Aldwin McNeal
                      ILLINOIS DEATH ROW

My name is Aldwin Mc Neal. I am currently on death row in the State of Illinois.
I have been on death row for four years and eight months. As you may already expect, I AM INNOCENT of the crime for which I was convicted and sentenced to death. Cliché as these three words may sound, they have never announced more TRUTH ! But, being in this particular situation, I am more than helpless in this battle for my life. Reasons being, is that I neglect the proper resources in order to be successful in this fight.

Therefore, I must literally place my life in the hands of others, and pray that their intentions are sincere. Which brings me to my open plea for assistance/support. I have knowledge of existing evidence that would more than show my innocence, but will also expose the extent of prosecutorial misconduct involved in this case.  i.e., threatening and intimidating key defense witnesses, illegally suppressing forensic/DNA evidence, illegally suppressing police reports that clearly point to other suspects. This information is just the tip of the iceberg, there is more. However, I can not recover this information alone. I desperately seek help from investigators, journalist and anyone who has an interest in seeing justice prevail.

I humbly embrace all words of encouragement, friendship and most definitely YOUR PRAYERS !

For information on my case or how you can help, write to me at:
P.O. BOX 99
61764   USA 


ALDWIN MCNEAL's Pen-pal request :
  Good Day,   My name is Aldwin Mc Neal, I am 33 years of age. I enjoy writing poetry, painting and music. I fully embrace the comfort of a warm conversation and a gentle smile. Though my situation may seem uncertain, this in no way compromises my need to share the company of someone warm, open minded and compassionate. I must also applaud the CCADP for having the courage to reach out to the 'condemned tribe', giving us the chance to show others that we need someone to hold onto.        
                                                                     Thank you.   Sincerely,
                                       Aldwin Mc Neal
                                        PEG. #B63806
                                          P.O. BOX 99
                                       Pontiac, Illinois
                                          61764  USA 


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