Carl Brooks
                        Death Row, Texas
Greetings to all;

My name is Mr. Carl Brooks, I'm a 28 year old Black man.  I have been on Texas' Death Row since July 1st, 1997.  I am fighting my case and getting ready to enter the Federal Courts, I have some VERY STRONG APPEAL ISSUES, but I lack the support I need to get things done, that I'm sure will help FREE ME.

Last year I was given an Evidentiary Hearing and the State's main witness "recanted" their trial testimony.

1)  One witness came to the hearing and stated that he was pressured and threatened by the police.  Said that if he didn't cooperate and testify against me, they would charge him with the crime.  He came to my original trial and refused to testify and the judge held him in Contempt of Court and threw him in jail.  The next day he came back and testified.  His original and recanted testimony is part of the court record.

2)  The state's main witness also recanted his testimony.  He testified on 2 previous occasions that I was the shooter, but at my hearing he testified that he told his mother that he was unsure as to who was the shooter and in fact, didn't know my name until he heard it from the police investigating the murder.  The police also locked him up to make sure he would testify.  While awaiting my trial, he sent me a signed affidavit saying that he lied.  And also when I went back to the County Jail for the hearing he sent me another letter apologizing.  Its all in the record too.

3) They found some blood soaked clothes and a shoe they said was mine.  They got a court order for my blood and the test came back negative.

4) My Constitutional Rights.    Santiago Garcia, a juror in my trial was arrested at the Bexar County Justice Centre Security Checkpoint the day of my punishment phase.  In his briefcase he was carrying a loaded Beretta 25 caliber handgun.  The gun was fully loaded, cocked with a bullet in the chamber.  He claimed that he was going to take the gun to a gun smith because it was not ejecting.  The Deputy sheriff that arrested him found nothing wrong with the gun.

Juror Garcia was arrested and only charged with a Misdemeanor.  My prosecutor, Mark Luitjen, knew about the incident but failed to get involved in the incident or see that Garcia was charged with a Felony as opposed to a Misdemeanor, because he knew that a Felony conviction would be automatic grounds for a mistrial.

Juror Garcia, also gave another statement to the judge that he was returning from a business trip and forgot he had the gun in his briefcase.    The day of my punishment phase juror Garcia was processed  right there in the Justice Centre (Bexar County), instead of being taken to the county jail.  Then was allowed to sit as a juror in my trial the same day.

I have all this in my and evidentiary hearings Transcripts that I have been trying to get for over a year now.  All I'm seeking is a little support and I'm sure I can get what  I deserve, a REVERSAL AND BE SET A FREE MAN.

If you need more information and would like to help, please contact me at :

Mr. CARL BROOKS  999233
Polunsky Unit
142002 FM 350 South
Livingston, Texas
77351    USA


Carl Brooks

From a letter that Carl wrote to the CCADP (with his permission)...             11-30-00

Dear Tracy & Dave
Hello !  How are y'all doing ?  First of all I want to thank you both for the love and support you give to us on Death Row.  I was recently given your info from a friend of mine.  Well I'd like to tell you a little about myself.  My name is Mr. Carl Brooks.  I'm originally from San Antonio Tx.  I come from a small broken family, what I mean by broken is no father, but I have a wonderful mother.  She was 13 years old when she had her first child.  She was 15 years old when she had her second daughter, and 17  years old when she had me.  She worked hard and did her best.   I dropped out of high school in the 10th Grade.  Grew up in a very rough neighborhood & got caught up with a lot of the wrong people.  Eventually joined a gang and started catching misdemeanor cases such as burglary, auto thefts, assaults, unlawfully carrying a weapon.   No matter how much I did wrong, I never became a human murderer, maybe killed some insects, birds, snakes, fish, roaches and rats, but no human...well i was charged with a capital murder in 1995 an given the Death Sentence in 1997.  I have claimed my innocence since day one.  I believe the courts know I'm innocent, but because of my misdemeanor past record & by me being poor, they were able to convict me...
I'm really seeking some support to help me fight these courts....everything I'm telling you
and have typed is absolutely the truth...I thank you very much.


                                  Mr. Carl Brooks  999233
                              Polunsky Unit
                        12002 Fm 350 South
                            Livingston, TX
                              77351  USA

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