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              The CCADP has received the following requests for
                Pen Pals from Pennsylvania Death Row Prisoners.

JERARD BRADLEY.    My name is Jerard Bradley and I am a Death Row Prisoner in Waynesburg, PA.  I have been on Death Row for over 10 years and my appeals are almost all completed.  Unfortunately, they have all been denied, and it is only a matter of time before I am eventually executed.  I do not have any family or loved ones, as all of my family members have passed away over the years while I've been incarcerated.  All of my life I've dreamed of being married, having a family, and being a good husband.  But due to my incarceration I've never been able to reach and fulfil this goal.  And now that my life may be coming to an end soon, I may never be able to tell someone that I love them.  It is my hope however, that before I die, I can have someone in my  life to express my love to, and share a part of myself with.  Because I do not want to die lonely and all alone on  Death Row without someone to care for, or someone to care about me.  I am praying that someone with a kind, loving heart will read this and understand the depth of loneliness that I am going through and write me.  I just want to have someone with whom I can express my humanity to, and share some love with before I die.  And maybe God will bless me and allow me to say "I do" before I die.  Age, race, colour or religious preference does not matter, however having a loving, kind heart does. Click here to visit Jerards homepage whcih includes his peom " Waiting On A Letter That Never Comes."

Jerard Bradley BQ-6128

1100 Pike Street
Huntingdon  PA    16554-1112

JAMES  "JIMMY" DENNIS    In 1992, I was convicted of the shooting death of a young female high school student - (allegedly for a pair  of gold earrings) - A senseless crime I did not, and not have committed.  The   killer was described as a 6' tall, 200 lbs, dark skinned African   American  male - and atthat time I weighed a mere 125 lbs., stood all of 5'  4" in   height. At the time of the shooting, I was in a differentlocation of   Philadelphia,   I was the lead singer of an R&B group called "Sensation"   We won 1st prize inseveral talent shows, sang at weddings, churches etc..  At the time of my arrest, we were ready to sign a contractfor a record deal  at  a major record label. Why would a young artist well on his way to  stardom commit such a crime? I ask you. There has never been a thorough  investigation  in my case - nor have I ever had competent representation.  I love poetry,  Nikki  Giovanni and Langston Hughes. I groove to all types of  music and am an authority on the subject. If you'd like to be my pen pal can  e-mail me at :  or write directly to the address below.   NEWS!!!  A Pennsylvania judge has just granted Jimmy Dennis an evidentiary hearing.  Visit Jimmy's webpages at:

Jimmy A. Dennis # B47796
175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
15370-8090  USA

ROBERT FISHER  I have to continue to fight this injustice and need any and all outside support. I need a lawyer or law firm to take my case pro bono or people and a sponsor to start a defense fund, to hire a lawyer or law firm.  I need supporters to start petitions, bring this injustice to the attention of the public.   Time is running out. Pennsylvania's Governor, Tom Ridge, is signing death warrants as if he's signing autographs. I need outside help to stop this injustice.  I'd appreciate any and all support from the outside." For more information visit his webpage at:

Robert Fisher  AS-1738
175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, PA
15370  USA

Hi my name is Anthony "two guns" Fletcher. I'm 5' 10", light green eyes, short brown hair.  My reasons for joining this website are hopefully to meet those who are interested in developing life long friendships with intelligent, caring, and compassionate persons, that would share a moment of their time to brighten up my days in this gloomy uncertain environment.  Also, for those who do not recognize my name and picture, I'm the former lightweight "champ" who in my prime defeated the likes of the named world champions, Ray "boom boom" Mancini, Jimmy Paul, Harry Arroyo, Johnny "bump city" Bumphus. I was one of the best southpaws in the world to be picked to prepare Sugar Ray Leonard for his unanimous victory of the champion of the world Marvin Haggler.    Also at this time I was preparing for my own championship fight within days of this unfortunate set back, which I now find myself on death row. I had a pretty successful boxing career and my outstanding record speaks for itself 23-4-1 with 12 K.O.'s. Here are some of the things I'm interested in and like. Music, love jazz and r&b especially those songs of a man expressing his love for his lady. I love reading all kinds of self help and motivational books. Also, being athletic. I love boxing (as you know), football, basketball, baseball, and a little of hockey.  I'm a kind hearted person who will give my last to help someone. Also, there is much more to me, but this is only a small amount so if you wish to know more about me please do write me back.   Visit webpage at:

Anthony Fletcher, A1-3
7901 State Rd.
Phila, PA 19136

JOHNNY YAHYA HARRIS To Whom it may concern,My name is Johnny Yahya Harris, and I am being held on death row at SCI Graterford.  Do allow me to give a brief summary of the darkness that has surrounded my state of being for the last eleven years.  I will commence by stating that I am engaged in a battle to overcome the death sentence imposed upon me by this bloodthirsty State.  I am a man sentenced to death without any physical evidence linking me to this crime.  This State, through zealous prosecution, and persecution, managed to attain a conviction on their third try; two prior trials resulted in mistrials.  This is inconcievable to any practitioner of law.  When dealing with an unjust system of oppression, you are faced with many evils that will not stop until they have you imprisoned.  It's an on going struggle for life each day in this environment, as it was when I was a free young man on the streets of Philly (Philadelphia).  However, I offer these words because a human heart can only be torn asunder for so long, before it is hardened, and the fighting positive spirit is caused to deteriorate to the point where a human being becomes someone other than himself.  The psychological torture I am forced to endure can only be sustained but for so long, before it starts taking you under.   As a man working hard to maintain his sanity, I am reaching out to you (those whom are caring and willing to help save a good heart) for whatever support that can be given to a man in my position.   As a mature man I must keep fighting against this system in order to maintain a sense of balance in my life, this way I won't fall victim to this diabolical place.  I don't want to fall into the deep dark waters (ignorance, hatred, lies, and deceit) that besiege my vitality.  This is why I am reaching out to you, in order to keep my mind where it should be; on productive matters.  Its my sincere hope that you (whomever is reading what I've written) will take the time to engage in some serious dialogue with me, to explore the many facets of life.  I would like to venture with you on a journey that will produce a meaningful and everlasting friendship.  I am looking to grow in knowledge, so an open mind is needed. My words are not sent to garner sympathy, because the light of truth shall shine, one day over my head.  Thank you for your time and consideration.  Long live the struggle of life that we all must ENDURE!  Visit webpage at  Please contact me at :

Box 244
Graterford Pennsylvania

ANTHONY HASSAN Visit Anthony's webpage to read "Playing the Game" by Anthony Hassan - Death Row Pennsylvania. To the African American Superintendant at State Correctional Institution Greene County and all African American Superintendants - Deputy Superintendants - Majors - Captains in America.    I can be reached at -

Anthony Hassan #AY-6838
175 Progress Drive,
Waynesburg, PA,
15370-8089   USA

RODERICK JOHNSON  Yes; My name is Roderick André Johnson, I am 28-years old. I was born on January 30, 1976. I was born and raised in New York City, in the Bronx. I’m presently on Death Row here in the state of Pennsylvania, and have been for the last 7 years. I have 5 beautiful children. I am a born AGAIN Christian man, and have been for the last 6 years.  I love music, and I listen to all kind of music, but I prefer Jazz, ore R&B. It puts me in deep thought. I love to have long deep conversations on all levels, I’m a very good listener, and I give very good advice. I love to take long walks, especially in the early morning, ore in the evening right before the sunsets.  I love to cook, and from what I hear I’m very good at it. I love to write music, poetry, and short stories. I love to help, and support people in any way possible. I love flowers, and animals, and hope one day to have a ranch amongst various other things.   I love children. I’m very kind, considerate, gentle, patient, I have very good spirit, humble, but have a bad boy side to me as well. I’m far from a push over, but I don’t look for trouble, I try to avoid it at all cost.   I love to go to the movies, ore even to sit and kick it at home and watch a movie. I like action movies, and mystery movies; you know suspenseful type joints.   I’m very thoughtful and romantic. I’m African-American, 5’9” tall Cocoa complexion, with brown eyes. I weight 190lbs, physically fit.  I love art, and hope to open an Art Gallery soon.   I really can’t think of much more to say it’s rather difficult just to describe oneself without being asked questions. I hope that there is someone out there who will take the time, just a minute to holla at me and get to know me. I promise you it will not be a waist of your time. Time is too much of a precious commodity, and I’m not trying to waist it, or have mine wasted.   I’m into building and growing. I believe that there are only two kinds of people in this world:  1) Those that are building and will help you build, and ya`ll can grow together and learn from each other. You know one who will help you/assist you is pursuing/fulfilling your dreams; And 2) Those that will pull you down, ore prevent you from growing/or slow your growth, those who will destroy you instead of help you build and become a better person.    Well I hope that there is someone out there that can grow with. Until then stay blessed and have a blessed evening.   I’M TRUE.   For more information visit Roderick's webpage at

Roderick Johnson #DN-0530
SCI Greene
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA 15370

DAMON JONES  would appreciate mail sent to him directly at the following address:

Mr. Damon Jones #AY-2893
PO Box 99901,
Pittsburg, PA. 15233

MATTHEW KEMP " On April 14,1998, I was sentenced to death having been convicted solely on murky circumstantial evidence . . . . For the last three years, I have paced the concrete floor of my cell, trying to find the answer to a single question,'How Did I Get Here' . . . I plead with you, please find it in your heart to help save my life. I have been burnt / scorched, but yet I strive to live, with your help I can be the phoenix that emerge from the ashes., A new life will come forth from the womb of darkness. "
See Matthews Kemp's webpage for the complete text of " How Did I Get Here " and more information:

Matthew K. Kemp Sr. DL-1517
175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, PA,
15370-8090  U.S.A.

