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State Torture & Abuse in Florida, USA
 Here are the people to contact to Stop The Abuse !

IMPORTANT !  Please email the CCADP copies of any correspondences you send to or receive from any of those listed below on this matter.


                            Governor Jeb Bush
                                The Capitol
                              Tallahassee, FL
                           32399-0001   USA
                         Phone:  850/488-4441
                             Fax: 850/487-0801

                Lt. Governor Frank T.  Brogan
                              The Capitol
                            Tallahassee, FL
                           32399-0001  USA
                       Phone:  850/488-4711
                            Fax: 850/921-6114

Michael W. Moore -Secretary to the Florida Department of Corrections

2601 Blair Stone Road
Tallahassee, Florida 32399-2500
(850) 488-5021

Secretary's Office
Michael W. Moore, Secretary (850)488-7480
Michael D. Wolfe, Deputy Secretary (850)488-7860
 Inspector General (850)488-9265

                   Write The Prison Warden
Ask that he immediately look into this matter with his staff and that he respond to you about steps he is taking to discipline staff and ensure inmate safety.

                 Union Correctional Institution
                    Bradley D. Carter, Warden
                             P.O. Box 221
                           Raiford, Florida
                          32083-0221   USA
            Phone:   (904) 431-2000  (SC 831-2000)
                   Fax: (904) 431-2010

Michael D. Wolfe is deputy secretary of the Florida:
       Department of Corrections.
Mr. Wolfe has a bachelor's degree in criminology and corrections from Sam
       Houston State University in Huntsville, Texas.

Celeste Kemp - Bureau Chief (850) 488-0094
       Office of General Counsel
       Bureau of Inmate Grievance Appeals

       The Bureau of Inmate Grievance Appeals is responsible for providing inmates with a channel for the administrative settlement of legitimate complaints. All grievances are reviewed, evaluated, appropriately investigated, and responded to. 

Fred Schuknecht  850- 488-9265
Inspector General
Office of Inspector General

 The Office of the Inspector General, under the direction of Inspector General Fred Schuknecht, is responsible for criminal and internal affairs investigations, operationalreviews, internal audits and safety and risk management programs.

More:  Office of the Inspector General...
Edward Sobach
Bureau Chief (850) 488-2102
Bureau of State Investigations

The Bureau of State Investigations directs a network of state-certified inspectors who conduct criminal, administrative and internal affairs investigations at prisons, work release centers and other department facilities  throughout the state. Criminal findings are presented to State Attorney's Offices for prosecution.

Jerry Chesnutt - (850) 410-4271     Office of the Inspector General -  Bureau of Internal Audit

  The Bureau of Internal Audit oversees two distinct work units.  The Operational Review Section coordinates reviews encompassing all major work functions at more than 100 field locations statewide. These reviews enhance accountability and compliance with executive, legislative and agency mandates  affecting prisons, probation offices and work release centers.

C.J.  Drake - Director - Bureau of Public Affairs
850 488-0420
The Bureau of Public Affairs is responsible for educating the public about the mission, goals and operations of the department. Public Affairs staff respond to requests for information from state and national media, as  well as  the general public.

William O Monroe - Florida's Auditor General   see:
 The Auditor General is the instrument by which accountability of government is reported to the Legislature and citizens of the State of Florida. The Auditor General makes audits of State agencies, district school boards, district boards of
 trustees of community colleges, and selected other entities.
             Phone Number: (850) 488-5534
             Fax Number: (850) 488-6975
             Address: 111 West Madison Street
                                  Claude Denson Pepper Bldg.
                                  Tallahassee, FL 32399-1450
             E-mail Address:
Lou A Vargas-General Counsel-(850)488-2326
The Office of General Counsel provides legal advice to the department heads and staff regarding personnel matters, rule promulgation, bids, contracts, sentence structure, early release, gain time, public records, subpoenas and legislation. This office also represents the department in judicial and administrative tribunals, and provides training to staff.


                               ACLU Florida

                                        ACLU of Florida
                            3000 Biscayne Blvd. Suite 215
                                    Miami, FL -  33137 USA
                                Phone :  (305) 576-2336
             General ACLU e-mail:
Complain Form:

ACLU National Prison Project
1875 Connecticut Ave. NW #410
Washington, D.C. 20009
phone: 202-234-4830
fax: 202-234-4890

                         Human Rights Watch

                       350 Fifth Avenue, 34th Floor
                                    New York, NY
                                    10118-3299 USA
    Tel: 1-(212) 290-4700,         Fax: 1-(212) 736-1300

Or Email the California office of  Human Rights Watch at:
Or Email the U.K Human Rights Watch at :
Or Email the Belgium Human Rights Watch at :


                NAACP National Headquarters
                4805 Mt. Hope Drive
                Baltimore, Md.
                21215    USA
                Telephone: (410) 358-8900                              Fax: (410) 486-9255
                Information Hotline: (410) 521-4939                Chairman's Office: (410) 486-9135
                Kweisi Mfume, president and CEO 

ACT/UP New York Prison Issues Committee
135 W, 29th Street
New York NY 10001

Anarchist Black Cross  DC / Love & Rage Prison Abolition Working Group
Box 77432
Washington DC 20013
phone: 202-728-3899

National Alliance Against Racism & Political Repression
11 John St. #702
New York NY 10038
phone: 212-406-3330 

National Campaign to Stop Control Unit Prisons -- East
972 Broad St., 6th. Fl
Newark NJ 07102
phone: 201-643-3192
fax: 201-643-8924


Florida :

Fort Lauderdale Sun Sentinel :
Jacksonville Florida Times - Union :
The Miami Herald : Email Florida News Dept  Email investigations dept  Letter to Editor
The Orlando Sentinel:
Palm Beach News :
St. Petersburg Times
Tampa Tribune:
Boca Raton News : Fill out their email form by clicking here
Union Correctional Institution 
Bradley D. Carter, Warden
P.O. Box 221
Raiford, Florida 32083-0221
(904) 431-2000             SC 831-2000
Fax: (904) 431-2010 
Florida State Prison 
James V. Crosby, Jr., Warden
P.O. Box 747
Starke, Florida 32091-0747
(904) 964-8125                SC 836-1011
Fax: (904) 368-2732        WC: (904) 964-8125

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