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  Death Row Prisoner Webpages        Pen-Pal Requests Page
     The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty has received the
   following requests for penpals from death row prisoners in Tennessee.

I am on death row and I am writing this letter to make a request for a pen-friend.  I would like to request your help infinding people who are against the Death Penalty  who are willing to donate funds to my defense fund.   I have a public defender and he does not have the necessary funds that is required to litigate a death penalty case.  The donated should be sent to my lawyer - his address and phone number are as follows.   Christopher M. Minton, Office of the Post Conviction Defender
460 James Robertson Pkway.  Nashville Tennessee - 37243-0505
Phone 615 741 9331  fax 615 741 9430

Mika'el Abdullah Abdus-Samad
RMSI 2-D212  #101137
7475 Cockrill Bend Ind. Rd.
Nashville, Tennessee  37209-1010

RON HARRIES White male....I need someone who cares about the loneliness I feel...I have no family or friends out there to corrospond with....and need someone to write to so I can keep from losing myself. I have black hair, blue eyes, 5'11" and weight 160 pounds. I am in my forties and  just hope and pray someone will take the time to be my friend. Write directly to:

Mr. Ron Harries # 93215
7475 Cockrill Bend Rd.
Nashville, Tn. 37209-1010

RICHARD HOUSTON:    Asks that you write him directly:

Mr.  Richard Houston #84977
7475 Cockrill Bend Rd.
Nashville, Tn. 37209-1010

CECIL JOHNSON     I hope to meet someone who is down to earth. I'm black, in my thirties.Someone who really needs someone to speak with...I have a good sense of humor and am a positive thnking person.  Jesus is my life. I enjoy writing or sharing conversation on the phone. I'm basically seeking to meet someone who is real. Age and race unimportant. Write to:

Cecil Johnson #90996
7475 Cockrill Bend Rd.
Nashville, Tn. 37209-1010

TERRY KING        Single white male,38 years old. Looking for anyone to correspond with.  Write directly to:

Terry King #103308
7475 Cockrill Bend Rd.
Nashville,Tn. 37209-1010

LARRY McKAY Asks that mail be sent to him directly at the following address:

Larry McKay #101426
7475 Cockrill Bend Rd.
Nashville, Tn. 37209-1010 

DONALD MIDDLEBROOKS Educated, incarcerated Data Processing operator.  White male age 37 love and writes poetry, enjoys tender moments.  Classical music and classical movies, and learning new things.  Seeking someone to drive away the loneliness.  Inside beats the heart of a poet.  From my eyes falls tears of loneliness and heartaches.  Can you bring sunshine and happiness into my dark lonely world ? If so, please write me.

Donald Middlebrooks  129769
C 108  RMSI  Unit 2
7475 Cockrill Bend Rd
Nashville,Tn. 37209-1010

RICKY THOMPSON   How are you doing ? Well, I hope ?  My name is Ricky Thompson I am on Death Row in Nashville Tennessee.  I would like to find a female penpal and maybe a female to fall in love with.  I am a white male, 5'10", 180 lbs, blue eyes, blondish gray hair.  I used to go camping, hiking, swimming, looking at the stars and moon.  I like country music, rock, and a lot of other music.  I am a very caring person and loving.  Race and age are unimportant to me.  Please send picture of yourself if possible.  I have no picture of myself at this time.  I will try to get one and send it to you later on.  Thanks for caring about us.  Take care.

Ricky Thompson  204359
RMSI  Unit 2  A -210
7475 Cockrill Bend Ind Road
Nashville Tennessee
37209-1010  USA

PHILIP WORKMAN    Year of Birth: 1953,  Children: two, Date of offense: August 5, 1981,
Sentenced to death: March 30, 1982.  Philip Workman wants to thank all the friends from all over the world who did write to him. He wants you to accept his apologies for not being able to answer
to these letters and cards, but wants all of you to know how important this support means to him, and that you are all in his thoughts and prayers. Write Philip Workman directly to show your support:
Visit his webpage at:

Philip Workman # 95920
Riverbend Maximum Security Institution u-2-A-205
7475 Cokrill Bend Blvd.
Nashville, TN,
37209-1048   USA

  Death Row Prisoner Webpages        Pen-Pal Requests Page
    Contact the Governor:
                Tennessee Governor Sundquist
                           State Capital Office
                          Nashville, Tennessee
                                 37209  USA
        OR EMAIL   to :     Governor Sundquist

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