CAROLYN KING  My name is Carol King #OC7210  I would love to have a penpal that would write a very lonely  woman.  I enjoy reading, writing, and all types of sports.  I have a very friendly and out-going personality.  And I love animals.

Carolyn King OC7210
PO Box 180
Muncy, Pennsylvania
17756 USA

BETH MARKMAN  Beth Markman #0G3739  age: 39 Birthdate: 1-6-66  Race: White  P.O. Box 180 Muncy, PA 17756  Ad:  I'm a single, lonely white female who is looking, wanting a friendship/companionship. Currently on death row, but very much alive! Have a lot of hobbies, interests. Enjoy watching Nascar racing and wrestling. Also enjoy reading thrillers. Enjoy writing letters and meeting new people. I also enjoy listening to all kinds of music. I'm a very likable person and up for learning new things! Hope to hear from someone soon. Sincerely,Beth

Beth Markman #0G3739
P.O. Box 180
Muncy, PA 17756

MS. KELLEY O'DONNELL  would appreciate mail sent directly to:

Kelley O'Donnell
PO Box 180
Muncy PA 17756

KEVIN PELZER I am a 30 year old Afro-American, death row inmate. An organic-intellectual, writer and poet, that possesses a self-taught critical acumen, which I employ in the struggle for the freedom of both myself and all other oppressed people.  I wish to exchange letters with well grounded individuals who are willing to help break the the pain.
Visit his webapge at:  

Kevin D. Pelzer #BC-9251
175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania

BORGELA PHILISTIN Jr  Dear Friends, Hello, Right now at the age of 29 I'm a survivor still surviving on Pennsylvania's death row. This letter to you is an invitation to look my way where your presence will be a precious glimmer of light for me in this dark and isolated spot. Death row hasn't darkened the spark in me, but liiving in here is hard. Advated of justice, Activists, men or women.   Everyone and anyeon, your presence is most welcome, and your letters would bring me great joy. I am fluent in French and Creloe as well as English.  All responses are most welcome, I look forawrd to hearing from you. Come on...lets start a conversation. One love, Borgela

Borgela Philistin Jr
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA. 15370

MS DELORES RIVERS  would appreciate mail sent directly to:

Delores Rivers

PO Box 180
Muncy PA 17756

DINO RUCCI    I am writing in hope that you are able to help me with a medical situation.  I'm a 42 year old male on Pennsylvania's Death Row.  Since the end of December 2001, I have been trying to rectify this situation to no avail.  Please bear with me while I explain my predicament. I have two medical ailments that this State correctional Facility in Greene County Pennsylvania refuse to treat appropriately.  They give me ineffectual tests, and they're giving me stomach medication without knowing the true nature of the problems. I've had blood in my stool since DECEMBER 2001 - everyday - and CONSTANT PAIN IN THE SOLAR PLEXUS (to the right of it) region for same period of time.  (My family has Gall Bladder problems in its history - Stones.) The medical staff here tells me that, as long as my Blood tests are normal, their Medical Contractor prohibits any tests such as the ones I need.  Its September 9, 2002, I've had this problem for 9 months now; still bleeding every day, and steady pain in the Solar Plexus region of my lower chest. If you have a bleeding Ulcer, shouldn't it be healed by now, or at least the slowing of the blood.  I've been on Protonix AND Zantac for 8 months; Maalox, i year.  The blood has not even slowed.  I've been given Tylenol for the pain in the chest area: totally pathetic (this could be Gall Stones).  They basically told me that they can't do anything unless I fall over dead. I have contacted everyone I know to contact, but I can't seem to get this matter resolved. The Staff here at SCI Greene as well as the Department of Corrections' Bureau of Health Services are being DELIBERATELY INDIFFERENT to my Medical needs.  These Medical problems are interfering with my normal everyday activities, both physically and emotionally. I want to thank you in advance for any help or suggestions you can offer.  I appreciate your consideration in this matter. Sincerely, Dino Rucci
Visit webpage at:

