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     Reports of TDCJ staff abusing death row prisoners at the Polunsky Unit...
    TDCJ Gassing prisoners - Roy Pippin Hunger Strike Update
Jan, 2002: Death Row prisoner Roy Pippin's reports of Prisoners getting gassed, and updates on
the situation regarding his hunger strike.
                      Roy Pippin's Abuse Reports Diary
Excerpts from Roy Pippin's letters day by day, outlining all of the abuses that are taking place.
                                      Roy Pippin Reports
Roy Pippin's continuing account of daily abuses taking place, including a copy of the letter he sent
to Bill Lewis Assistant Director Region I regarding the situation.
            Death Row prisoner Roy Pippin's reports of abuses taking place at the Polunsky Unit 
                        TDCJ Gassing prisoners in their cells
John Paul Penry's Mother reports about her son's abuse.  Gassing prisoners and leaving them to choke in their cells, purposely shutting off proper ventilation to clear out the contaminants afterwards.
    Another letter from John Paul Penry about the gassings
                        Paul Colellas mom received this picture from Rick Rhodes dad today.
                      It sure shows what they did to him. Both eyes and side of face bruised.
                     Rick Rhodes - Photo's showing abuse
    Hank Skinner Reports on abuses at the Polunsky Unit 2002
Jan 5: Hank skinner reports on the continued abuse against death row prisoner Roy Pippin, as well as the illegal gassings taking place at the Polunsky Unit. "...near the end of first shift, they gassed Soulja (Leon Dorsey 999359) three (3) times..." Against TDCJ safety procedures, leaving prisoners to choke in their cells. Without proper extraction and decontamination prisoners are exposed to serious health threats, even death by asphyxiation.  These reports raise some serious concerns about the TDCJ.
Hank Skinner - Victimized By Prison Staff Over Filed Grievances 
                                     Alvin Kelly - Trial By Fire
Texas Death Row Prisoner Alvin Kelly writes about abuses prisoners suffer at the Polunsky unit.
             ACTIONS AND RE-ACTIONS - By Derrick Jackson
" I’ve been inspired to write Actions and Re-actions by Roy Pippin and Paul Colella." By Derrick Jackson, Texas death row prisoner writes about the continued abuse suffered by these prisoners.
        ACTIONS AND RE-ACTIONS Pt. 2- By Derrick Jackson
    Follow up to 'Actions and Re-actions' By Derrick Jackson, writing about the continued abuse.
                     ENTER MADNESS - By Leon Dorsey
Death Row prisoner Leon Dorsey "Soulja" writes on abuses taking place:" 'Proceed with caution.' Your entering the miasma, the chaos, the place prudence - has shown me it’s best to keep us a secret ... 
  Derrick Frazier's reports of abuses against death row prisoners
Derrick says that they are now working on cutting out weekend visits and the weekends are the only times that some inmates get any visitors. He says  that the guards have just taken away all the inmates belongings. "I got some info for you to put up on the stop death row abuse page ! "
                     Michael Gonzales - Texas Death Row
Death Row prisoner Michael Gonzales on the Terrell (Polunsky) Unit: " I call upon you to assist and help us now - not after a prisoner has been resorted to starving himself, cutting off a finger, (or been beaten to death by guards, which will occur eventually again), because they/us need your assistance.
 Nanon Williams on Excessive Use of Force at Huntsville Prison
  More reports of abuses by administration at the Polunsky Unit
                       Nov 25, 2001 - Reports from death row prisoners at the Polunsky Unit
               Report From A Friend of Death Row Prisoner 
                                                      February 1st, 2002 
                         For more reports of abuses taking place at the Polunsky Unit:
         Terrible situation on Texas Death Row
                    From 'Our Row Of Friends In Texas' supporters in Europe, also visit:
                                           WELCOME TO HELL
  At the Women's Prison in Gatesville
           Pam Perillo: 4-21-99 ' To Whom Ever It May Concern'
Death Row prisoner Pam Perillo writes: "We are also being strip searched six, some times eight
times a day, and most of the time we have never left our cells from one search to another."
                   "We Want The Same Human Rights We Demand of Other Countries" 
 Brittany Holberg - Sworn Affidavit About Abuses In Texas Prisons
           Death Row prisoner Brittany Holberg reports on daily abuses against women prisoners...
       TDCJ's despicable acts before Texecutions
 Rogelio Reyes Cannady: An American Chronicle - One Mans View
Captain Burse refuses to let Jorge (George) Cordova's mother visit him before the execution !
    "George asked if he could please have permission to see her. The captain said "no," that she was
   not on the list. So then he went out and told George's mother that George did not want to see her! "
    Testimony of his friend Muenda - Witness to Shaka's Torture
 Written by fellow death row prisoner May 5/2000 - Guards torture Shaka Sankofa before execution
    Beating and torture of Emmerson Rudd before his execution
Emmerson Rudd - Beating and torture of Emmerson Rudd before his execution. Administration 
abusing Muslim prisoners after September 11th.  Received November 20, 2001.
 Suspicious Death of Eddie Rowton, # 999343 from Medical neglect
This account of the events leading up to Eddie's death was written by a fellow Texas death row
inmate whose name has been withheld by the CCADP for his own protection. March 21, 2001 
 More writings about conditions on Texas death row
                  Death Row prisoner Roy Pippin's account of life on Texas Death Row...
                                  Texas Death Row Hotel
Infuriated when the American media portrayed it as a hotel - with murderers living in luxury at the 
taxpayers' expense - Texas death row prisoner Lonnie Johnson wrote an insider's view: 
                            In Caged - By Daryl Wheatfall
Texas Death Row prisoner Daryl Wheatfall writes about prison conditions " Here the administration
and the guards are responsible for daily brutality, racist repression, and cruel acts against prisoners. 
Death Row prisoner Bobby Ray Hopkins writes about the transfer of prisoners from the Ellis One Unit in Huntsville, to the Terrell (Polunsky) Unit in Livingston, Texas that took place in November 1999.

      Texas Governor "Li'l Tex" Rick Perry
International Tourist Boycott Of Texas International Tourist Boycott Of Texas
               Meet The Texecutioner President George W. Bush
                152 People Killed as Governor...More than any elected official in US History!
       President Select George W. Bush - 155  People Killed so far...   More than any other elected official in US History!
    President George W Bush is responsible for  155  Homicides !
              News 2002: Texas may reclaim death penalty record
       For the first time ever Oklahoma had more executions than Texas in 2001.
      Texas Death Row Prisoner Pages   Texas Death Row Pen Pal Requests

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