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  Alabama Death Row Prisoner Pages    CCADP Pen-Pal Requests Page
 The Canadian Coalition Against the Death Penalty has received the
   following requests for penpals from Alabama death row prisoners.
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JERRY HAMMOND         I am a 47 yr. old black male on Alabama's death row.   I am a down to Earth person, and as far as what I'd like to say to a pen pal would be pretty much whatever  fits the meeting of the minds in conversation.    I hope I will have some luck in finding someone sincere for a pen pal.  Respectfully Yours...

Jerry Hammond   #Z-522
Holman unit 8-U-12
Atmore, Alabama
36503-3700   USA 

ARTEZ HAMMONDS I am a Black male 29 years of age, weight 230 pounds, height 5'11", with brown eyes.  I enjoy reading books about religion, history, as well as other topics that stimulate my interest.  My hobbies are drawing, working crossword puzzles, and working creatively with my hands.  I'm interested in corresponding with mature individuals. Visit Artez webpage at:

Artez Hammonds
#Z-630 5-U-14
Holman 3700
Atmore, Alabama

GARY HART  Dear Reader, thanks for being part of the movement to abolish the Death Penalty, and reaching out to the men on the row nationwide.  I'm writing because I'm in great need of your services.  I've been incarcerated since '89 and I'm only 26 years old.  And really alone for the first time in my life.  My mother and sister were with me for as long as they could be considering the stress.  Right now I can't get anyone to even send me a watch battery or stamps.  The prison warden has gotten so tight on security that its impossible to hustle or carry your own weight.  After ten years of this crap I fully realize that I'm more likely to die here than not, so at least I don't want to suffer anymore than I have to.  I need a friend! Old or young that is willing to help me through this hell.  I'm openminded and willing to listen to your problems but lets not depress each other all the time.  We can discuss all topics and assist the other with getting over bumps in the road of life.  Honestly I'd prefer a woman  that I can love as a man can love a woman.  But in my situation I can't be unrealistic.  From the beginning I 'm making it known that I do not want anyone thats not serious.  I can understand when it takes a week or two to respond but not all the time.  I'm really lonely.  Once again, thanks for doing your part in this struggle.  In time the system will change and there will be "justice for all." I have nothing to hide, so I'll answer all questions that you can throw at me.  How else are we to know one another?  Or you can do the research
yourself!  Peace!   Visit homepage at :

Gary Hart  Z 518
Holman 3700 7 - D- 11
Atmore, Alabama   36503 

RAYMOND HAYGOOD      would appreciate mail sent directly to:

Raymond Haygood    Z  604
Holman 3700
Atmore, Ala. 36503 

JOSEPH HOOKS    I'm 33 yr. old, I'm a white male and I've been on death row for 10yrs.   Any other information about being on death row can be obtained by the asking.   What I'm looking for in a pen pal is someone who's serious about writing,  being open minded,  and doesn't mind helping someone.   I would like for it to be a female, and single,  and really age doesn't matter as long as they care about where I'm at, and just how serious things have become in my life.   I will answer all letters written,  and really expect the same from you unless told otherwise. Take care and thanks for your love and concern, very truly Joseph P.S. All letters to me must contain all information and return address.

Joseph Hooks #Z-455  8-D-1
Holman Unit, Holman #3700
Atmore, Alabama
36503   USA

GREGORY HUNT    would appreciate mail sent directly to:

Gregory Hunt   Z  521
Holman 3700
Atmore, Ala. 36503

SHONELLE JACKSON  I'm on Alabama's D/Row, I've been here since 1998. I do a lot of things to pass the time, and keep my mind off my current situation. I enjoy all sports, love basketball, I play it daily here, and lift weights every now and then. Writing poetry I feel is a talent of mine, or more so expressing myself through words. Reading I enjoy, nothing in particular, anything thats interesting enough to finish! Listening to music I enjoy, I'm a hip hop R&B person, everything from Tupac & 50 Cent to Usher & Marvin Gaye, music help soothe the mind more times than not. What I'm in search of, well, I'm not a very picky person, all I ask for is "REALNESS!" Someone who'll be a devoted and loyal friend, thats truthful, understanding and open minded, but with an opinion of their own. Age isn't a concern of mine, nor is gender or race. If you can be this friend then holla at me, lets explore the unknown....I ask of only the things I can give in return, comfort, understanding, devotion, honesty and insight. So if you need someone to share your thoughts with, that'll listen and give feedback, one that isn't judgemental, then write to me, lets not prolong it any longer than the postal service would, with getting to know one another. Being lonely isn't healthy, trust me I know. So if you're down, I'm down to develop the bond that'll make us a team....My physical description - I'm 6 feet, 1 inch, weigh 203 pounds, brown eyes and shiny black wavy hair. I was born May 30th, 1977. I'm from Montgomery Alabama. The Capital city of Alabama. Some rules to know before writing....Your return address must be on the outside of the envelope you use at all times. You can send photos, no more than 8 photos per letter. I'll surely appreciate at least one photo of you if you grant my request of your friendship. Postage is also allowed and at times will be needed, it'll surely assure you a response quicker once its not certain I'll have posted to respond right away all the time.  Well I guess I'll bring this to an end, but before I do, I must thank you for taking the time to read this request of mine. I'm looking forward to hearing from you, learning more about you, and sharing more about myself, and there is plenty to share. But as of now I'l leave you with a poem of mine that was written some time ago....Take care, be EAZY out there in the world, and know things in life happen for different reasons, everything is an experience. Sincerely...For more information visit