Dino M. Rucci, BY-0326
175 Progress Drive
Waynesburg, PA
15370  USA 

                                                   Now doing "LIFE" !
CLIFFORD SMITH    "Friendship Can Be Forever" That's what I am looking for,that's what we all need in life next to the joy of living,there's nothing more intense than a meaningful friendship.who can you share everything with but a true friend who cares?  I'm a (40) year old self-educated father of two,now doing "LIFE" without the possibility of parole.Seeking a caring intelligent,woman of substance with a warm heart too,correspond, nuture and love,to provide unconditional friendship,to a soul full of love1and tenderness. Could that someone be you've spent (15) years on Death-Row,before receiving a new trial,  so I've a vast experience with difficulty,and life overall. Do you've a understanding heart,a provocative extraordinary mind,and free spirit?Are you willing to lead by example,forsaking your own personal happiness,for your children?  If so,then we're two of a kind.For although my life is over,I advocate to my children there's is just beginning,and riendship,love,and self-respect, are the cornerstones of life,and inner-peace. Are you capable of reciprocating,that which is given? I bring a whimsical,intoxicating,
0h so enchanting new perspective of live, and friendship,for all to enjoy.Will you join me,in the everlasting blissfulness,of being my friend if you dare.

Clifford Smith #AM-8913

175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, PA,
15370-8090  U.S.A.

RALPH  T.  STOKES   I am new to this website, a site where I hope to forge lifelong and platonic friendships with intelligent caring people concerned about my plight on Pennsylvania's death row.  In 1983 I was wrongfully convicted for my alleged role in an armed robbery and murder, and if you read my story, The Last Round it should convince you of my innocence. Feel free to express your opinion to me.  Since then I've been trying to tell anyone who would listen that I'm innocent of this crime, but as my appeals move on, coming closer to their end, it seems like my efforts have fallen on deaf ears.  Also most recently the Governor of this state has changed his policy how he will go about signing death warrants for guys on death row. Which before if your case was one of those that was on the back log which my case is, and you was in litigation, he would not sign your death warrant - now his new policy is that he will also sign warrants for those which means that my death warrant could be signed any day now.  I'm 36 years old, 5'11, muscular, healthy, and brownskinned.  I love R&B, jazz music, and I'm and avid reader of literature and enlightening books.  I also love sports- football, basketball, baseball, hockey, and I am becoming interested in soccer.  Any soccer fans out there? I also love animals, just about any kind ever since I was young.  I'm a caring and understanding person and I like to learn new things.  I hope I prove worthy of  being your new friend. Also please read The Last Round if you'd like to be my penpal or have any questions about my case, write me directly at the address below
Visit webpage at:

Mr Ralph T.  Stokes  (AY 9034)
175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, Pennsylvania
15370-8090  USA

MICHELLE THARP Oct 05 BD-1.20.69/ Race White.  I'm a single lonely female seeking a friendship/companionship.  Family members lost and abandoned by "friends".  I'm on Death Row, been here since Dec of 2000.  I may be sentenced to death but I am very much alive.  I'm human with wants needs just as anyone else.  I too feel.  I enjoy reading and writingg. I love to write poetry.  I'm a likeable person, easy to get along with. I'm open to learn new things.  I'm reaching out hoping someone will reach back. 
 - MICHELLE'S ORIGINAL CCADP PENPAL REQUEST  I'm looking for someone to relate to and to be able to share things with.  Some of my interest are : reading, writing, writing poetry, listening to a variety of music!  I also enjoy watching football, hockey.  As you know, I am on Death Row but I am still human.  I still have feelings, wants and needs so I'm hoping someone will reach out and give me a chance to show them the real Michelle.  Looking forward to hearing from you !  Michelle

Michelle Tharp OF6593
PO Box 180
Muncy, PA
17756  USA

HAROLD WILSON  I want to live because I am innocent of the crime for which I am convicted. You try and figure out how an innocent black man can end up on death row. I have asked a number of attorneys and friends this question, read many articles and have experienced first hand this penal system. The conclusions I have come to make me sick, because the indigent, uneducated, inarticulate black or white man without advocacy is at the bottom of the barrel, with the current government working only to protect its image at their expense. Visit Harold's webpage for more information:

Harold Wilson  BC-1712
175 Progress Drive.
Waynesburg, PA,
15370-8090  U.S.A.

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         Notorious for the abuse of inmates by correctional staff

There are reports of guards (state employees) who openly display KKK and white supremacist tattoos.  Lawsuits against the prison by inmates for the abuses they've suffered were met with retaliatory measures by corrections staff. 

  Inmates were denied rights and privileges, including confiscation of all their legal materials and personal possessions, which resulted in a major hungerstrike by inmates.  Here is a list of links to articles about the conditions, abuses and the lawsuits that have taken place since. 


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