what they have been subjected to.  We continue to complain how we want crime to stop but we must first stop what it is that creates the crime.  Everything that happens in our world is because of our corrupt government.  No matter how people try to make excuses or justify it, it's truth.
As long as there is crime and injustice there will always be money to be made.
Has anyone ever wondered why baseball players, basketball players and other high paid multi-million dollar athletes make so much money ?
Why don't doctors who save lives, paramedics make money like this ?
It's because we don't know what value is or what priorities are.  We let our own people die of hunger.  We let the homeless live day to day wondering where they will get their next meal.   We give aid to people who are capable of providing for their selves.  We spend millions of dollars a year to store grain, only to send it to other countries while our people could use the grain and money that it cost to store it.  It's time we take care of our own people.  We must save ourselves then worry about saving the world.  Our own country is in turmoil, falling apart. We have children going to school shooting other children.  Isn't it time that we listen to our needs.  The government we have is not our need.  They are a leech sucking the life out of its own people.  Please let your voice be heard. share your concerns with others.   It begins with you.   No problem is too large that we can't solve.  Peace is right before you,  right inside you.  If you want it,  you must be willing to accept it, give it, live it.   I would enjoy all thoughts and correspondence.  I encourage you to be strong and stand on your beliefs for peace.   You don't have to perish to experience what heaven is like.  The question becomes, how much do you want it.
                    May joy fill your heart,
            Understanding fill your mind,
                   and peace fill your life.

                                                  Read Carman Deck's Poetry . . .
             Poetry by Carman Deck
                               Information provided by Carman Deck and his supporters

           ...HERE'S CARMAN!!

Hello there my trust webers.  It's nice to know that you have logged-on.
I hope my previous entry made you to stop and think about what I said.
Most people know how our world functions, but just accepts it for what
it is.  So many things could be avoided if only more people would act.
But we have so much contraversy among ourselves, that we don't want to get
involved.  One example is the discipline of our children.  If someone is
seen spanking their child, (and I don't mean beating), all that has to be
done is for the child or someone else to call a hot line and the parent
gets arrested for child abuse.  If the parent elects to ground or take away
a priveledge of the child, the child either runs away or stands up to the
parent, this in turn leaves the parent helpless.  Children today run the
parents because they feel they are grown up or mature and they should be
able to do what they want to do.  Do we blame the parents because their
children are unruly?  No, we should place blame on the input that goes
into our children.  Music, movies, actions around them.  There is no way
to filter what our children hear or see.  Children see this or hear this
or watch their friends and don't want to be an odd ball.  We are in an era
of children wanting to take a stand and not be suppressed.  They want to be
heard and should be.  It is them that are our future.  They need guidance
and understanding in a positive way.

They are not looking to be dominated, only understood.  We as parents want
to be listened to, but what we must understand is that we no longer live
in a world of our time.  Time has changed and so must we.  We must offer
them advice whether they accept it or not.  We can't dictate to them what
we want for them.  The choice is theirs not ours.  If we communicate with
them on an equal level, children will listen and not rebel.  They only
want to be heard.

We are trapped with the conception that we are the parent and we are the
boss.  That is times past as we now see.  The difference that determines
the future begins with the understanding of the parent.  Instead of trying
to be the parent, start by being a friend.  We have so much pain around us
in the world today.  People want to lose weight because they don't look as
good as the next or they get breast implants or lip jobs or face lifts to
keep from looking aged.  They want attention or don't want to be made fun
of.  It is truly sad that we have those who think they're better than the
next, so to keep up we change to please them.  But the fact that we over-
look is; they breathe the same as we do and eventually they too will
perish like the next.  There is nothing wrong with who we are or what we
look like.  We are all beautiful human beings the way we are.

It shouldn't matter at all what someone thinks about you.  It is them that
needs to change.  You are loved just the way you are.  If you get larger
breasts or fuller lips or plastic surgery that makes you look younger,
then it's not you as a person that gets the attention, but the body that
was created by man.  Can man create the soul?  Be who you are, not what
the next is.  The greatest thing that you can give to yourself is not in
the hands of man, but within yourself.  Get to know yourself and you may
be surprized to find that you are like no one else.

Well, I hope you'll come again.  I leave you with a few of my poems.  Until
next time may joy fill your heart, understanding fill your mind and peace
fill your life.


                                            A little information about myself:

I grew up in a few small towns here in Missouri. I went to high school
in Festus and Desoto Missouri. I dropped out in my Junior year to persue
a career in the United States Marine Corps. I then went to college in
South East Missouri at S.E.M.O University. My major was business
management, my minor was music.

I like to sing and dance tremendously. In fact, while going to college,
I became a male stripper. It was something I was very proud of, because
I was good. I was incarcerated when I was 20 for aiding an escape and
burglary. I was voilated 2 times on that sentence for technical
voilations. Each time upon my release mainting a job and abiding by the
law, the last time I was released I started my own business building and
designing custom hot rods.

I was featured in numerous magazines and commercials. I then ran into
the wrong people and was convicted of first degree murder. Now I am on
death row, trying to get a new and fair trial.

I enjoy all outdoor activities including horseback riding, gold,
handball, tennis, softball, fishing, horseshoes, swimming, etc. I enjoy
playing pool and darts. I like to party, but only occasionally get
rowdy. I don't drink and drive. I don't do drugs, but have smoked pot
and enjoy it. I like quite evenings watching a movie and cuddling. I'm
romantic and love to touch, caress a kiss. I enjoy riding a motorcycle
and going to parks, zoos.

I am open-minded and enjoy listening to people. Well thats some inside
info about me. If you would like to respond, I am antisipating hearing
from you.

                                    You can Write to Carman Deck directly at:
                     Carman Deck CP-144 2A 13
                       Potosi Correction Center
                               Rt.2 Box 2222
                            Mineral Point, MO.
                                 63660  USA

                                                   Read Carman Deck's Poetry . . .
            Poetry by Carman Deck

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