Shonelle Jackson Z-643- 8D9
Holman 3700
Atmore Alabama 36503

JAMES JOHNSON Hi ,  My name is James Johnson.  I am a 26 years old black male.   With strong belief in Jesus Christ and my spirituality.   Who has nothing to hide about my past, present and goals that I would like to accomplish in the future.   I am innocent of the crime that has placed me on death row.  I can prove what I say with factual information.   Although I am innocent that makes me no better than any man or woman on death row, in prison or out in society. Since I have been placed on death row I have co-founded an organization called Stevie and death row growth and development  along with Mr. Willie Minor and Mr. Ulysses Snead, our founder is Mrs. Stephanie Smith. I enjoy writing articles against capital punishment and injustice.  I also like meaningful poetry, meditation, working out, and anything that stretches my mind to its fullest capabilities.   I would like to communicate with someone who is dedicated to what they believe in, who is determined to accomplish what they feel is their goal in life, and who is humbly seeking to hear God when he's speaking.   I love spiritual and intelligent conversation.  No matter what we choose to talk about.  If you would like to converse with me, you can write me at the address below. . .  I'm Waiting.

 James Johnson,
 AIS # 657  bed 5-15,
 100 Warrior Lane,
  Bessemer, AL
 35023  USA 

BILL KUENZEL  I would be pleased to share, would welcome any advice, help, or thoughts. As well as a friendship.  I only have my friendship to offer.  I am well travelled, I enjoy music of all kinds (except rap), reading, long talks, as I am very open minded.  I am locked in a 5x9 cell 23 hours a day, taken away from those I love and adore for no reason.  I am open, honest, easy going.  I have written some poetry, a couple of which was published in England.  I believe writing is a form of exposing ones true self.  While some say writing is a dying art, for someone in my situation I believe it is time to revive the art, maybe my right to life as well. It is said the eyes are the window to the soul, well words are the gateway to the heart, words that are shared between friends allow us to open our hearts.  When two people are true friends they can feel each others happiness as well as sadness.  This should be shared openly and honestly, as friendship / relationships can only be built on a Foundation of Trust, Faith and honesty because sincerity can only come from within and we all need that someone to share our dreams, hopes, desires, and fears with.  Life is too short and uncertain to travel through life alone and our time is much more valuable if we invest it in others.  I have a theory that each time a new friendship / relationship is formed we become a better person.  If you are interested in a true friend please
contact me by mail.  A friend is waiting. Visit Bill's page at:

Bill Kuenzel
Z- 489
Holman Unit
Holman 3700   8-0-9
Atmore, Alabama
36503 3700

GERALD PATRICK "PATRICK" LEWIS  Hello, My name is Gerald Patrick Lewis. I’m 38 years old. I have light brown hair, green eyes. 180 pounds, 5’11” tall. I’m on Death-row here in Alabama. I’ve been here for the past 4 years now. I'm locked in my cell for 23 hours a day and I would really love to have someone that I could write to, to have something positive in my life while I’m here.   Thank  you.  Sincerely,

Gerald P. Lewis
Z-668   3-u-12
Holman Correctional Facility
Holman 3700
Atmore, AL 36503

JAMES L. MARTIN           I would much like to have some penpals.  I'm open to anyone that wants to write. Male female, young old etc . . .I have no problems writing to anyone, wopuld even write to those who are for this death penalty and would pull the switch.   I am open for anyone, anywhere. Take care and write soon. Peace always.

James L. Martin Z-462
POB 37 RM#7U2 Holman Unit
Holman 3700
Atmore, Alabama
36503 3700

DERRICK MASON My interests are many.  Politics, history, religion, are among some of my interests,number one that is.  But I can and will correspond on any subjects.  I would like to correspond with a lady( preferably) between the ages of 29 and 70 for a more in depth conversation.  If you are passionate about the complete abolition of the death penalty, and are willing to openly, unjudgementally correspond with a gentleman on death row, then I humbly invite you to write, hear me, get to know me as a person, as a human being, and last but not least gain a new and true friend.  Sincerely:

Derrick Mason

Z- 582  Cell 8-D-4
Holman unit, PO Box 3700
Atmore, ALA 36503

EARL JEROME McGAHEE  Sr.      I'm forty one now and it has been twelve and a half years now and my son is eighteen and a senior in high school.  I welcome all correspondence. With His love,
Earl Jerome Magahee Sr  Z 466
Holman Unit,  3700   Cell # 7 U 4
Atmore, Alabama   36503
To see Earl's Homepage with a Christian writing published in a local newsletter, visit
WILLIE McNAIR        would appreciate mail sent directly to:

Willie McNair  Z 568

Holman 3700
Atmore, Ala. 36503

ROBERT MELSON  My  name is Robert Bryant Melson and I am currently on Alabama death row.  Let me tell you a little about myself.  I am a twenty seven year old black male who has been on death row for about three years.  And would love to meet somebody who could take me places and show me things in a letter.  And there is not a question that I would not answer.  Thanks so much,

Robert B Melson 2601/9-U-8
Holman 3700
Atmore, Alabama  
36503  USA

LARRY MORGAN  would appreciate letters sent to him directly at:

Larry Morgan Z-571
Holmes 7-D-13
Holman 3700,
Armore, Ala. 36503 

CHRIS PRICE       would appreciate mail sent directly to:

Chris Price  Z  546
Holman 3700
Atmore, Ala. 36503 
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  Alabama Death Row Prisoner Pages    CCADP Pen-Pal Requests Page

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